Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I have been getting lazy lately. Haven't been doing much cooking/baking, although I just cooked some Fried Tom Yum Mee hoon last night. After the cooking it was already near to 12am, was so tired that I did not take any pictures.

Having just come back from a short getaway, I'm yearning for another holidays! I think that's human nature, never get enough of good things! Was thinking of how to celebrate our 2nd year Wedding Anniversary and thought, maybe we can go to Tai Chung. Prince Charming and I planned to visit different part of Taiwan on each of our Wedding Anniversary! ;)

I totally enjoyed my Hualien trip last year and love the minsu to core. Was searching for some minsu in Tai Chung and came across 若茵農場. Looks really beautiful! I've told Prince Charming about this place and he agreed that we could plan the next trip there!

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Sunday, March 15, 2009


Meet my new friends, Dollcena Chicken Little and Dollcena Nut Mania A!
I arranged a Pinic for the both of them and I could see they enjoyed it ;)

A picnic fulled of sweet treats. Both girls had lots of fun!

This is Dollcena Nut Manic A.
She 's a very danity girl who has very good table manners :)

This is Dollcena Chicken Little.
She's a smart girl who likes Chicken Little so much she's dressing up like him ;)

Monday, March 09, 2009

A short getaway to Kuala Lumpur

Prince Charming and I went for a short getaway to Kuala Lumpur last week. It was an impulse trip because I got so tired from my work and needed a break badly! I just need to get out of Singapore and relax. All thanks to Air Asia's $5 air tickets that we get to travel without worrying ;)

The weather in KL was really hot and both Prince Charming and I get headaches while walking around. It was horrible because we wanted to shop longer but got really sick with our headaches! Arghhh... nevertheless we did spent a humble amount of time eating and shopping :)

We stayed at Hotel Maya which is just about 5-7 min walking distance from the famous KLCC Twin Towers. The hotel is really nice and cozy, not forgetting the pretty interior that they have.
I love their breakfast buffet where you get to eat nice pastries but a pity we did not capture them on camera :( The hotel also provides free shuttle service to Chinatown - awesome right?

We had our lunch before setting off
Air Asia doesn't provide food unless you purchase them on board

We took the risk of taking a coach from KL LCCT to KL Sentral
9RM for a single trip - took about 60 mins to reach

Our Deluxe suite @ Hotel Maya

An area in our room. You can see the night view via the full panels

"Mini" living room

The changing area and Bath room

The big Bath tub! Wohooooo....

We had dinner at the bistro called NZ near our hotel
Prince Charming had Nasi Bryani Ayam

I had Nasi Lemak.
I think the chilli is not spicy enough but it was pretty good

Prince Charming ordered Lime Juice while I had Calamasi

Prince Charming wanted to have a try at the Satay so we ordered 10 of them.
They were a tad fatty for me so I don't like them >.<

KLCC Twin Towers

The Breakfast Buffet - Yogurt Counter

What we ate for Breakfast ;)

We took many many pictures and I think it'll explode this page if I'm going to post all of them up. If you like to take a look at them, you may see them here.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Yohoo..It's CURRY Time

Oracle has finally ended for this month so it's time for my kitchen again! Haven't been baking recently but I'll definitely find a day to go through my "To-Do" list and decides on what to bake. Oh well, let's just cross my fingers that I can have more time to spend with my cute oven ;)

I cooked up a big pot of curry yesterday and not kidding, it's my first time cooking Chinese style curry. I have never thought of doing it in the past probably because my mum makes really good curry and I don't see the need to do it myself. Additionally, it is very hard to gauge the amount to cook for just Prince Charming and myself.

The crave of cooking my first pot of Curry got so strong, I decided to hold a Curry session with my buddies. All thanks to the convenience packaging, I don't have to go all the way down to the Wet market to get Uncle Muthu to prepare the curry spices. I got myself a packet of Curry powder from NTUC Fairprice and also a bunch of Lemon grass. All I need for this curry session would be potatoes, coconut milk, onions and Chicken joints - That's easy since NTUC has almost EVERYTHING that you need.

All in all, the Curry session was really fun! Prince Charming enjoyed the curry as much as I do so I thought maybe it's not an entire bad idea to prepare a big pot of curry for just the 2 of us in future :P I really love the taste when dipping those french loaves into the curry. Yummy Delicious!

I got myself this chalk board from IKEA and really love it to core!
It's just so fun scribbling all around on the board.

Now you know what type of curry I'm whipping up?

First time pounding ingredients, sort of fun!

Close up of the Curry

French loaf against the view in front of my block.
These bread were sponsored by Qi! Thanks girl ;)