Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tips to winning your bride over

Well, it seems that many people are asking me about how my Husband actually managed to win me over during the Gate crash session with the 姊妹. Frankly speaking, I'VE GOT NO IDEAS! *Laugh Out Loud*

It's a confirm thing that he'll win me over because:

  1. My parents will definitely help him out
  2. The 姊妹 are on good terms with him. *They love to"suan" him*
  3. We are legally married on 22nd Feb 2007.

It's no big issue to him I guessed? Anyway, he does do his part by swallowing that stinky Durian paste + Bitter gourd paste + chilli sauce + kaya.... His mouth really stink like hell and you know 姊妹們, I think I'm the one suffering cause he kissed me, hugged me and carried me with that super strong smelly odour all over him!

Anyway, so it's like a no-answer question. You get what I mean!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Wedding Affairs

Attended the ROM of Fusheng and Jehanne last night. The food was good especially the Mee Siam and Chocolate Fondue. YEAH, chocolate fondue! They were very kind thought-ed to provide chocolate fondue to their guests *ahem Me especially* who loveSSSSS chocolate! I tell you hor, the chocolate is damn shiosk! I think I ate 20 strawberries, 10 heart shaped cakes, 2 waffle sticks and 15 bananas. BANANAS? Did I say bananas? Hahaha, hell yeah! Someone who hates bananas actually ate 15 bananas, only in Fondue lah.

Anyway, the ambience's was good too although it did rained abit in the afternoon. Chalet was cheap and good and clean and spacious and air conditioned and and and I wanna booked it next time! As usual, Hubby and his gangs of buddies went mad after drinking like I forgot the counts of beers, red wines and even Choya! That's what happen when someone gets married.

Good Shot

Candid Shot with Ah seng closed eyes

Outside NSRCC at 2am waiting for cab

Fiddling with the controller

Fat thighs. They says I looked like Sharon Auuuuuuu

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Celebrity Look alike

Was browsing some websites and suddenly recalled that I had this myheritage.com account which I haven't been really accessing. Thought it looked fun and had a try on it. Tadah~~ But eeek, it's not accurate anyway.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


真的什麼都别说 彩虹正在消失

以後的以後再说 你安静的眼神

Love is a beautiful thing 多美丽 多难得
Love is a wonderful thing 就是那麼爱你

爱是一种毒瘾 正在发作

你知道我爱你 会爱到很久
甜蜜不必急著说 慢慢享受
连天使都忌妒的生活 (幸福的生活)

真的什麼都别说 安静也是沟通
几个呼吸就够 说什麼都嫌太多
把现在的画面 留到老的时候

只要看你一秒 那些亿万个心愿

I am totally in love with this song~! Its like love at 1st sight and I kept playing it on my MP3 player. I think I had this song played for like 500 times, repeating and repeating and even blast it till the max volume. Maybe the people taking the same tram as me everyday would have already known how to sing this song! Wahahahah~

I love 曹格you know~ He's my Husband look-alike, or should I say my husband looks like him? Hmmmm~ My cousins, my cousins's cousins, my ex colleagues, my friends, my friends' friend and the list goes on. Though Miss chew finds that hubby resembles Tank, I still find him 曹格 look alike! *Jumping in Joy*

Monday, July 16, 2007

What beauty beholds

After watching " 200 Pounds Beauty", I have a different definition towards beauty. One may not be very pretty in her outlook but can be very attractive in the way she presents herself. One may be very gorgeous but look so disgusting when she starts doing her own poses.

I used to think that pretty = having nice features + hot figure + sweet amature connections. As I grew older, I realised that all of the above are just purely untrue facts. I still remembered when I was young, say Secondary school, 吳君如 was classified as "ugly", but what the hell has she become now! She's a hot mama you know and gracious, SHE IS DAMN PRETTY IN PERSON LOR! I may not have seen her in real but my friends did and they were crazy over her! She's just so drop dead pretty and comical.

Also, I have changed a different perception towards plastic surgery. I believe that a person can be real demoralised and hurt when the whole world just couldn't spare her/him a second of attention just because she's ugly/fat etc. I used to be fat, yes VERY FAT. The whole world were talking right in front of me that I would need to have customised clothing because I am too fat, no guys will go after me because I am too fat, I looked disgusting dirty and sweaty because I am too fat. Those hurt me quite a bit especially when I have friends who kept saying that I am fat and they are lean. I don't deny the fact that plastic surgery once flashed across my mind.

" I want to do lipo-lipo-lipo-lipo" these flashed numerous times, circulating in my brains. My parents weren't supportive towards my thinking obviously cause it is so damn dangerous. They were rather on the positive sides, asking me to do exercises and cutting down on my diet. My parents even brought the whole family to the stadium just to exercise with me, though it didn't really worked for me because I ate even more after the extreme runnings. I can't even remember how I lost my weight throughout the years. I only knew I cut down on my intake of food, I eat what I want and I try not to over eat. Sometimes I still do overeat lah but I control most of the time. I had dengue fever in 2005 and that cause me to lose some pounds during the stay cause I've got no appetite at all. The rest got to do with my family genes. My mum's a mother of 4 but weigh 50kg with 27 inch waist , my Dad weigh 67kg with 33 inch waist, my sister weigh 40kg with 24 inch waist , my 5 years younger brother weigh 54kg with 28 inch waist and my youngest brother weigh 68kg with 29 inch waist. SEE~ I TOLD YOU IT RUNS IN THE GENE! My dad used to be so skinny during his young days and even when I was in primary school but my mum's cooking got better and better and there goes his weight :P

So , I guessed its partially cause of my genes that I got slimmed down. I'm still trying to cut down some weight though >.<


Friday, July 13, 2007

I need your sponsorshipppp

Looking freaking fat and flabby now. I really need to get all these dangling fats off my body, tone up the muscles and kick myself to exercise. I'm looking at a Fitness membership program where I can go for unlimited Kickboxing, Yoga, Pilates or even CardioBox classes.

Koanne's in California Fitness, pays $70 per month, gets unlimited sessions of ANY classes and gets to visit the gym anytime.

Linda, Michelle and Joyce are with True Yoga, where Linda and Mich pays $200+ per month , get to go to any True Yoga outlets, enjoy unlimited yoga or pilate sessions and Joyce pays $99 per month, where she visits the one at Raffles and also enjoys unlimited sessions.

Ping姐 used to be a member of Amore, enjoy 12 sessions of any classes for a period of 3 months and pay $180. * That's freaking expensive!*

I need an affordable and good Fitness Membership! I need someone to sponsor for my membership!

Just in case you....

Just in case you're wondering where I've went to recently. I'm baking myself with my piles of renewals!

Just in case you're wondering where's the pictures I've promised to show. I'm just too busy and tired to upload them. So...... I took the shortcut by transferring them to Picasa Web Album

Just in case you're wondering why I'm writing my post in a somehow weird and unusual way. I'm having my menses, SO... better speak nicely to me.

Just in case you're wondering where the foodies I used to write on my post. I told you I'm having my menses and I AM HAVING SUPER WATER RETENTION! DO YOU THINK I HAVE THE MOOD TO POST THEM WHEN I LOOKED FREAKING FAT!

Just in case you're wondering why I look freaking fat. HOW MANY TIMES DO YOU WANT ME TO REPEAT MYSELF! I AM HAVING MY MENSES!

Sunday, July 08, 2007


Alright, I know everyone of you have been waiting for the wedding pictures till you gonna look like a giraffe. I'm trying very best to upload all of them ASAP. Do give me more time okie ? Every picture is rather big in Megabytes so it can take some time. Just be patient, I'll show you all the juicest and nicest pictures!

So for now, I'll tender up the pictures I've so far successfully uploaded. Have fun and enjoy! Captions enabled! Do give some comments! Please do not repeat like "Bride is so beautiful" >> I'm always 24X7, 365days beautiful and pretty. :P

Don't worry, the Kutus (Head Lices) will not be able to escape out from my eyes

Hmm... Looks delicious leh~ Can eat anot?

The most eligible Housewives for the year 2007

Shiosk, tastier with Chilli! New creation of "Subway" Toast

Look at this D24 durian paste, smell so nice hor. Must be very tasty!

Yummy Toast taste best with Condensed milk! Come try, come try!

Cheers! 終於嫁出去了! *Sleepy eyes with puffy eye bags* Arghhh...

With my Greatest Parents. Thank you Daddy and Mummy. I love you two!
Look at my stupid eye bags and my small eyes!!!!!! Eeeeekkkkkk

With 媒婆 Stacy

With Gorilla, 思敏

With Monkey, Jolene

With 乾女兒, Angela

With CK Tang Heir, 詩琪

With Tomato, 佩芬

With Hot-dog fingers, 慧美

With Act cute girl, 佩儀

With my wonderful 姐妹!

With my almighty brothers, cousins and 1 nephew!

Hum Sup Lou. Oppps, I mean Handsome boy

Ang Bao first arbo I let you surrender

Okie, Hoh say more than market value

Cham, get married also must go through IPPT

*Roars* 霍元甲!

Aiyah, 我們慘liao lah

Wah, how you know I got fetish for panties! I love to smell them *Opps*

Besides smelling them, I love to wear them too! *Shy*

加油! 加油!

No money no talk!

Wah lao, How you know I never take my breakfast!

Feeling like puking? Kick your ass if you dare to do that!

Hey folks, that's the best I can do tonight! Stay tune for more!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Thinking of......

Well, its just right after lunch and I am like sitting down with my fat tummy and surfing the web. Saw this Burberry Blue tag Messenger bag and thought it look nice, plus its PINK!

Yohoo~ I love pink Burberry!

Pinkish Burberry Cardholder! Yohoo sweeeee

Okie, get back to work~


蜜糖˙月亮? Wahaha, its Honeymoon in direct translate :P Been thinking where to go for our Honeymoon since starting of 2007. So far I have already shortlisted a couple of countries, e.g. Paris, London, Greece, Mauritius, Maldives, Australia, Japan, Dubai ..... and so on.

Due to the money constraint, (Because we are going to built a walk-in shoes cabinet at the living room so that means another pile of money flying away from our bank account) we have to like delete some of them from the list. Eeeeeekk, ain't there anything for FREE in this world ?

So far, Mauritius is on my top list because its so damn beautiful and relaxing! I mean you won't wanna spend your honeymoon shopping and eating right? Though I am a certified shopping princess, I still feel that honeymoon must be relaxing and romantic. If Mauritius is too expensive, then probably Australia will be next in list. Cheap and cozy country where we can opt for the countryside stay and do some farmings and 牧羊! Wohoooo! But seriously, I STILL WANT MAURITIUS!

Look at the clear blue skies and the crystal clear water!

Chio right! Chio right! Chio right!

P.S : My Gucci Bag coming on the way! Yohooooooooooo

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Tai Tai Wannabe

Yesterday was Kavez's 16th Birthday. Didn't really had a celebration with him cause my sister's at her own house, my brother in NS. Thus only me and hubby went over to my parents' house. Mum didn't cooked much either, Poor Kavez~ His sweet 16 birthday was spent more of like a normal day :P

Anyway, smsed him about what he wants for his birthday present and he replied " Sponsor for my piano lessons". I was like "Duh! You think I earn $10,000 per month?". However, after some serious thoughts, Kavez have been always very persistent towards music. He's always learning how to advance his skills on Yiwei's keyboard and seriously, I've never seen him so serious before.

Daddy totally agreed and said that he's willing to sponsor Kavez for the fees. Well, I didn't really buy much stuffs for Kavez except for snacks and clothes, so Hubby and I decided to sponsored him for the Yamaha Pop Piano Music Course which is 6 mths duration. It's not that expensive as what I expected. $75 per mth, inclusive of GST. My parents and me will observe Kavez if he is really serious in this Music Course. If he really showed alot of interests in Piano, we'll get him a piano, a 2nd hand one most probably cause 1st hand Piano can be quite expensive.

Btw, Hubby said I'm looking more and more like a Tai Tai. Yeah, I want to be a true Tai Tai!!! Wearing lots of blings blings, bringing branded bags and putting on branded apparels and accessories. Wohooo~ aint that gorgeous! *Knock Knock stop dreaming* Anyway, been wanting to get myself a Gucci Bag *Evil Grin and look at Hubby*

Chio right! Pinky! I can be a frantic for pink!

Matureeee~ But I like it!!

This look cool too! Very trendy ~

I've got this but getting another pink one (below) would be greater !


Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Free from stress!

Finally after all the late nights, our Wedding Dinner is successfully completed! I AM OFFICALLY STRESS-FREE NOW! I believed all my 姊妹 will understand what I went through during the preparations period.

Mother-in-Law came over on Thursday and we started to clean up the house together. If I'm not wrong, we almost hitted 3am everyday after the cleaning sessions and worst part is I NEED TO WORK THE VERY NEXT DAY! Damn it! Hubby was lucky cause he managed to get his off days and me ? *Shook head* So, I slept at 3am, woke at 630am for work. It's a repetition for like 3 days before I get to move back to my parents' house and have a comfy relaxing sleep.

My Mother-in-Law is very conscious about the cleanliness of the house so majority of the time, I am like doing housechores and washing the toilets. I've learnt my lesson so I try not to drip anymore water droplets on the toilet floor, also I've to stop buying auction clothes and switch to "branded" apparels like Zara, Mango, Gucci, Polo Raplh etc. *Nod Nod* I must learn not to do shopping frequently and I must learnt to maintain the household nicely.

It's really a big difference when you are offically a Married woman. More responsiblites, more committments, more works, more sleepless nights, more things to look out for and worst of all more expenses!

Friends are pestering me for the pics and video clips. I promise that I will try to upload ASAP alright?

I want to thank everyone for attending my wedding dinner. Most importantly, I want to thank my parents for their 養育之恩, thank them for feeding me with so much goodies that I became super obese during my Primary and Secondary school days , thank them for taking their time to go on a diet exercise with me, thank them for bringing me to the Stadium to run off my fats though it didn't work and thank them for giving me the freedom to do whatever I want. I really love my parents so much! Secondly, I want to thank my Mother-in-Law for doting on me and telling me about the good ways to cultivate good house cleaning habits and also thank her for entrusting his son, My dearest hubby to me. I will do my best to feed him with my food and make him super obese! WAHAHAHAHAH~ Last but not least, I want to thank my 姊妹 for their efforts in helping me with my wedding preparations and standing there for me when I needed them most, especially Gladis, Peifen, Angela, Huimei and Shi Qi and also stacy for helping me with the wedding stuffs! Thank you!