Sunday, April 27, 2014

I'm still alive!!!

Oh my! Can't believe that I have left my blog vacant for almost 7+ months! The last time I have posted something was back in Sept 2013. I do really need to find time to publish more posts here!!!!

Though I have not been updating my blog, I do bake and cook on and off. Just that I am plain lazy to  sign in to blogger and start the publishing EVEN THOUGH my heart tells me that I should just go ahead and write a post but my brain just would not listen :(

Finally had the chance to update my post- All thanks to the Prince Charming who has left to run for a marathon and my Baby Kwok #2 is up and roaming around!

Here's what I did for our dinner on 4/26/2014. I attempted Macarons again and they finally had broad feet that I was looking out for! Yay!

Broad feet Macarons! 
It was a dark pink btw, filter of my camera phone makes it look brownish 

Then, I fixed a easy simple western dinner for both of us.  Not too hard and really quick to make them and Prince Charming enjoyed his dinner so do I (even though it was not that full for us but we need to go light on our weighing scale)

Prince Charming's dinner.
Cheese sausage with baguette, Japanese corn and sunny side up

My dinner!
Blueberry bagel with corn and cheese sausage

Baby Kwok #1 and #2 had other food for dinner though. Baby Kwok #1 is not as adventurous with food and he usually prefers asian cuisine to western cuisine so when it comes to main meals (lunch, dinner) his request will always be - RICE, RICE, RICE. Baby Kwok #2 is only 9.5 months old so we are still very conserve with the food that we offers to her (although I have to admit that we are more chincai (easy-going) comparing to the time during Baby Kwok #1 - Middle child syndrome LOL!)

And.. I have not been publishing "professional studio" kind of pictures on my blog because Prince Charming has not been playing with his toy for quite sometime. Should I be taking up some lessons with him to learn how to capture pictures so that I can do it myself? Should I??