Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Resolution 2011

Been asked by a few acquaintances about my resolution in 2011. Was kind of feeling weird because like I said, they were acquaintances so I don't feel that they will know much about me, so I told them "Nah, I don't have one" :x

Not trying to be rude but I've tried revealing my 2010 resolution to 2 of them last year when asked about it and ended up getting question mark faces, because like I said, they were just acquaintances and thus, do not know me very well!

On the other hand, I am absolutely happy to "announce" my 2011 resolution since I believe those who have been following my blog will know me well enough ;)

  1. Would like to go on a family trip with Prince Charming and Baby Kwok to Disneyland! Japan or HongKong? I bet Prince Charming will go for Japan!
    Why: Have not traveled for more than a year!!! Desperately need an overseas holiday!

  2. Make more initiatives to beautify my house and keeping it sparking clean!
    Why: I'm one who likes to change "pattern" for my loft. If you follows my blog, you should be able to grasp a hint or two from my postings. Oh! Sparkling clean cause need to create a fresh and clean environment for my little boy :D

  3. Learn to appreciate my family more especially Prince Charming ;)
    Why: I believe mummies will agree with me that after being a mum, things changed. I don't mean relationship between husband and wife but more of like referring to moods. It seems that my focus is all on Baby Kwok and I tend to throw tantrums at him even with little matters. Though most of the time he understands but still, I have a heart of guilt for raising my voice at him occasionally :P

  4. Create some healthy baby food for Baby Kwok!
    Why: I'm so worried that he'll get sick of porridge. It's always either pumpkin, spinach or broccoli with threadfin/pork. I need to be creative to create special and healthy meal for my darling!

  5. Continue my breastfeeding journey till Baby Kwok turns 1 year old before I fully introduced him to Formula milk!
    Why: Breast milk is the best that a mom can give to her child. I want my child to enjoy the good quality milk :) Not that Formula milk is no good but well, you know ;)

  6. Spent more time with my Kitchen~~~
    Why: Ever since pregnancy starts, I have not been utilizing my kitchen in terms of cooking or baking. When I looked through my past postings, I miss the joy I had when I bake/cook for my love ones. I really need to get the regime back!
I guess that's all for now? Will add on when I think of more!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Oyakodon 親子丼

Remember I mentioned in my previous post that I cooked Oyakodon for X'mas dinner? Prince Charming's cousin paid us a visit and because we were pretty busy during the festive season, we decided to go simple rather than whipping up a table of food cause I'm pretty sure we'll not be able to finish them up.

I have done this Oyakodon umpteen times since this is one of Prince Charming's Top favourite list for Japanese food apart from the usual Japanese Curry. Enjoy!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Sugar Cookies

Hurray! Prince Charming did live up to his name for keeping his promise!

Although it seems that I had time for some baking but in fact, I had little :(
Prince Charming's cousin came over for a visit and to give Baby Kwok his Christmas Present so we invited him over for dinner. Not too nice to be keeping myself busy in the kitchen so I did not bake till he went home and then my parents were here to play with Baby Kwok so I joined in the fun and ended up, I was left with like 1 hr to do the baking.

Half way through my baking, Baby Kwok who's sleeping started crying! I had no choice but to stop all my bakings to calm him down. Prince Charming can't manage to make our baby stop crying and so you know, I had to like cut short my baking plan. Was intending to frost the cookies but due to time constraint I'm just leaving it as it is. Only managed to did the outline though.

Anyway, at least I did some baking! *A pat for myself!*
Once again, Merry Christmas!
And opps, Prince Charming was snoring away when these cookies were done so, better pictures next time! I promise :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

This Christmas is definitely a very special one for both Prince Charming and myself!
Our first Christmas with Baby Kwok! We were really excited about celebrating Christmas with Baby Kwok and that we actually put up the Christmas tree much much earlier than usual :D

Baby Kwok totally love the Christmas tree! He almost pull off the whole tree! The jingle bells were thrown onto the floor and the little red pressies decors were in his hands! I can't imagine when he start walking, I bet my house will be in chaos. My mum was complaining to me that Baby Kwok kept pulling the telephone wires and threw the phone on the floor *Swallow saliva* I have a little terrorist!

Anway, was telling Prince Charming that I BADLY needed some time for X'mas baking~ "Un-offically" been not baking for almost a year! I desperately need to have the baking/cooking regime back, otherwise I think I might not even remember how to break an egg! He "politely" agreed but well, we'll see! Pssst.. if you guys see me posting up my X'mas baking that means he kept his promise if not, you know... :P

Merry Christmas ~