Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday's Fusion Breakfast

Have you ever wondered what's your all-time favourite breakfast? Roti Prata and Cantonese porridge with Deep-fried doughstick has always been my all time favourite for breakfast and I usually try to alternate both every weekends, otherwise I would generally skip Breakfast and go direct to Brunch. If you ask me between Cantonese porridge and Roti Prata, which is your favourite? I would cast my vote to Roti Prata! I can eat 5 of them for breakfast but of course too full for my lunch then :P

To some, Roti Prata can be quite hearty as a breakfast but I believe people like me staying in Singapore won't be surprised if we have that served for breakfast. I guess it's because we grew up taking hearty breakfast? I even have friends who takes Tom Yum noodles as breakfast! I don't think Roti Prata would sound hearty to them if they were to choose between that spicy Tom Yum with the delicate crispy Roti Prata ;)

Anyway, I bought 2 packets of frozen prata pastries 2 weeks ago and they were as usual left sitting in the freezer till I saw them today while preparing for Baby Kwok's meals. Know what? I should learn to make a list of what I have in my fridge because just today, I realised that I have a few duplicates items and I even have stuffs that had expired and yet to be open! Arghhh... I can't blame this to pregnancy because I've been like that even before my pregnancy! It is just a bad habit right? 2011 target --> Learn to do "house keeping" for my fridge!

Alright, back to topic and so I decided to serve Roti Prata for Breakfast but hey, I do not have any curry mix and neither do I have any canned Curry Chicken so how am I going to serve Roti Prata with? Jam? Butter? Cheese? I know I can serve Roti Prata with those but I think it is always good to have a sauce so.... I decided to go fusion! Japanese curry with Roti Prata! It's amazing how matching they goes with each other! Don't believe? Try it yourself :)

Yum yum.. They go with each other so well!! 

Love the crisp :)

Hearty but I love it!

So now.. can you tell me what's your favourite breakfast?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Baby Kwok's BIG ONE Party

Time does flies isn't it? Baby Kwok will be turning 1 in another 2 weeks time and my oh my, my little baby has grown to be a toddler now! One super active and cheeky toddler :)

We'll be having his Big One celebration at one of the cafe located in the East and I am really looking forward! I guess when it comes to 1st-time mummy, we usually get overly excited especially with parties and celebrations with our little ones.

Preparation works start as early as January this year but... up till today I have not gotten the invitation cards, thank you note and Goodie bags done. God, now I'm only left with 1.5 weeks to go, I desperately need to fasten my pace so that I can get everything up before the party!

Anyway, been very hardworking in designing invitation card, poster, goodie bag labels and Thank you label for Baby Kwok's party. Friends were suggesting getting something off the rack (those ready printed Disney invitation cards) but I think I'll prefer to design one myself cause I wanted something unique and special :)

Copyright reserved ©
This is the Thank you label that I've specially done up for our guests!
It's not something big but just a small token of appreciating their attendance for our Party :)

And oh, did you notice that we have a new banner? :P

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Prince Charming just sent me a link and both of us got inspired! He promised that he'll focus well when he's taking photography for my food and I do think he's capable of doing it. On a hind note, I think I should learn some photography techniques too!

Hmm.. time to invest in a camera?
Olympus E-PL2 or Panasonic GF2

What I did LAST....2 weekends

Alright, finally had time to pen down one entry. I did had some wonderful time with my kitchen for the last two weekends and was quite happy. YES! I finally promise myself to do up something in the kitchen after the CNY bakings :)

Prince Charming was giggling with joy because I finally dragged myself to the recipe corner (A corner of the IKEA shelves where my recipe collections are at) to get some ideas to decide what to cook for him. He was eager to try my cooking/baking and also eager to take pictures for my food. Well, at least he took the imitative without me asking first!

Right after the photography sessions end, he started complaining about the lights, the exposure and the settings. We don't have much time to setup the table because of our active darling, Baby Kwok crawling around the whole house, pulling down everything that comes in contact with his 2 round eyes. He couldn't focus well because Baby Kwok likes to crawl towards us and pull himself up with our help so the photography session were not like how we used to do before. I guess he just needs time to get used to it and I'm sure he'll be able to take pictures like how he used to take for my food. (Or maybe he is now too used to taking human photography that he needs to have some emotional contacts with my food before he gets the "FEEL"?) *giggle*

Nevertheless, here I present my hard work for the last 2 weekends! *Pat pat my own shoulders*

An impulse attempt to satisfy our needs for Wanton and oh, I know.. gigantic Wantons :)

From one of my "To-Do-List", Sherperd's Pie. I wanted to give a try on Gordan Ramsay's recipe but Prince Charming was a little "fearful" towards minced lamb and I couldn't get it at the supermarket near my house, so I only used minced pork in my Sherperd's Pie (I can't eat beef so nah.. no beef!) and only reference Gordan Ramsay's seasoning but most of the seasoning are upon my own taste buds ;) Prince Charming totally loves the pie and the both of us almost finished the whole of the pie. It's really a big portion, I think enough for 6 person :)

Look at the amount of mashed potatoes I've piled onto of the minced meat!! Oh, I added egg yolk to the mashed potatoes mixture and I think it sort of makes the mixture slightly smoother but I didn't mashed the potatoes finely because Prince Charming wanted something in between chunky and smooth. You know something like Chunky Peanut Butter.

Woolala.. my first attempt on Sherperd's pie!

Okie dokie, so I did took the effort to post up 2 entries ;)
Gambatte to myself and I hope to post more in the near future and probably with some kids menu too :D

Friday, March 18, 2011

Finally I BAKED

Alright, this is super long overdue. I did eventually baked for Chinese New Year. Nothing fancy, nothing weird, nothing shocking just my usual Pineapple tarts :)

I guess I did improves when it comes to molding the tarts but on the other hand, I need to be more well organised. I was panicking in the kitchen - For fear that my Baby Kwok will cry anytime! Also, I'm just too lazy to cook Pineapple jam which I even proudly told Prince Charming that I'll make my own Pineapple Jam this year. Ptttffff.... I shouldn't have brag it too early.

Nevertheless, pretty proud of my little tarts and my friends commented they were nicers than the usual ones I baked previously! Why? Because I decided to switch to a new recipe and adopted Little Teochew's recipe :)

Happy Munching!

Psss... I wanted to use my signature on my picture but guess what, my macbook ran out of space! I can't even save my works after editing them! Grrrrrrrrrrr... I need a new laptop!! Maybe a Macbook Pro?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Promise!

I promise I'll blog something this or next week!
I promise okay!