Sunday, December 20, 2009

Konnichiwa! An All Japanese meal

My company organized a Team building program where they hired a chef to teach us how to do sushi the other day. Although I sort of know how to roll a sushi but Prince Charming always fuss with the vinegar taste of my Sushi rice. He finds it not "sourish" enough and hopes that I can make some for him to try since he knew that I enjoyed myself during the Sushi session in the office.

Oh well, how can I reject him? I've not been cooking/baking much stuffs recently and since Sushi isn't something that will take up the whole day, I beam with joy and told him that we'll have a All Japanese meal! I decided to add in Japanese Potatoes Croquette and Chawanmushi (Japanese Steam Egg). With this packet of Spicy Garlic Tori Karaage lying in my freezer, I decided to use it up since it's going to expire in 1 month's time.

Here's our Japanese Cuisine feast! Itadakimasu!

I was so full up from the meal and oh, I added cheese in the Croquettes. Yummmmmyyy!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas is coming!

I baked cookies for Christmas last year as a give-away for my friends and my neighbors' kids.
Was wondering if I should bake them again this year or should I attempt to try something easier?

One of the kids asked me about the cookies the other day and she hopes to receive them again cause she likes the buttery taste. OMG.. does that indicate that I have to bake cookies and frost them again?!?!! I guess I probably need to get myself an assistant (exception of my Prince Charming cause he CANNOT cook/bake and he'll probably throw me with 100 questions about this and that.. LOL!)

It's finally FRIDAY! TGIF TGIF TGIF! Apparently, I'm feeling so lazy and sleepy in the office.
Just couldn't make myself more awake *Yawns* I blame the weather!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Catch me if you can! ;)

This is what I captured on video last night :)
I can see it quite clearly but maybe because Little Kwok is inside me and we are very well connected so that's why I know when's the exact timing.
Try spotting Little Kwok's kickings/movements! ^^

Pardon for the dark image cause I took it in the dark with just 1 bedside lamp switched on and oh well this was taken by my mobile so the quality may not be that good.

I want to go....

My Sis brought my niece to Tokyo recently and wow, Disneyland looks fantastic!
If only I could be there to play with my niece!! Told Prince Charming that I would want to bring our Little Kwok to Disneyland when Little Kwok is big enough to travel (say about 6 months old?)

He said he prefer to bring Little Kwok to Disneyland when Little Kwok is slightly bigger say about 2 years old. His logic is that if we bring Little Kwok to Disneyland before 1 year old, Little Kwok might not be able to remember what we did at Disneyland. Logical? Well, I don't quite agree but he is the boss so well.. Hahaha...!

Anyway, my Sis was so nice to buy some cute stuffs for my Little Kwok. She got Little Kwok a set of Mickey's house bibs and a set of Stitch infant clothes. The Stitch's set looks so cute!!! My niece, Charlotte told me that she misses me during her Japan trip. How sweet!

I'll share some of their Japan's trip pictures :)

That's Charlotte and my Brother-in-Law at some Shrine.

That's my Sister and Charlotte at Universal Studios :)

Charlotte and Sis at Disneyland. Spot Mickey Mouse?

That's my Sweetie Pie wearing a Mickey Mouse hairband.
So CUTE!!!

Happy Family ^^

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

My Weight Gaining Journey

I'm into my 21+ weeks of pregnancy and well... I gained up to 8kg already!
My weight gain seems to rocket especially in my 2nd trimester!

I still remembered losing 1kg during my 1st trimester because of the morning sickness symptoms and now getting back on track, the scale never seems to stop there. It'll just ..... goes up almost every week! I hope that's a good thing (Hopefully my weight gain are good signs that my Little Kwok is absorbing my nutrients and is growing very well) :)

Prince Charming took pictures of my tummy almost every week, if I'm not lazy.
Sometimes I'm just too tired to do anything that's why. I seriously need to be more hardworking to blog more about my life and pregnancy here.

Just some photos to share my joy ;)

If you notice, my tummy seems to balloon from 17 weeks onwards.
The difference is quite obvious :D

AND wait! My hair does'nt seems to grow!