Friday, October 30, 2009

Korean Bibimbap with a tint of Chinese essence

It has been really really long since I cooked something special for my Prince Charming. I still have 2 Off days due from my Overtime and since Year end is coming soon, I took the chance to have a rest day today. It's been quite sometime since I last took some leave so I decided to do some simple cooking for my Prince Charming.

I woke up err... not very early but good enough to grab some fresh groceries from NTUC. I also went a bit of window shopping with my Mum and went with her for some KFC! Yummy.. I just realised that I only have to topped up 20 cents to upsize my drink from a regular size to a medium size. God, I guess it's been a long long time since I bought any KFC myself. Heee heee...

Anyway, I made simple Bibimbap for our Dinner cause it's won't take up too much of my time and I don't have to fight with the heat in the Kitchen. I don't have any stone pot or whatever you call it so I used a claypot instead. The main thing is to get some rice crackers! LOL~

Yummy~ This is really easy. All you need is dice some vegetables that you like, add in some meat of what you desire and an egg. Mix it with the self-made Gochujiang sauce and it's done!
Korean are really good with handling leftovers. Bibimbap is a wonderful dish that helps to lessen the chances of leftover and it is so easy and yummy! Of course, in Singapore Korean restaurants don't use leftover but you can see it in most Korean shows, don't you?

Mix and mix and mix. Ready to go!

Dinner time!!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I want this Diaper Bag!!!!!

This is my DREAM Diaper bag! So gorgeous!
If only I could get some sponsors to buy for me :P

Was thinking of getting it 1 month ago but due to currency dropping so hold it for a while (Auntie lah, wanna save more bucks) and then.. realized I couldn't buy it now cause I just pre-ordered a Medela Freestyle Breastpump that cost me $460!!! The Breastpump is definitely a must as I intend to breastfeed my Little Kwok and yup for at least a year if I can endure.

Oh.. can some nice souls out there buy this for me???? :P

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Flu and Cough bug

I should have taken well of myself.
I should really eat well.
I should avoid the crowded areas.
I should learn to take more Vitamin C.
I should not ignore Mum and Prince Charming's nagging.
I regretted not heeding the above :(
The stupid flu and cough bug stick to me like super glue. How I try to shun them off, they just wouldn't go! I hope the fever won't be my friend. Please don't come to me......

Been taking my medications prescribed by gynae regularly. Just praying hard I'll be well by next week. Baby, please do not get affected by Mummy ok? Baby must continue to grow well and be healthy :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hello Little Kwok! :)

Well, as you can see my "latest" updates was in July. Grrrr.. that's like 3+ months ago?
People have been asking me "Where did you go to?" "When are you going to start your cooking and baking?" "Why haven't you been blogging?" "Hello, your blog is growing mold!"

I'm finally going to reveal the answers to all the questions which were thrown to me at a rocket speed! As you know, I've been married for 2 years and both my Prince Charming and I thought: Hey, I think it's time for us to start our little family!" and *drum rolls* I'm having my little Kwok! ^^

It's not that I don't want to share this good news but being a Chinese *ahem PROUD Chinese*, I have to keep this wonderful news for a period for 100 days before I can finally spread it loud to the world :)

Finally, the day has arrived! I'm currently into my 14 weeks of pregnancy and though has been suffering from some bad Morning sickness for many couple of weeks, I'm still really enjoying my pregnancy! It's so amazing seeing my little bean developing a flickering heartbeat to a fully form little human now and who is happily swimming in my uterus.

I am wondering if I should blog my pregnancy journey here or should I start a new blog for my baby? Vote please!!!!!!!