Friday, March 30, 2007

Shoo that throaty thing

Down with Sore throat once AGAIN! I think this throaty bug is like spreading in the office. This month, so many of my colleagues were down on ML cause of Sore Throat. Yesterday, See Ling was down with it as well. I never knew that SORE THROAT is air borne. Hmmmm... *Deep thought-ing*

Tomorrow's the day for my Wedding photoshoots. Very nervous and scared. Nervous because I wonder how the effects would turn out to be and scared cause I am not sure if I can still fit into my gowns. Booooo! Also, I won't be taking pics at the old premises of SJC cause the school is close tomorrow. TMD!

Anyway, hopefully our Photographer can take us to some places where we can take real nice pics. Now, I need to mediate and chiong for tomorrow! Gambatte!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Retail Therapy

Ever since I stepped into the Educational sector, Retail therapy has becomes a routine which now emerged into my weekend lifestyle. Can't deny the satisfaction from the fact that you are carrying many many shopping bags with items that will drool your whole evening off.

The real problem that lead to all these retail therapies from evolving into my brains are my school workloads that are never seen missing from my uncountable brain nerves and cells. They truly make me feel so depressed and nervous whenever the weekends are coming to an end. I can seriously swear to you that this is not right. Luckily, I am not the only one. SK's Buddy, Shirley and Serene 俗稱 大Ss are encountering the exact emotions! Oh man, this is not good, this is not good. Now, I can really understand why they always says "除了父母,老師最偉大" and why they always says School is your second home. Yah, SCHOOL is definitely my 2nd home since 26th July 2006!

Alright, stop my auntie nagging. Well, as stated of above, been doing retail therapies as usual. Last friday, went to Vivo with Hubby for a yummy dinner at White Dog Cafe, followed by a shopping spreee at Pull and Bear. Wohooo! I love the current season of Pull and Bear's Apparels! It' totally flacked me off the stress I am having and tadah, bought 2 items!

Hohoho~ Anyway, never mind about my apparels since I won't be posting the pics up :P Let's chat about White Dog cafe! The ambience's cosy and relaxing over plus their Platter's super yummy and worthwhile! I love their Calamarisssss! Did I tell you guys that I'm a Sotong freak? I love sotong so long its deep fried, taro-cooked, sambal cooked! You named it, I love it!!!! They served not bad pasta too but I like the one at Takashimaya Basement more. Nono, not the Pasta cafe but the one located in the food court. Heeee..

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Cutie Pies

Burvin singing a song for 姨姨

姑姑 training my niece

Took a video of my 2 Cutie pies yesterday! Hehe~ 狗仔姨姨!

My sweetie pie

It's been quite sometime since I last saw my little sweetie nephew. Well, because my cousin enrolled my nephew into a well-known Childcare located in NUS, hence sweetie nephew actually moved to stay with his parents in Sembawang. *SOB*

I missed my nephew so much! The moment I stepped into 姑姑's house, just for your info, my nephew = 姑姑's grandson, my sweetie nephew rushed to hugged me and called me "姨姨" loudly! I was so touched cause he actually missed me too! I could sense that he's super whopper happy cause he kept asking me to stick with him. Hehe~

Played with him and realised that my nephew's so clever now! He can now mutter 2 syllabus words instead of 1 as compared to the past. Meaning, he can say out words like "Dust-bin", "Un-cle", "Thank You", "Mum-my" and "Dad-dy". He also made handicrafts during his "lessons". Though I really miss my nephew and I really want him to stay in Hougang but for his future, I guessed sending him to attend Childcare to train him for his independently is really good.

Burvin, 姨姨好想你 + 愛你 ! BTW, 姨丈 also misses you!

Me and my daring!
PS: Pardon me for my sweaty and oily face >.<

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


不再是牙套妹囉! 嘿呀,上個星期天剛把我帶了1年半的牙套消滅了~ 哇哈哈哈!
但是還是不要高興得太早,因為還需要帶上固定牙套 (Retainer) 呢~ 聽說那傢伙也跟牙套一樣辛苦內. 恩,我想又到了自我挑戰的時候了.

Anyway, 自從把部落格遷移至這後, 基本上都在用英文打字耶~ 真的是好久都沒打中文子字囉. 想想還真不應該呀,畢竟我教的是華文呀,應該用中文居多吧!恩...自我矛盾-ing . 現在是學校假期,大致上是不需要到學校報到啦但是想想好像還有好多作業沒改,心理總是有點不安的感覺~ 哼!又再發"工作警崩症"了!哼哼哼!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Botanic Garden

Had a mini excursion to Botanic Garden on the 10th March! Hahah, can't believe it right!
How many years have you not visited Botanic Garden? I've asked myself this question and answer was a surprising 14 years! Yeah~ It's so damn long ago since I went to Botanic garden.

Anyway, Hubby and me "jio" Michael, Thomas and gang along too! It's so fun cause we've never went to such places with them before. To them, paying a visit to Botanic garden seems weird, so that's make the sense that they would never want to go to such places for the usual gathering. HAHAHAHAH~

I made Potato Salad, Egg and Tuna Mayo for our picnic session. Hehe~ They all love my potato salad! So 滿足 when people likes the food that you've done and okay, I was beaming with joy. After our excursion, we dropped down to Far East Square to have our dinner at 別府, a Japanese restaurant which years years years ago when I'm still in Poly, had been eating there. I ordered a 4級辣 Ramen and totally drown myself with water the next moment. TOOO SPICY but shiosk! Hubby ordered a Braised Pork Ramen which's only 2級辣 and he couldn't take it. Hahaha~

Probably shall go down with my 姐妹淘 one of these days ;)

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Permanent Establishment

Ya, meant to be a surprise for me but too bad it didnt came out to be.
Hahah~ cause my contract officer called me to check with the school about my Permanent Establishment. So... yesterday before knocking off from school, I met with Mrs Ong and asked her about it. She told me that they just received it from MOE and so they will present it to me during PD today. Hah, so NO SURPRISE for me! Booooooooooooooooo!

Well, surprise ain't no big thing. Important is that I get to enrol in NIE in July this year, though I will definitely miss my colleagues and some of my p1.p2 and p4 students. Anyway, since I will be moving in to my new flat in Sengkang in end April, I guessed I can just pop by in school anytime even if I'm in NIE. Heh~

Another 2 more days and yeah, here comes the LONG LONG AWAITED HOLIDAYS!
Three cheers and three cheers for HOLIDAYS! Hip Hip Hurray!!!!!! Brought my P4 聽寫 back home for marking today cause I don't want to like rush myself on Friday. Sad to say, there is still this big pile of 作文 for me to mark. Luckily I can mark them during my free time. Hohoho! I LOVE HOLIDAYS especially SCHOOL HOLIDAYS!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

1st Art work!

These are the first two artwork that I created using the drawing pad equipment!

Oh man~ It's aint as simple as I thought it would be! Controlling the stylus is really tedious and you really need tonnes and tonnes of practise.

Just wondering when will I be able to draw as nice as Wan Wan.
Hmm... Long Long Long way to go I guess. Hahaha~