Tuesday, October 31, 2006

MELT, The World Cafe

Yohooo! We'll be going to MELT, The World Cafe at The Oriental Hotel again~~~!!!
Yes! Again! The first time was a memorial one, because that was when Hubby Kuo proposed to me. We had a great time munching on the breads, pastries, juices, egg omelette and lots lots more. Its a International Breakfast buffet in exact. By the way, its just 2 weeks ago that we first visited MELT. Hahahha~!

Anyway, it wont be costing us any *blink blink* which means cash lah :P
Well, because 2 weeks ago, Hubby Kuo booked a 3 days 2 nights stay at The Oriental Hotel, just for his propose plan and for our 3rd Anniversary celebration. The package includes complimentary breakfast but you see, my Hubby Kuo can be quite muddle headed at times, so he aint so sure about the breakfast thingy. Being someone who is very "Kaypo", I dialled the Operator during the 2nd night stay, to check with them about the Breakfast deal. According to the Operator, she said that we were only given a complimentary buffet breakfast for 2. Yes, she said that and I took it seriously. We skipped the breakfast!

However, like I mentioned, being someone who is very "Kaypo", I asked Hubby Kuo to re-checked his confirmed reservation details sent by The Oriental Hotel via email. Guessed what? The package actually includes 2 Complimentary Breakfast for 2 days! Damn that operator!
So, we actually wrote a feedback letter lor XD. The Oriental Hotel responded and apologised to us about this issue and we were given a free treat! Not really a free treat but our deserved buffet breakfast! Anyway, I am so so happy about it! Hubby Kuo and I planned to visit MELT this coming Saturday, which happens to be my Birthday! Yohoho!

Another good news to add on, HDB had approved our appeal for the 40K Grant!! Yay!
Thank goodness its been approved because 10K means alot~ Hurray for me and Hubby Kuo!!!

Click on the URL above as stated (MELT, The World Cafe) for review on this cafe

Monday, October 30, 2006

Wedding Banquet

Our first appointment date with HDB has been fixed! It will be on December 2nd, 2006.
Feeling kind of excited now because, 畢竟 it will be our first Property asset.
Months ago, we were still anxiously looking around for our desired unit. Had shortlisted quite a few but many were not within our budget, as in the cash amount that the sellers required were far too high. For instance, one of the seller wanted 12K of cash and many wanted an average of 10K, so "Bo pian" lor. Anyway, "Bo pian" means "no choice, what to do" in hokkien. Typical verse commonly used by singaporeans! Hahhaa~

Cannot understand right? Never mind, sometimes I talked so much that I also dont quite get it myself. Hahah~ Since flat issue had been loaded off our minds, we have to move on to our ROM preparations. So far, many of the ROM preparations are already more or less settled, like the mini gown and date. Venue, Make-up and hair styling professional, JP and also the shoes are not yet ready at the moment. Hopefully, we'll be able to get all of them done by end of November!

Now, we have to brain stormed about our Wedding Banquet. Many of the magazines advised couples to booked the venue one year in advanced but then, I guessed for both of us, since many of the preparations are still in process, thus we had to put the Banquet issue behind at the moment. However, now it seems that time is really running short, there is an urgent need for us to shortlist our venue before it gets fully booked.

So far, Hubby Kuo and I had shortlisted a few. For examples: Tung Lok, Dragon Phoenix, Novotel, Country clubs. Hopefully everything get settled before December. Anyone with packages information, please kindly forward to me okie!

A big thank you in advance! Arigato, 謝謝, Imakase!

Beat to the core

Today is a brand new Week for the school. In exact terms, its Week 8.
The moment I woke up this morning, I was so sleepy that I hope I could just squeeze back into my warm and cosy bed. There will be exams going on as usual. For my schedule, the first half of my day would be invigilating the Pri 5 students for their English Paper 2. Hopefully, they can do well because the class that I will be invigilating aint very good in their language. All the best to them and Gambate!

Anyway, having this slight headache now. Not really headache, I don't know how to describe it :S
I guessed its just tired. When you get too much sleep or vice versa, you tend to have such symptoms. Arghhhhh its kind of torturing me right now. Oh man oh mannnnnnnn~

How I wish the holidays would come now!!! Okay, day dreaming again. That's part of my daily routine lah. Beside day dreaming, I like to 發呆 also. Hahaha, 發呆 is actually a mediation okay! Its one way to stop all work issues from popping into your head and its so easy! Just graze into the sky, with your mouth open (okay, for me only lah >.<) and not think about anything! That's it!

假期,假期,假期,假期 拜託請你用你最快的速度飛到我身邊吧! Day dreaming again :(

Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Companion for Charcoal Baby

First of all, before I start to get the ball rolling, I ought to introduce about Charcoal before I start my chattering here and everyone gets confused with questions like "Who is Charcoal?" "What is Charcoal doing in this Blog".

Charcoal is my beloved puppy, a cross breed. Suspected to have blood connections with Labrador, Rottweiler, Pincher and even German Shepherd. Charcoal's turning 6 mths old tomorrow and Hubby Kuo and me have decided to bring him over to our new house. I cannot imagine life without this cute little boy, although he may be naughty at all times, hungry and greedy occasionally and sleepy almost 24 hours. LOL! Charcoal is a real baby as he love being outdoor - playing and running around and his favourite past time is chasing after those poor birds. Yes, those poor little sparrows that are seen around everywhere in Singapore.

Anyway, though Charcoal's been with us for almost half a year, he's getting bigger and bigger each day and recently, we had noticed that he doesn't like to be kept at home. Actually, he was'nt like this in the past and I guessed it could be because, my dad who brings Charcoal with him to work allow Charcoal to roam freely only recently.
Charcoal was being kept in the office initally as there were a few encounters where strangers wanted to lure Charcoal away. But now, since he has grown up quite abit and he has gotten himself very farmilar with the surroundings, plus he doesn't like strangers, so it's quite safe for him to play around the area. I believe he has grown to like the outdoors even more, so when he is back at home, there is this urge for him to get out to the outdoor to get his fun and problems start to arise. Charcoal would start barking to get attention from us, so that we could bring him out. If we don't, he would continue to bark and we are very afraid that this might alarm the neighbours especially my malay neighbour, who got quite a fair bit of objections when we brought Charcoal back.

所以囉, Hubby Kuo and I had brain-stormed about this problem and have decided that IF Charcoal is unable to adapt to the new environment, then we shall get him a companion then. A companion to keep him company and have fun with. I believe he would like it :D

Beagle, Jack Russell and Yorkshire Terrier are the few that we had shortlisted. Many to come, I supposed. Frankly speaking, we would prefer to have a minature breed because, HDB doesn't allow the breeding of big dogs. Wish us luck in getting a companion for Charcoal but I do hope Charcoal can adapts to the new enviornment! Hehe~

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My Lovely Charcaol

Furnishing Hunt

Yesterday was a fulfilling day. Hubby Kuo and me went to IMM for an important mission - Furnishing Hunting. Well, time is running fast and we had not even thought about how we are going to furnish our new house, moreover our Interior design was not ready yet due to the constraints of not knowing the measurments. The sellers of the house have not found a suitable unit yet, hence being super kind hearted couple, both me and Hubby Kuo agreed to "rent" our apartment FOC for another 2 months to them, so that they need not have to worry about shifting out, without having a place to stay in.

Actually, the real mission was to look out for the lightings that we wanted to place in our new house, especially the Kitchen and the Dinning area. Hubby Kuo's friend, Joshua is quite proficient in Interior Design, thus he had given quite an amount of ideas. He suggested some ideas which are innovative and cost-saving because both of us are really on tight budget. One thing was to replace the false ceiling with spot lights to a more innonvative kind of ceiling lamp for the Kitchen. Another idea that he gave us was to used dropping kind of dew to substitue for partition pillars. I like this idea very very much!

So, we walked around IMM and realised that there aint much Lighting shops, in fact, furnishing and Interior Design shops are all around IMM, plus Bridal boutiques. Hence, we decided to have a switch of misson. Furnishing Hunting was fun, but then it can be quite tiring as well. There are so many selections for us to look at. My eyes were turning here and there and it kind of make me feel giddy. LOL! Sorry, when it comes to shopping for apparels and shoes, I doubt I will have such problem. Anyway, been to quite a number of shops. We even went to the building opposite IMM, known as ODC building. Star Furniture/Furniture Warehouse's over there and its way much bigger than the shops over at IMM. Had a great time looking at the furnitures, especially the sofas! One of the Sales Executive was extremely helpful. He helped us alot by telling us when is the best time to come ( Promos and Sales) and what not to buy. Anyone who wants to go Star Furniture can look for him.

Anyway, that took almost the whole day. Hubby Kuo and me were lazy to walk back to the Interchange, hence we decided to take Bus 52 back to Bishan. Man, the journey was super long and the bus broke down twice or thrice? Never mind about that. I need to "download" the data that I collected back to my Hard drive before it gets transferred to the "Temp Internet Files" and gets deleted when I pressed the "Clear Cookies" or "Delete History Pages" navigation. Hah! Hubby Kuo's memory is even worse than mine! =X So I better starts the download now before he forgets everything! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAH

Pictures that we took yesterday

Pouting Lips

Self Snap

Trying to act Innocent

Trying to be suave XD

Friday, October 27, 2006

Modus Chit Chat Club

Today, I made some doughnuts for my friends and colleagues over at Moduslink.
Yes, Moduslink's where I was working before I had a career switch from IT to Education. Though it's really a big change no matter whether if its the working environment or the tasks included, I still feel the comfort when I was back in Modus this afternoon. Probably, that was where I stayed during the 2 years after I graduated from Temasek Polytechnic.

Friends like Athena, Janet, Susie and Pauline were the peeps I enjoyed working with the most. Although at times, there may be little conflicts between each of us, we still stick like a team especially Janet and Athena. They are the two whom I can confide to when I had problems in the past. I don't really confide to the teachers in my school, probably I am still quite new, so it seems kind of akward but I still do talk about my peronal stuffs to close peeps like Shirely, Firuz, See Ling and Jayne. Maybe I will do so in the near future but not at the moment.

By the way, about doughnuts. I went grocery shopping with dear mummy early in the morning and headed straight home to prepare for the doughnut session. It's been quite some time since I stepped in the kitchen to do some cooking other than instant mee-ing. Hahaha~ Spent quite some time deep frying and coating the little roll oval balls with white chocolates. Acutally I wanted to snap some pictures but was kind of late so had to forgo that and rush down to the office.

Had a long long long long long long chat with my peeps in Modus. Reached at 3pm and left at 6+. Super chatty right? I really missed the days back in Modus but then, I still prefer working as an Educationist. Reason being, I hate routine kind of jobs and I think the passion of teaching is still there. Anyway, after the session with my kakis in Modus, I went to PP with Mr Kuo.

I wanted to nib some sushi so, the loving Mr Kuo took me to Sakae Sushi. We swallowed a total of 17 plates of sushi! Oh my goodness! I cannot imagine that I can swallow 17 plates of sushi down my stomach! I think I am a glutton :( Need to do some self reflection on myself for eating too much >.<
Anyway, was searching for new songs and came across the new album of Fish Leong. Love the song titled"可樂戒指".
Lyrics is simply so sweet and touching! Love it the core~ Enjoy!

星星在天上寫詩 浪漫到放肆
嘴角的吻還未濕 我還受掩飾
我調整了我坐姿 假裝更矜持

你的緊張你的公式 就像個孩子
你把我喝完的可樂 來換當作戒指
輕輕套上我手指 你問能不能一輩子
那一秒突然愛上了你 傻傻的固執

我不要你的解釋 我不要你的發誓
我只要你記得此刻 你眼裡我的樣子
這一刻到世界末日 讓我們一起把愛

你把平凡的日子 變成紀念日
遠恆變成未來史 男孩變王子
我不要有大房子 也不要大寶石
我會珍惜可樂戒指 遠衡的消失

你用吃完的糖果紙 那是你的方式
默默地寫下你發誓 你說保護我一輩子
那一秒突然看到了 你背後的雙翅

我不要你解釋 我不要你發誓
我只要你記得此刻 你眼裡我的樣子

我只要你記得此刻 你眼裡我的樣子
愛我不要解釋 愛我不要發誓
這一刻到世界末日 讓我們一起把愛

你在等答案 我會對你說

Thursday, October 26, 2006

SonyEricsson Z610i

Recently been craving for a new clamshell phone, so sick and tired of using my Motorola L7, always giving me problems, talk on the phone half way no sound! So, I saw this new clamshell phone by SonyEricsson Z610i~! There are 2 colors I like, the Black (for me) and the Pink (for my girl)

The Pink

The Black

Maybe wait till end of year bonus, I will get these 2 for the both of us!

It's a chaotic day

Hellya~! Today is a chaotic day for me.
First, it started off with me, by not able to wake up on time for work.
Second, I was banged by a student early in the morning while walking to the office to tap my card. Third, my kids were super naughty and having super bad mood swings. Fourth, the class which I reliefed was kind of foul. Foul attitude in exact. It's just not my day :(

Anyway, I still managed to blog in during my lunch time which is only 30 mins today :(
Cause exams going on, time-table had been adjusted and its really packed. How I wish the holidays would just tip at my toes now *Day-dreaming*

Still, I created 2 views of my kitchen interior design. Added a Fridge, shelf and washing machine.
In actual fact, its nto a washing machine but a dishwasher! Hah! Couldn't find any washing machine you see, so had to get anything that looks similar to a washing machine :P

Here it goes~!

Added a Fridge, shelf and a Washing Machine (aka Dishwasher)

Side View of the Interior Design

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Interior Finished for my Kitchen

Recently, Mr Kuo and Mrs Kuo (It's me!) had been busy cracking renovation ideas out of our brains. Many of the brain cells died half-way, because Mrs Kuo (Yes, that's me again) is up to her lazy sleeves again.

It can't be blamed, you see! I had been staying up late, doing alot of works which consists of administrative issues for the school, marking of books, worksheets, books, worksheets, books, worksheets and it goes on. This job can be real tedious! As you know, handwriting of the kids can drove one up to the wall or even hang oneself up the ceiling. Sometimes, I feels so tired that I wanted to tear every single pieces of books/worksheets and dumped them into the dustbin, which appeared to be right beside me in my office. Kids that don't complete their homeworks are the most irritating bunch. Sadly, 60% of my Primary 4 kids belonged to this category. Sad, sad, sad, sad to the power of infinity.

Anyway, though I may be lazy at most times ( Opps) , I will still try my best to think of innovative ideas for my house. At the moment, I had created the Kitchen design so far. You can't expect me to drew them out right? I am not proficient in this and frankly speaking, the creative kuddles in my brains dumped me years ago. With the help of Kitchen Planner, I managed to drew out the interior plan for my Kitchen. So far so good, up to standard *Applause*

Hopefully, the kitchen would look real gorgeous! Without further hesitation, I shall now present you with my master piece. *Applause*

Click to view bigger image

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tiring Day

Uh-uh~ You ain't seeing the wrong Blog.
I had just re-vamped a few bits of the Blog, simply because Black is just too dull and it doesn't fit the concept of a Couple's Blog. Well, yes yes, you may say that I am too conscious about such stuffs. Whatever~ :P

Anyway, yesterday was a super tiring day!
Went to 2 locations for drinks and hell yah, I am so graciously beat to the core~
First, went to Jennie's Amber 21 for its grand opening ceremony and after that, headed to Mr Kuo's friend, Thomas and guys gathering. Mr Kuo was with Thomas and guy , thus I had to head down to look for him, just in case, i meant just in case, he could'nt hold up to his liquor. LOL!

Mr Kuo aint a good drinker, so am I.
I merely had a few drinks over at Amber 21 and I swear I am fainting!
Probably because I don't really drink, just once in a blue moon and hardly touches hard liquor.
Thus, I was like seeing stars and stars circulating around my head. Goshhhhh!
Had also met up with secondary pals like Kailin, used to be known as Elsa and Liuying at Amber 21. We had not met up for like 8 years! Can you imagine that! They still looked the same to me, but definitely more mature and sensible :) Girls like us, grow through the years. Not the width but the brains =X (Hopefully)

Btw, Mrs Tan Jennie's stomach looks way much bigger than the last time I saw her which was like maybe 3 weeks ago? This shows that the baby is growing well and healthy! Hehe~ Jennie look in her fullest form too, put on some weight, looked more bloomer. Good for you girl!

Next up was Thomas and Guys gathering. Sadly, I was the only girl over there. Well, I believe Liwen didn't turn up because probably she wasn't so interested in liquor , plus being the only girl can be very boring and yes, I am hinting to you guys thats what I feel yesterday! Hah! Anyway, Mr Kuo introduced me as " My wife" to them, which somehow or rather makes me fly way high up to the sky. I mean thats how I feel and you cannot deny the fact that I am very blissed with my marraige :D

Last but not least, I will try my best to blog more often although, I may not do that daily but I try to blog say at least 3 times per week? I will get Mr Kuo to blog in also, being this's a Blog for the both of us and he definitely had to contribute isn't it! Hah~ Demanding wife he has :P

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Our 1st Entry!

To begin with the very 1st post, I ought to introduce this Blog.
The View-finder of Mr and Mrs Kuo was created because of the passion towards photography.

Mr Kuo is a photography freak, in other words, anything that got to do with camera, he's ON!
I'm not kidding it, whenever, wherever, no matter where we go, his precious Nikon would be with him. As a wife, I need to be understanding and accept my husband's needs and interest. Tadah~ here comes this Blog.

This Blog was created not only for the passion of photography, but also the love I wanted to express to my Husband, Mr Kuo Chia Jung. I would like to thank him for everything that he had done for me, all the time scacrified for me, all the endurance towards my short-temper and many to go on. I know that I could be a better wife and I am now trying very hard to be.

My dear Kuo, I know that I maybe naggy at times, but all are for your own sake. There are a few pleases that I would like you to listen to:

- Please turn in early so that you get sufficient sleep
- Please do remember to take your breakfast so that you have the energy to work

- Please do not overwork yourself because it will not be good for your health

I know I'm naggy but that's how I am :P
Last but not least, I will try very hard to maintain this special Blog of ours :D

I love you, My Kuo :)

Always loving you,
Mrs Kuo Manfei

Monday, October 02, 2006

The Story behind this Blog :)

I started this blog as my Personal blog where I post entries about my life, my wedding and renovation preparations. Eventually when I started living with my partner a.k.a Prince Charming, it sort of emerged into a Food Blog where I post up entries about the recipes that I've tried to please his stomach and you know.. as time passes, the recipe lists gets longer and my Personal blog eventually became my Food Blog where I share recipes. Now, it has also become my Pregnancy Blog where you'll see me updating about my pregnancy :)

It's been a long milestone (not very long actually, hahaha..) but I very much love to continue maintaing my blog like how I'm doing it now. Glad to have your support and appreciate your effort to continue touring my blog with comments and advices that would be of good help to me ;)

Stay Happy!