Thursday, October 22, 2015

Rilakkuma Pull apart bread

It's been a long time since I attempted bread making. I am a bread person and making good, tasty and fluffy bread is an art which I think is really hard to pursue and master. Even having lessons could not yield me the kind of soft fluffy breads that we get from local bakeries.

The breads that I used to baked are usually good on the day itself but they turned really heavy the next day which is something I am not looking forward to. Another reason to why I am not into bread making is because Baby Kwok #1 and Prince Charming hated breads so much that it just turns them off LOL! No idea why but I guess its because they dislike the constant chewing.

Recently, there was this huge craze over Japanese pull-apart breads where the bakers attempted to convert these breads into really cute and interesting characters. I super love the ones for Totoro and happen to come across 2 floggers who did Rilakkuma version.

I went to my usual Youtube subscriptions and tried my luck searching for a good fluffy rolls recipe. Happened to view the video by Bakingwithmi who shared her dinner rolls recipe and I decided to create my own pull-apart bread with her recipe.

Like I mentioned above, the breads were good on the day itself. I swear they were so soft and good but when I tried them the next day, they became really heavy :( Sigh.. When will I be able to get really good fluffy bread that can stay soft for 2 days at least? If you have a foolproof recipe, please share with me!

Here's my own Rilakkuma pull apart bread :)
I took the tip from Bento days by baking these rolls in a chiffon pan.
 Gracious me forgotten to greased the pan and the bread were stuck terribly :/

If you are interested to try Bakingwithmi's dinner roll recipe, please hop over to her channel in youtube :)