Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Meet The Parents

Its the half annual Meet the Parents session again. Had it once last year, remembered the post I mentioned that I nearly died of talking? Yah, its back again. As usual, I think I gonna hate talking for like 3 days after this.

My P4 were asking if they could choose not to see me, errr... I mean not ask their parents to chat with me. I wanted to say "YES" enthusiastically but I can't lah, so gotta act act abit :P
I would be most gald if the P4 parents don't wanna come visit me at my cubicle. I would be most gald to tell them.

Anyway, this is the *counting* oh, 3rd day in my new house. Hehehe~ Everythings are like almost done except for some minor issues here and there like e.g. Ironing of the clothes we brought over, cleaning the pots and pans we just bought from Metro etc. It's quite tiring I can say but there is this 滿足感 cause its your very own house with your dearest Hubby. Heee~

Saturday, May 19, 2007

First attempt to post at my NEW HOUSE

Yohooo! Can you believe that I'm actually right at my new house! YES YES YES! Alright, I stole someones network and started to use the free Internet here. Wahahha~ Anyway, feel damn happy to blog in my very own property lor.

So far everything been good. Renovation completed except for some minor paintings to be done. Did I tell you that I love my Mini-Walk-In Wardrobe and my Kitchen! Oh man, you guys should really find one good and auspicious day to visit my house. With my very good mood, I am sure I can bake you guys delicious pies and cakes. Hehehe~

Will post up the pics of my house real soon once I've got the house warming party done up. Okie, that will be most likely in July :P Alright people, I need to go clean my house again .

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Very Mutual 師生"互動"

Alright, was very pissed with Nicholas's behaviour today. He actually brought his playdoh to class and played that stupid playdoh throughout my lesson! 我真的受夠了! Basically my Primary 1 kids are all very nice angels though they can be quite mischievous and but seriously, which kid doesn't? I bet even the good mannered kids have their naughty sides too.

Nicholas is soooo different from the other kids. Okay, he's suspected to be ADHD ( Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder), but I've got students who are tested to be ADHD and they ain't like him at all! This is the 1st time I've ever got so pissed off with a kid. I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't say that but I'm really very frustrated with Nicholas.

Firstly, I DONT scold him at all. I talked to him in a very polite, gentle and nice way but he treated me like a nobody and simply just ignore what I've said. Secondly, he loves to play with anything that appears in front of him especially sharp objects such as Scissors or Thumb tacks. Thirdly, he likes to walked around the class without any reasons and suddenly lifting up the broom and starts to throw the broom up. Fourthly, he don't take instructions and often did not complete my homework as well. I am so tired of telling him about what he should and what he should not do.

Today, I talked about Nicholas to Chai. For your info, Chai's Nicholas Form teacher. Chai told me that she is not able to stand Nicholas too! However, because she's Nicholas's form teacher, she cannot just chuck him aside. So, she's telling me that she's bearing with Nicholas every single day. Like I said earlier on, Nicholas is suspected to be ADHD so the school actually put him on several tests.

One of the test is actually about the school environment and his liking and disliking. He was asked about his favourite subjects and why he like those subjects. Okay, he LOVE Art and English. When asked about the subjects that he doesn't like, he answered "Chinese". Okay, fine and they asked him about the reason. His answers were " 1. I don't like to read/talk in Chinese 2. I don't like to write chinese wordings 3. I DON'T LIKE MY CHINESE TEACHER".

WHAT THE?!?!?! Seriously, it hurt me abit at first because I am very patient with him all along. I don't scold him at all! Maybe once because he was trying to use the scissors to cut one of the girl's hair but since that incident, I HAVE NEVER SCOLDED HIM! When he did something wrong, I would talked to him in a very nice way like e.g " Nicholas, you should'nt be playing with playdoh during lessons. If you do, then you wouldn't understand how to read or write the new words that we will be learning today" or "Nicholas, everyone's playing attention so you gotta play attention too alright?"

Sometimes I try to act childish so that he can understand what I'm trying to tell him. BUT HE SIMPLY CHUCK ME ASIDE! Alright, it's actually a Mutual feeling lah. You don't like your chinese teacher, you think I like you meh! Hmph Hmph*

Monday, May 14, 2007

Entreprise in the M.A.K.I.N.G

Know what? The Cutie Fashion's Spree was such a HIT! I received so many response not only from my friends but friends of them too :) Maybe I do have the potential to start an online shopping cart. LOL~

Bigi's Spree was a big hit too! Seems like ladies, women, teens can't live without buying more and more and more bags and clothes! Always had this thought of starting an Apparel business in Singapore but need capital leh. Investors anyone?

Sister-in-Law's always very enthusiastic in supporting me for this. However, I think I'm not ready yet. Not ready cause I think I need to do some marketing research on the targeted audiences. Not ready because I've no experience in business. Not ready because I'm on my new path to my new career. Not ready because I want to find my own suppliers. Not ready because I don't want to risk myself.

Anyway, was damn bored at home that I started imagining having an online cart of my own. Started to do the same old graphics designing, animation etc. Haha, used to do these "bo-liao" stuffs back in Moduslink when I'm free. I think my main interests in IT is still design. Visual and Graphics Design. I think I should go pursue a degree in Graphics Design, but it's not so relevant to my job leh. Hmm.. EVERYTHING takes time lah.

Click to view my "Imaginative Online Cart".

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Bags Spree!

Msged Janet about Cutie's spree and she told me that she's actually organising Bigi's spree too. Wow, seems like everyone is in the mood for shopping! Hehe, been want-ing to buy some new bags since donkey of years ago. Now, its the chance for me!

Browse through the website and found a number of bags that's really appealing to my eyes. Sad thing is I CANNOT BUY THEM ALL! Arghhhh, that's the saddest thing on earth. Anyway, intro-ed this website to Miss Chew, Miss Lum and Mdm Yeo. I think they are going to slaughter me soon especially Miss Chew. She's already complaining to me that she is addicted to Online shopping! Hahhaha~ Opps, I'm so utterly sorry Miss Chew. I didn't know that shopping is addictive :P







Oh my, oh my god~ Ain't they gorgeous! But, seems like I've met my budget already . Should I buy or should I not! Help me!!! Somebody give me $$ please!!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

D.R.E.A.M comes true

Yohoo~ After so many days of chanting, my charm finally works!!!!!!! Just received a joyous news from Miss Peh that we will be receiving PDB from MOE! Yeahhh! Now, you know I'm super whopper in a good mood.

Hmmm, finally able to collate my order list from Cutie Fashion. However, more cell-killing problems lah. Wanted to ask my Mother-in-law to post the items to me from Taiwan, but she's a thrifty person and furthermore she will be coming to Singapore on the 25th June so she's most likely, I mean definitely going to tell me that she will bring the items over instead of mailing. Duh, reason = to save the postage!

Seriously speaking, it's not so fair for Miss Chew to wait so long and frankly speaking, I CAN'T WAIT TOO ! So, what I need to do is, gather people to combine the order of 30 pieces of any apparel/items from the online store. I've got 6 items on my hand, Miss Chew most likely 4, my cousin Jessica maybe 2 so that makes up 12. WE NEED 18 more!!!! Miss Chew's friend will be joining and tomorrow we'll try to psyco the teacher friends in school. Hopefully we can meet the 30 pcs target by sunday. [Because one of my item going to close on sunday :( ]

Here's my list:

內條木釦短版外套 White

質感派珍珠釦短袖蕾絲襯衫 White

玉金香小包袖亮蔥針織外套 Grey

彩色內條背+垂領T二式 Blue

捲邊二開釦海鷗素T Pink and Peach

春季氣氛印花短袖襯衫 Pink

Cutie Fashion Website

Those who are interested, please leave a comment. I will take your orders accordingly. Please make your orders by 12 May. Thanks!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Desperate for MONEY

Sigh, today Miss Chew called the Payroll Personnel from MOE in regards to the revised salary. Was told that there will be no payback since they already stated that only candidates who were recruited with effect from Sept 2006 are eligible for the revised salary.

Seriously speaking, both Miss Chew and myself already psychoed ourselves that we won't be getting that payback. However, deep inside I'm so "gian" for that miserable sum of money! I really felt like I'm being thrown into a pool of muddy water. Now, no money to buy clothes, no money to buy bags, no money to buy shoes, no money to buy accessories, no money for my hair treatments, no money for gummy candies from mini toons. Sigh, poor poor poorrrrrr~

Anyway, here's a joke to share :

Joke #1-
There were these 4 guys, a Russian, a German, an American and a French, who found this small genie bottle. When they rubbed the bottle, a genie appeared. Thankful that the 4 guys had released him out of the bottle,

He said, 'Next to you all are 4 swimming pools, I will give each of you a wish. When you run towards the pool and jump, you shout what you want the pool of Water to become, then your wish will come true.'

The French wanted to start. He ran towards the pool, jumped and shouted "WINE".
The pool immediately changed into a pool of wine. The frenchman was so happy swimming and drinking from the pool.

Next is the Russian's turn, he did the same and shouted, 'VODKA' and immersed himself into a pool of vodka.

The German was next and he jumped and shouted, 'BEER'. He was so contented with his beer pool.

The last is the American. He was running towards the pool when suddenly he steps on a banana peel. He slipped towards the pool and shouted, 'SHIT!!!!!!!.........'

Moral of the story: Think twice before you act. Accident do occurs.

Ha Ha Ha *Ticked my armpit and laugh* So funny =-=
BTW, something's kuku with Friendster. I've got new friend requests and I accepted it but it became REJECTED!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Retail Therapy in D.E.S.P.E.R.A.T.I.O.N

I'm so desperate to commit some RETAIL THERAPY!!!! It's like spinning non-stop in my head and I can't stop my fingers from typing these " http://auctions.yahoo.com.tw/XXXXXXX". MANNNNNN~ I want to buy clothes leh but I aint got any more cash to spare :(

It's making me so demoralized. It's making me depressed. It's making me sad. It's making me wanna burst out scolding "FCUK". It's making me wanna cry. It's making me wanna blow my top. It's making me wanna rob a bank. It's making me crazy. It's making me getting very annoyed. It's making me muttering ridiculous stuffs. It's definitely making me giddy.

I really hope I do get the payback from Sept 2006 till May 2007 from MOE. I am so desperately in need of money now. Even $100 can make me blink with tears! Now, you know I am so damn broke right. After spending most of my life-time savings on my house + renovations + Electricals + Furnishings, I am utterly broke. Broke till the wits. Hubby also broke cause WE SPENT 95% OF OUR LIFE-TIME SAVINGS ON OUR HOUSE!

財神爺阿~ 請給我一些些橫財運吧! 請讓我中一點馬票,多多博採吧!!! 拜託~~~~

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Totally Hooked on these

Well, my auction-crazy-shopping habits is once invading into my brain cells again. Popped into JoYcE ShOp 2 days ago but couldn't find any apparels that catches my eyes. BTW, seems like their cost have increased abit, used to be quite cheap but now more of like retail-shop pricing. Anyway, besides JoYcE ShOp, I used to frequent this auction named 貝思Blythe Zoo but this auction doesn't accept concealed cash and don't even mail it to overseas buyers. DAMN IT!

You guys must be thinking then HOW DO I MANAGED TO BUY IT LAST TIME RIGHT! Exactly, I'm like cracking my memory brain storage box and ohhhh~ used to have Fang Hsin to helped me with it cause she's always going to and fro from taiwan, its quite convenient for her to pay and grab the items for me. Haven't been contacting her since she enrolled into NIE, so yahhh I don't know who to look for now. Hubby was suggesting Tommy since Tommy is staying in Taiwan, but not sure if it's mafan and btw, Tommy my brother-in-law is broke at the moment, so he wont be able to pay for me lahhhhh. I CAN SEND HIM CONCEALED CASH!

Aiyah, don't know leh. I'm like crazy now! Pui Pui Pui, why don't accept concealed cash, why dont send overseas!!! Pui Pui Pui~ 她有她的難言之隱 我就真的頭大啦~~~~~ 拜託~ 幫幫我麻