Monday, March 11, 2013

Hello Hello!!!

Can't believe it's another long hiatus from me :(
Haven't been blogging since I've been really busy.

It has been a challenging year for me in 2012 I have to say.
Now that it's 2013, guess I really need to re-cap what has happen in 2012 and what has been coming up in 2013 :)

Oct 2012

  1. Left my previous company where I've sloughed hard like a buffalo for 2 years
  2. Suffered from bloated-ness for a whole month and was suspecting something serious :(
  3. Sold my 4-rm and upgraded to EA
Nov 2012
  1. Joined my current company and really loving it :) Met nice colleagues and have a great boss who appreicates and understand my needs for Work-Life balance as she understands that I'm a mother and needs to be there for Baby Kwok
  2. Found out about my pregnancy only after a month into the job! The bloated-ness was one of the pregnancy symptoms :P
Dec 2012
  1. Travelled to Scotland for business trip with Prince Charming and little bun in my oven ;)
  2. First separation from Baby Kwok for 2 weeks and  was so upset that I cried EVERYDAY
Jan 2013
  1.  HDB completion done for the selling of my 4rm and moving out from our 1st home and back to my parents place
Feb 2013
  1. Went back to Taipei with Prince Charming, Baby Kwok and little bun bun in my oven for CNY
  2. Had my 2nd trimester screening and knowing the gender of little bun bun! We're having a princess for #2!
Mar 2013
  1. HDB completion for the purchase of my EA!!! Yay!
  2. Went for tiles selection and had the flooring measurement done for our parquet :)
 I have to say 2012 was challenging with me facing with a new job and having to know about my pregnancy. 2013 has been good so far and I'm sure it will be even better upon the arriving of my #2 in July! We're be a family of 4 soon! Yipeeee~