Friday, November 27, 2009

My sweetie pie, Charlotte ^^

My cutie niece has just turned 2 years old this month and my oh my, how much has she grown!

She is now able to speaks clear and full sentences and also making very impressive expressions especially when she sees something that arouses her. It's no wonder the whole family dotes on her so much!

Cute Charlotte

She knows that I'm pregnant now and won't be able to carry her like how I used to be and I was quite worried if this would sort of dampen her moods. It's bless that she is such an understanding baby! She likes to pat on my pregnant tummy and mumble "Charlotte sayang (dotes) Baby". So cute isn't it? I'm pretty sure my Little Kwok will love Charlotte and so do Charlotte :D

Cute Charlotte

As you probably would have guess, with a 姨丈 who's a freak in photography she is already so used to the cameras around her and without doubts, she will definitely give you a nice shot whenever you lift up that camera in front of her! Well trained by Prince Charming! Haha!

Here's a video with Charlotte singing Barney's version of "I Love You" song.
She sings and start to hug everyone around her! So cute!! Oh, by the way she had a bit of sore throat that day :P