Sunday, February 25, 2007

Officially Mrs Kuo

Today is the 4th day of my Mrs Kuo's 生涯. Actually most of the things remain unchanged except for some vocal part. For instance, sometimes we are so used to calling each other parents as aunties and uncles thus, we tend to forget about needing to change it to Father and Mother in reality. For example, on the day of my ROM, after being legally married to Hubby, I still call my Mother-In-Law "阿姨" and she was like "oh nono, you can't call me 阿姨 now, you have to address me as "媽媽". I was "Oh shit, forgotten that I'm married already!" Hahah~ yaya I think that's very normal for any newly wed.

Anyway, tomorrow's gonna be a working day again. Sigh~

*Mrs Kuo, no work no gain!*

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

An important day when Miss becomes Mrs

It's 11.31pm now and I'm counting. Yes, in another 20 odd minutes, it will be the day when Miss Hu is offically known as Mrs Kuo. Amazing right! Hahaha~

Kind of excited + nervous especially when I see my ROM gown hanging at my wardrobe. It just make my heartbeat goes up and down! Awwww~ I hope I won't cry tomorrow cause I can be a cry baby when it comes to a 感動場合. I bet my sister must be beaming with joy cause I won't be arguring with her about who to use the toilet in the master bedroom first. Childish I know, but can't help it. My sister always find fault at me when I wanna use the toilet at the same time when she wants to use too. Hmph! Hahaha, anyway I'm just kidding about it. My sister's also excited for me and she seems to be even more anxious. Hmmmm... Maybe she's really very eager to 把我嫁出去. :P

My mummy and daddy rushed me to bed but I could not sleep. Too excited I think :P
Just called Hubby and he's also very excited + nervous + 緊張 . Btw, Hubby got himself a brand new bazor suit for tomorrow. MIL said that the Bazor given by Jazz kind of old-fashioned so she wanted Hubby to get a new one, since he can wear it for formal occasions in future. Guess what, the bazor cost $399! So expensive! Lucky there's Amex 15% discount. That's the reason why we love our Amex card!

Alright, no time to blog anymore. Need to get my beauty sleep desperately! I wouldn't want to carry 2 panda eyes + eye bags with me tomorrow! Hehe~ Will post my pics real soon!

Nitey everyone! * When 2 becomes 1*

Sunday, February 11, 2007

1st Appointment @ Jazz Bridal

First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my 姐妹們 ( Peiyi, Peifen, Angela, Huimei, Shiqi, Stacy, Jolene) for their wonderful help. They acompained me and Hubby down for our 1st Gown selection at Jazz Bridal. Not forgetting , FS and Jehanne who went down also.

I was so excited about it cause 畢竟這是人生一輩子一次的經驗. I know all my 姐妹們 were also very excited. Hehe~ I never knew that trying on gowns can be so tiring. The gowns were super whopper heavy, BUT its worth it. I'm like a princess (Okay, I said that myself). I love most of the gowns that I tried except for some which are overly exaggerating.

My next appointment with Jazz Bridal will be in March. Yohooo! Hubby will be getting his pants done and I will be selecting my Evening Gown plus having my gowns altered. Wohoooo! Can't wait!

Here are some pics of my gowns. Won't be revealing much! Heheh~

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Stupid Throat Infection

Was feeling sick after returning home from school on Monday. No appetite for everything, even my favourite Potato chips and Siew mai couldn't seduce me. (Yah, my mum tried to seduce my appetite using them as the bait) Had a hot shower and poooh~ off I dropped myself into my fluffy bed and pillows. The next thing that happened was a tragic headache! Arghhhhhhh

I don't like the feeling of sick. It just make me feel restless and useless. Mum said probably I've got throat infection since I've been coughing non-stop plus I've problem swallowing my saliva since my throat hurts. Daddy and Sis caught the flu bug and probably I've caught one too. Mum demanded me to go to our Family doctor but I was lazy to do that on a Monday night with my favourite TV show "擺家樂 II " on air.

What I know was, the next day a Tuesday, I was feeling so sick I had to call school to apply for a Sick leave. Mum touched my forehead and said that I've got a rather high fever. Okay, that's makes me feel like I'm really sick and I really need to see a doctor. So at 7am, my mum asked me to bathe myself with cold water and I was like, WHAT? COLD SHOWER IN THE EARLY MORNING? Alright, mum's always right and so here I am shivering myself in the shower and there my mum preparing hot congee for me. I've got no appetite and therefore I headed right to the clinic. My doctor said I've got a bad throat infection and I needed to rest badly. She prescribed me with some medicine and 2 days of MC. Well, inititally I thought I wouldnt need 2 days but waking myself up this morning, I knew I had to call sick again.

My fever's back and I'm like coughing non-stop. My throat don't hurt that much but mucus seems to be dropping out from my nose. Oh man, don't tell me the flu bug got me! Anyway, got to rest well because tomorrow will be a hetic day. God bless me.

BTW, Hubby got himself a DS Lite! Excited! I wanna play too!!! >.<