Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Sick Child

Alright, I'm sick again. I don't know what's wrong with my immune system! The flu bugs seems to love me so much that they are attacking at me like every 1 week :S But, one thing about getting flu is I'm able to sleep as long as I want without anyone shouting at me! Hohohoo~~~~~

Appetite wasn't that good cause I don't really fancy soupy noodles kind of food except for 板面, but had to forced myself to swallow them down cause I need food for energy! BTW, been really really very busy with my house renovations. Lots of things to follow up and lots of items to be paid. Man, getting poorer each day!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Back to school

Finally back to school for work. As usual, been very sleepy throughout. My tummy still aches abit but definitely much better as compared to Thursday. Had No-Egg Fried rice for lunch with chinchalok! *Yummy*

Realised that my books had been piling since I was on MC for 2 days. Man, these can kill me!!!!! Can some kind souls offer their help in marking my books, pleaseeeeee~ My Primary 1 were okay this morning except for some naughty tricks. Primary 2 were considered good since nobody shouted or misbehaved. Primary 4 were good as usual with all those jokes and fun.

Lastly, school gonna end late cause there's Interhouse competition later. Sighh~ when will there be a day where I can really go home early like say 1.30pm sharp!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Busy as a beeeeeeeee

Well, been very very busy this week. Not only busy Ls-ing ( You should know what I meant. My butt is burning *sob*) but also busy shopping for stuffs required for my new house.

14th April 2007

After the Parents IT Workshop in school, Dear Dear came to "fetch" me from work and we went to Compass Point for our lunch. Had a heavenly nice meal of Deep Fried Chicken Rice and Dearie got himself a large serving and tempting Black Pepper Beef Pasta from Carona. Used to love Carona when I was in Primary school because of the fanstatic Chicken Wings. Anyway, after our lunch, we shopped around Compass Point and went into Mayer. Mayer in Compass Point carries more range of products as compared to the one at Plaza Singapura plus the auntie over there is so helpful and friendly unlike those 2 at Plaza Singapura.

We walked up and down the whole shop fiddling with all the stuffs appearing in our eyes and thankfully, we found our desired Built in Oven and Hood. Hohoho~ Kitchen is the only place where I get to choose most of the Appliances so obviously I am super whopper excited! 畢竟是自己的家,什麼都一定要最好的. Hehehe~

Ariston Hood 90cm

Ariston Line Oven with 6 cooking programs

15th April 2007

Even with the constantly Ls-ing, I managed to controlled myself and walked around Marina Square with Dearie. Our initial plan was to check out the prices at Gain City cause they seems to be having some promotions. So eventually, we were at AMK's Gain City but because it's damn crowded over there and the sales peeps don't even have the time to serve us plus we couldn't even get to see the fridge we want, so we hopped down to Marina Square.

Went to Barang Barang first, in search of our Side tables. To our disappointment, the 2 side tables we saw at Plaza Singapura branch were not there but we found another 2 which looks more innovative. Hehe! Blessing in disguise maybe? We did not buy it straight away lah since our prioprity goes to the Appliances. Sooooo, we headed to Gain City. We found our Whirlpool Fridge which 郭媽媽 wanted us to purchase and yes, its cheaper than Courts! Courts selling this model at $2099 while Gain city is selling at $1966! Wohoo, btw we also got our Fisher and Paykel Washing machine from Gain City. Actually we wanted to buy it from Harvey Norman since Harvey Norman is going to give away a $100 voucher but somehow or rather, probably I talked too loudly, the sales person overheard me and gave us a good price of $580 instead of the usual $698! WAHAHAH, We saved $118!!

We also got our Aircon System from them! Frankly speaking, in future if you need to buy or source for any appliances, head down to Gain City at Marina Square cause their service is good!
Well, just in one day we spent like more than $6000.

Fisher and Paykel 7.5kg Washing Machine (Top Load)

Whirlpool 630 Litres Side by Side Fridge

And of course, not forgetting my self retail therapies, I bought myself a pair of pants from Topshop cause its having 70% discount! Yohooo~ It's a kind of bagggy pants but very stylo! Can be wore for both casual and formal! Plus I got myself 2 nice cosmestic pouch + Bag from Tea. They are having 30% for some selected items. I simply love their stuffs! SO GIRLY and ROMANTIC!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Got to know this site from my friend, Ling. She used to "jio" me to buy apparels from here but because its an US site so somehow its rather costly. Just happened to "browse" through their new revamped website and caught an eye on this stunning turquoise tube dress!

It's so summerly! Feel like buying it but.... seeme like I've just burnt a hole in my pocket recently and it's just the begining of the month! ( P.s: My salary normally comes ard mid week 11th or 12th) Arghhh~ Any sponsors!!!!

This looks good too!

and this

and this this

and theseeeee