Sunday, December 31, 2006

Shop Shop Shop

Me and Hubby went down to Wisma for collection of Hubby's ring from Gold Heart. The ring was supposed to be ready for collection on 7th of January 2007 , so both of us were quite happy that it can be collected earlier. Heh! Gorgeous ring!

Walked around Wisma and , as usual popped into Topshop and Topman. Both are having Sales of up to 50% so 不看白不看~ :P Browse through the ladies collection and grabbed a few clothings that caught my attention. Tried and decided to buy them all! Yesh, ALL! Hohoho~ all of them are for 50% discount so it's quite cheap, plus I can't really control myself ! >.<

After the splurge at Topshop, we headed to W.H at Takashimaya. Dear Dear needed some T-shirts~ He seems to be always running out of Tees. LOL! I guessed like girls, guys occasionally pamper themselves with new apparels too. Hehe~ Anyway, I really love the 2 Tees that Dear Dear bought! Nice!!!
My Grabs:

Shorts from Topshop

Bought a different color (Pink!)

A similar design to my Tee
( Mine's with miniature skull heads instead of Stripes)

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Engrossed with Lingeries

Recently, I have been engrossed in purchasing new lingeries. After the trip down to Victoria's Secret sales at Overseas Union House, I am like hooked onto it! Oh gosh~ Had been eyeing on various designs in Shopping malls but gotta save up then.

Anyway, I went down for another round of Victoria's Secret sales AGAIN! Hahaha~ This time with my sister cause she wanted to grab some lingeries too. Kind of disappointed when we reached there cause there were'nt alot of designs and many were those super thin layered kinds. Very sexy lah in other words! Hahah~ But we stil managed to got 2 which we like, so quite okay with the trip. I also got myself a GAP Sleepwear~ Its pinkish in color and the material is very comfortable! Hehe~ My grab of the day!

Went to Kembangan to look for Hubby cause he's down with MC. Bought Polar Sugar rolls from Raffles Exchange for him as well as Michael, Michale's GF and Mei. Not too sure if they ate but I munched on 2 of the sugar rolls. Sinfulllllll~

After that, guessed what! I bought another 3 Sorella Bras and 2 Boyshorts panties again!!! Seeeeeeeeee!

My GAP Sleepwear!
(It's actually a Kids collection, so that means Caucasians are much taller than Asians)

The Fat Lady Fei

Well, remember my last post which I told everybody about my childhood days of being fat?
I even uploaded a picture of me when I'm 8 years old. Tried finding pictures of me during Secondary school days but to no avail.

Maybe I'm lucky! Using Hubby's PC at the moment and was browsing through his photo collections that were stored in his D: and happened to saw this very farmilar fat lady picture. Hahaha~ Yes! It's me when I was in Seconday 1. Thats the picture that I took when I was just enrolled into St Joseph's Convent . That particular picture was used for our Library card and the Old Bus Pass where Concession Stamps, I meant real stamps were being used.

Hell Fat man~ It just reminds me of 肥貓! I think somebody said I looked like 肥貓 and some even said I looked like Garfield during my Secondary school days. Can't remember who said that but who cares anyway. For those who have no idea who's or what is 肥貓, I shall do the introduction. During my secondary school days, there's this popular HK serial called "肥貓正傳" and obviously, 肥貓 is the 主人翁.

Anyway, seeing my old pictures just re-captured all those good memories back~ It's a wonderful feeling.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


I had the most memorial and fun Christmas this year. I ain't sure if its the crowds that created the sensation or was it just me? But frankly speaking, all my 姐妹 conversed that they really enjoyed the Christmas celebration this year especially.

I think Hui fang added some sparks to our Christmas. She's been in Aussie for a total of 8 years without paying us a visit in Singapore ( okay, that's a bit unforgivable but gotta forgive still since she's all alone in a foreign land and moreover juggling with her studies). Really cool to see her back in Singapore and joining in the fun. It just looks like we're back to the good old secondary days. Simply fabulous!

Anyway, dinner was considered not bad since we are having International Buffet at Hotel Phoenix. I guessed everyone was bloated up at the end of the dinner and next Party time! Peiling booked a room in Hotel Phoenix, so all of us dashed up into her room for our exciting Gifts exchange programs. Was cool cause Yi and Fen bought 3 lucky draw prizes this year, meaning we'll each get a chance to earn 2 prezzies! Hohoho~

BUT, both me and Hubby got no luck then. Angela, our god-daughter was the luckiest! She got herself the Luck Draw prezzie that Yi and Fen had specially selected. I mean, you need the luck to be drawn, so that makes it the wonder of being the lucky one then.

Woooo~ Btw, did I mentioned that both me and Hubby went for a Christmas Chalet too! Was with FS Jehanne and Ah seng and some of Hubby's secondary buddies. We ate a lot through out the 5 days 4 nights stay. I being the chef was tired to bit too! Been cooking non-stop for 3 days and okay, I ate non-stop too! Oh man~ now its finally time to start my 地獄式減肥計畫! Booooooooooooooooooooo!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Something to share with you all :)
The words were from an E-card which my Hubby gave me on our 1st Valentine's day.
Heh~ Touching neh! I love this E-card and the words. I truly agree with what it reflects.












This is the E-card that I will always treasure

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Color Selections

As my previous post goes, me and Hubby had already decided on the color of our Bed Frame and Divan and it happen to be in Plum color. Hohoho~ Its actually a very sexy purple color with Suede textures!

I've got myself done up with a color Platte for matching purposes. So, which color suits my Plum color Bed frame the most ? Hmmmmmmmm~ more things to circulate about again. I personally prefers the pink-red range but Hubby likes the Brown range. Well, gotta start to brain storm about it!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Your days of counting sheeps will be over

Me and Hubby went over to Serta Sleeping Center at Marina Square today!
We finally decided on Serta Mattresses cause they are well-known in the world (3rd ranking in the world) and they are having very attractive promotions. Besides that, Serta Bed frames designs are way much nicer than the other brands.

We had even choosen the color of our Bed Frame and Divans. Heh~ Typical Singaporeans.
Both me and Hubby will be having the Serta Elegance Series , while 郭媽媽 aka my Mother-In-Law will be taking the Serta Georgia Series. Both series are so comfortable and thats why as the topic revealed " Your Days of Counting Sheeps will be OVER!"

The promotion package is really tempting! Upon purchases of Selected Serta Mattresses, they will be giving away 2 Latex Pillows, 2 Fibre Pillows, 1 Queen Size Protector and 1 Bed Lounge! We've got 2 sets of mattresses and that means we'll be getting 4 Latex Pillows, 4 Fibre Pillows, 2 Protector and 2 Bed Lounges! Oh, plus 2 Serta Sheeps! Mehhhhhhh~

Now, I am so gan jiong about moving into my new residence, so gan jiong to lie on our Serta Mattress with my Hubby, so gan jiong to bake cakes cookies pastries and cook nice delicious dishes in my kitchen, so gan jiong to lie lazily on our sofa watching DVDs or playing WII Nintendo, so gan jiong to read magazines in my Relax@Corner in our study room, so gan jiong about everything!!!! Wohohohoh!

Serta Elegance

My 1st Burberry

Hehehe~ Just gotten my 1st Burberry in my life!
It was a Christmas gift from Hubby to me neh~ 有點不好意思內!
Because it's quite expensive and we both should be thrifty now since our house will be ready for collection in another 2 months time. Thats means more more more stuffs to buy!

Hubby said that it's the 1st branded that he 送給我~ So he asked me not to 擔心 about the BlinkBlink part. Burberry's having a 20 - 70% discount now , so its quite 划算 to buy it.
Anyway, the 50-70% is only applicable at The Paragon outlet. The one at Takashimaya is only valid for 20-30% discount, plus The Paragon got more designs and colors. Should have visited The Paragon!

To my Dearest Hubby:
Thank you for the wonderful wallet. It's so expensive! I'll promise you that I will use it for at least 10 years! Heee~ 很愛很愛你!

Click here to see my wallet!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Love Never End

聽這首歌時,唯一浮現在腦子裡的就是我的郭先生 aka Hubby Kuo!

I'm not trying to be mushy. That's the truth from the deepest of my heart.
我愛你沒有理由,愛你就是愛你 :)
謝謝你給我世界上最美好的幸福~ 我會努力做個溫柔體貼的好老婆!

You know how I feel about you
You know how much I need you
When you're looking at me baby
I know you're the one I need

You know how I feel about you
You know how much I need you
When you're walking to me baby oh yeah
I know I'm falling love with you

And now that I'm here for you
I'll never let you go
You'll always be the one for me
Oh and I
I just want to tell you I love you
No one can love you like I do
Oh and I
I just want to have you my baby
Your love, your soul, belongs to me

Friday, December 15, 2006

Saving for Rainy days 未雨綢繆

Alright, as the topic revealed, I need to save up for rainy days.
I was so happy about getting my bonus that I forgotten about a very important item that I need to buy and that item actually cost me around $1000. Yes, thats like half of my salary and not to mention other major expenses of mine, for e.g: Insurance, Handphone bills.

Arghh, that's the part I detest the most when I see my *Blink Blink* gone within seconds. Also, I am giving my parents allowances. 畢竟他們是我的父母,照顧他們是我一定要做的責任,當然給她們一點零用錢也是應該的, provided I have 2 brothers who are still studying. One's going to NS but will be preparing to admit into a local university in 2 years time , another going to take his O' Level Examination next year. That would means that my parents burden would be heavier because university school fees can be quite a heavy load and moreover, both my parents plus me and my sister predicted that my younger brother will definitely be going to a local polytechnic instead of a Junior college, well that means another pile of *Blink Blink* needed since 3 years of polytechnic schooling would need a rough gauge of $7000.

Seee! That's alot of expenses for my whole family!!! No wonder my daddy always remind all of us to save up and my mummy always nagged at us for buying redundant items. Now, I get it. Morever, both me and my sister will be getting married next year, in other words, we will have a family of our own. That means, we have to take care of our own Household expenses real soon. Yesterday I was flipping on bed thinking about the future household expenses of Hubby and mine. I don't know why, I was abit freaked out. I am kind of scared about not able to handle them well. I told my mummy and she said that it's very normal for me to think about this issue. She said according to both me and hubby current payroll, we will be able to handle our household expenses, provided we don't fancy ourselves with good treats everyday. No abalones, Sharks fin in the future! Haha ~

Well, next time I will teach my children to 未雨綢繆 and not to buy redundant things! Hopefully, I won't too :P

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Counting down

Received a letter from HDB yesterday in regards to our new flat. As stated in the letter, our flat had been approved and we are now ready to collect our keys on the 2nd appointment. Like mentioned earlier, Hubby and me had kindly allow the sellers of the flat to extend their stay till end of February. Well, that's because the sellers have not purchased their new flat yet so they wouldn't have a place to stay in and even if they had already found their unit, they may also need some time to move out too. Being super nice people, both me and hubby nodded with grace. Actually, we ain't really willing but we don't want to drive them to their wits, plus they have a baby boy too.

Anyway, that means in another 2 more months, we would be able to move into our flat! Hohoho~ But of course, there will be renovations going on for at least a month, so offically we shall be moving in say end of march or start of april next year. Yohooo!

Yesterday, me and buddy mei went to Overseas Union House for the Victoria secrets and La Senza's Lingeries sales. There's quite a fair bit of products but too messy. Mei and me still managed to grabbed some goodies. On the way home, we started discussing about our christmas program, new year eve program etc and then I don't know why, I brought up the topic of my new house. I became so excited that I think I influenced Mei! Haha~ We were saying once I got my new house, they can come over to my house every weekend for high tea sessions. I even told her that she can feel free to come and bake cakes with me since I will have my very own kitchen plus built in oven. Hohoho~ Getting so excited about it!

Hopefully, everything runs smoothly. Daddy will be real busy with the renovations because Hubby wanted to do quite alot of changes to the current design of the house. For me, I want to hack off all the kitchen cabinets and install nicer ones, get my Walk-In-Wardrobe nicely done and my Kitchen appliances all beautifully organised. Heee~ 期待-ing!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

我 喜 歡 抱 著 你

Something to ponder about. Hmmmm....

熱戀的時候, 男人抱著女人睡, 女人說:
「你抱得我太緊了, 很熱啊! 我快要窒息了。」

男人笑著說: 「 我喜歡抱著你, 否則我睡不著。」

當他們成為夫妻以後, 有一天, 女人投訴 :
「你晚上睡覺都沒抱著我, 這和我一個人睡有甚麼分別? 」

男人懶洋洋地說 :
「晚上抱著人, 我怎麼睡覺? 抱在一起, 大家都睡得不好。難道你不覺得嘛?」

當天, 男人會突然在鬧市中把女人抱起, 走長長的一段路, 女 人笑說 :
「你瘋了嘛? 快把我放下來, 讓人看到不好。」

男人說 :「怕甚麼? 我喜歡抱著你。」

若干年以後, 女人在鬧市中向男人撒嬌 :「抱我!」

男人說 :「你瘋了嘛?」

當天, 女人跟男人說 : 「抱我!」

男人乖乖彎腰, 把女人抱到床上。 若干年以後, 女人跟男人說 : 「抱我上床!」

男人沒好氣地說 : 「你自己不會上床的嘛?」

當天, 男人向女人許諾 :
「即使你將來變成一個大肥婆, 我也要天天抱你, 你變成老婆婆, 我也要繼續抱你。」

若干年之後, 女人胖了, 老了, 要男人抱, 男人沒好氣地說 :「你年紀還小嘛?」

很難相信, 當天抱你和若干年之後不抱你的, 竟然是同一個男人。

Monday, December 11, 2006

Shopping makes a Happy Mrs Kuo

Christmas is a season of giving and a season of SHOPPING! Everywhere I walked, I saw so many wonderful apparels and I felt so tempted to buy them! Well, that's one bad thing about being women. The happiest moments of a women always happen when she is doing her shopping.

Hohoho, okay that's one thing bad about christmas. The itch of shopping is always there. Oh my oh my~ How! Had been controlling myself so badly that I haven't been visting town area since the day my school holidays started. Erm, not entirely the start maybe says around 2 weeks? Anyway, really wanted to buy some apparels for myself and my hubby! Going to buy my Hubby his Christmas present soon! Heh~ Shall keep in suspense of what I am going to get for him (Because he reads the blog too). Getting myself a present toooo!

Well, just checked my payslip and gotten a surprise! My bonus!!! My baby bonus is here for me!!!!!! Hohohoh~ BUT well, can't use them though. Got to save them up for our new house - Renovations, Furniture and Electrical. Anyway, the sum of money ain't sufficient to get the stuffs needed for our new house too. How I wish my bonus would be 10 times the amount I'm getting now! *Day Dreaming as usual*

Shortlisted a few items from JoYcE ShOp. Still in dilemma if I should get them. One thing bad about buying stuffs overseas would be the Currency exchange rate as well as the shipping durations. Hmmm, brain storming now! Hah!

Friday, December 08, 2006


My mummy had been nagging at me for skipping my dinner recently. I had told her umpteen times that I am going through the toughest part of my schedule - Dieting. She refused to take that into consideration and complaint that I am too skinny and shouldn't 減肥. Yah, to my mummy, I AM NEVER FAT.

My mummy never like the idea of 減肥. She always says that I am too paranoid about my figure which , okay I ADMIT! Well, to me maintaining my figure is really what I enjoy doing. Having your figure keep in shape means, you will be more confident in your overall image, you can squeeze into the XS size of a top and typically bumped into a S size of a bottom. I enjoy all that! But my hip always lie! I belong to the typical Asian figure 梨子身材, which means my lower part of my body tend to be way bigger. Okay, I've got no bum but my hip bones are far too wide. Twice I went for body checkup, the doctors would comment that I had big hip bones and they always repeat the same thing " When you give birth, sure be an easy job". I don't know how true that would be but then having big hips ain't very nice actually.

Secondly, I hate my thighs. They are thunder thighs! I am now trying very very hard to slim my thighs and hopefully all those 抬腳動作 helps. Frankly speaking, all my 姐妹 and secondary classmates really know how I was during those secondary amature days. Big fat thighs, big fat waist, big fat arms, big fat legs, big fat face! You know, I love my seconday school days minus the fat part. Since primary school, I don't really fancy Chinese New Year as much as the other kids do. Simply because, everytime when my parents and aunties bought both me and my sis out for new clothes hunting, I WILL DEFINITELY BE HURT! Those stall owners are all in the same group because they always says the same thing " Ah, this girl ar, don't have her size leh" or "Wah, your 妹妹 very 大只 hor" or " I think you get adult cutting for your daughter lah" and the hatest part is , they always says I looked more like the elder sister compared to my sister, meaning I AM TOO BIG SIZE TO BE A 妹妹!

I'm a regular member of the TAF Club from Primary 3 up to the end of my secondary school days. Sad isn't it. Nobody likes to be called "Fatty" but thats my nickname at home. Sigh. My sister had been calling me that since primary school and it's now a habit which is hard to changed. My younger brothers took her share and called me that when I disabled the wireless connection at home. Boooooooooooooooo!

My sister had been asking me to stop dieting because she says that its worrying my mum. My mum doesnt want me to look skinny cause she says I won't look nice on my gown. Well, I will 聽媽媽的話 lah, by not skipping dinner but not taking rice! Hohoho! That's better than not eating right. Hohoho!

That's me during my Primary school days ( Primary 2 in exact)
PS: My Mummy and Daddy says I look whopper cute in this picture .

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Nono~ Not Shotgun !

Recently, I had been preempt-ing my fellow Poly friends, Colleagues and my Close Friends from YVIP about my Wedding Banquet in July next year. Everyone were whopper happy for me but then, there were some who acutally asked if I'm pregnant or what.

What the?! I mean IF I'm pregnant now and having my wedding banquet next July would be too ridiculous. Imagine having a big tummy and wearing that tube wedding gown. I bet many of them got the same mentality, so cant blame them also. Self admitted that getting married in my early 20s is truly young but to me, I felt that I am just at the right age for marriage. My cousin who's in her early 20s is already a mother of 2 and shocking part , she's 1 year younger than me! Getting married at a young age doesn't always mean that it will be a Shotgun marriage.

Anyway, I will not blame or shout at anyone who think that mine will be a shotgun marriage. My tummy and figure shall prove all of you wrong! Muahahaha *Evil smile* Right now, I am trying very hard to slim another 0.5 inches off my fatty waist! Reason being, I piled 0.5 inches on my waist 1 week ago and now I need to get rid of them BADLY and DESPERATELY! Please do not throw banana skins or scold vulguarites at me, I am a paranoid person only when it comes to my weight and measurements. Hopefully, the christmas feasting wouldnt create much effects on my figure and I truly wished that the christmas feasting will make me even more slimmer! * Day Dreaming*

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Christmas Planning

The long awaited Christmas is finally approaching in 19 more days!
Getting so excited about it ~ Heh!
This year's Christmas would be a busy one for me and Hubby Kuo. Got a Christmas Chalet and a Christmas Dinner gathering. 呼~ though its only 2 at the moment, planning wise can be tedious!

Now, Christmas Dinner gathering is our usual yearly event where my bunches of 姐妹 like Peiyi, Peifen, Angela, Huimei and Qiqi will meet out with our close friends like Mrs Tan, Stacy and all for a jovial dinner. It's kind of like a mini-class gathering. This year, we gonna feast ourselves with Christmas buffet dinner from Hotel Phoenix! Hohoho~ Truly delicioussss!!!!

Christmas Chalet would be with Hubby Kuo's buddies like FS, Seng ,Vincent and rest. It's going to be a 4 days 3 nights chalet at People Association's Apartments. We will be preparing the foodies oursleves and yaaaa I AM THE CHEF! Hahahhhahah! They already got the menu done up, so I need not cracked my brain cells anymore! Heh :P

There will be Gift exchanging program for the 2 events! That's always the most exciting part of the day! Christmas is always full of surprises and joy! Now, one thing to worry about
*Drumssss* PUTTING ON WEIGHT. Oh mannnnnnnnnnnnnn! *Cry out LOUD*

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Boring School Holidays

Humans are all contradicting creatures!
Yes, I am one of a kind of a super whopper human who is in contradictions.
Before the school holidays came, I was praying so hard that how I wish the school holidays would come faster. Here comes the Holidays and now, I am bored to wits.

Sigh, confused human beings.

Staying at home and doing nothing much really sucks. My daily routine since 29th November are exact carbon copy everyday. Woke up @ 720am and give morning call to Hubby Kuo, Brushed my teeth and washed myself up, Had my breakfast, Watched TV (Cartoon Network, TVBS Asia), Surf the web, MSN-ing and Sleep. That's it, no changes currently.

It truly make my boring days even more dull. Hubby Kuo's at work so ain't free to go shopping with me and I don't want him to shop with me after his work cause that would be too tiring for him, since he needs to report work daily and on the other hand, I don't have to. It would definitely be too unfair for him although I know he really hope he could bring me out everyday.

Also, all my 姐妹 and close friends are either going through their Final year projects or slogging themselves in piles of works. They envied me for my school holidays without reporting to work, wherelse I wished I could work so that I can pass my time faster plus earn extra bucks.

Sigh to the infinity. Anyway, dilemma if I should buy that retro Topshop dress. It's in my favourite green and its so fitting! I hope the collar would be looser cause I can wear as an off-shoulder but I doubt so. Should I Buy? Spurge again!!!

Christmas Shopping Spree

Went Vivo City with Hubby Kuo yesterday, yes a MONDAY!
Hoho~ we had that mentality that it wouldn't be crowded on weekdays but seems like we're half right only. Vivo City is still bursting with crowds, just that it ain't so much compared to Weekends. What's going on? Why is everyone going to Vivo City?
迷之聲: Excuse me madam, ain't you going Vivo City too?

Anyway, Hubby Kuo needed to get his long sleeve shirt badly and desperately. Hah, for his D&D and he gotta match the party's theme of Shanghai night. Hmmm, quite an easy theme though =X Well, we went to Topshop/Topman since Hubby Kuo had already shortlisted the shirt from there. I browse through the apparels and realised that the trend seems to be going into GLAMOROUS! Oh my, Warehouse, Mango, BeBe are all in such trend and I don't really like it that much. But then , I managed to grab a piece of shorties, hee 千島紋 shorties which I really love it so much! Hubby Kuo got himself not only a shirt but a bow tie too! Hah!

Went Pull and Bear too. It's pronounced as "Paul and Bear" but no idea why everyone is calling it "PULL". Hmm, checked with my ang-moh friends and was told that we had the habit of reading what we know at that exact moment. For instance, when I was young, I used to pronouce Carrefour as "Care-re-four". My english teacher taught me to read in syllabus and I'm doing that without knowning that some words got to be read in another way. So, it took me 2 years to realised that Carrefour ain't read that way. Hahaha, Hilarous! That reminds me of incident when I was in JB with my buddies. We wanted to munched on A&W so badly that we hopped onto a taxi and asked the uncle to bring us to Carrefour Malaysia. The uncle went " WHAT?" and his face showed question mark, so we told him we want to go A&W and he went " Oh, you want to go CA-Li-Four is it?". Okay, so thats the different way people pronounce.

Alright, back to topic. Went Pull and Bear , realised that their collection still the same, was abit disappointed but flipped through some Tees and found a tube top and a Princess puff top really awesome. Bought it straight away! Got a Tee for Hubby Kuo too!!! Hoho~ Yesterday was indeed a happy day for the 2 of us! *Beaming with Joy*

Now, one last thing. BOOTS! I wanted to get myself a boots badly! BUT, seems like most of them comes in leathery finished with heels. I don't like that :( Saw this boots online and thought it look cute. Hubby Kuo said it looked Okay only, AS USUAL!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Spurge Spurge Spurge

Yesterday was a "Spurgy day" for me!
I spent a near to $160 on cosmetics!!!!!
Can you believe that~

Aright, Franky speaking, it was the spurge of my life on cosmetics.
Never in my life that I spent so much on non-apparel items.
Admitted that I spent quite alot on apparels and most of them goes to my Levis denim jeans or Motto Skinny jeans. But I still feel heart ached when I swipe my card for the items I purchased within 15 mins. Oh man Oh man~ that's like, here goes my money AGAIN!

The inital plan yesterday was to purchase a Jumper for myself, a long shirt for Hubby Kuo.
But in turn, both of us didn't managed to get any of our "supposed to buy" stuffs and instead bought something that had never came across my mind. Phucks! Okay, I am not a very minded person! Should have controlled myself!!! Arghhhh

Anyway, got myself a concealer, loose powder and eye liner from Izu Cosmetics. Plus trimmed my eye brows too ! *Happy* The Loose powder was the most expensive one cosmetics that I had in my life! $61!!! Okay, no more complaining since I cannot return back the items ! Phucks!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

In the Mood for Christmas

Today me and Hubby went to Singapore Expo with FS and Jehanne.
There's a Home and Design Fair going on and also Addidas Sales. Well, didnt managed to squeeze into Addidas Sale plus both me and Hubby quite broke for this month because of a Nikon FM2. Opppppsss!

Anyway, was quite impressed with the Home and Design Fair cause they could acutally build showflats in the Expo Hall! Marvellous!!!!! There were 2 Interior company setting their Showflats in the Hall and we went in to captured some ideas from them. Amazing! Their Interior concepts were superly nice but one of them's tooooooo un-realistic lah. Probably need to be some big "Tao Keh" to own that kind of renovation.

Oh ya! Me and Hubby had just settled our Living room Furnitures with this company "The Furniture Club". Love their furnitures! Nice, Chic and affordable. Alright, it's slightly steep in price as compared to Star Furniture and IKEA but it's definitely worth the "Blink Blink", BECAUSE its custom-made furniture! Hohoho! They had a few outlets and the one nearest to NEL will be at Liang Court.

We went down to City hall too! The Christmas ambience is really there! I am soooooooo in the Mood for Christmas! Hohoho~ Counting down now! Heee~

Friday, November 24, 2006


Received an email from Sister Emily and found that its really touching and 感觸良多~
Hope to share it with all of you and I hope that all my 姐妹 will find their 幸福 :)


其實他有的是時間,只是不肯花在她身上罷了。 大學時代,他總是忙著唸書和社團,好不容易等到寒暑假,他又忙著打工賺錢。那時他家中經濟拮据,唸書和打工是為了獎學金和賺學費。 這些都是事實,也是當理由,她覺得自己應該做個體貼的女友,所以也不強求他花時間在她身上,甚至盡力為他分憂解勞。

畢業後,他和幾個朋友合夥開了一間小公司,她則在出版社找了一份畫插圖的工作。 創業維艱,白手起家非常辛苦,所以她不但替他處理家務,還每天送便當和宵夜到公司給他,每次都只是聊兩句就走了,深怕耽誤他的時間。 他的同事們都誇她體貼又得體,將來必定是蚑憍d良母;她也有點沾沾自喜,認為自己的付出受到了肯定。

公司的營運終於步上常軌,照理說,他應該有空陪她了,可是他卻說 :
『我希望在三十歲以前,有自己的車子和房子,還有足夠的存款,這樣才能安心、沒負擔地結婚。 』

於是他變得更忙、更拼了,就連她送便當到公司去,也常常見不到他。 相較之下,她覺得自己像是遊手好閒。 交往五、六年了,她漸漸發覺自己總是在孤單寂寞中渡過, 每年的生日、情人節、聖誕節,都是自己一個人和電視機一起渡過。 同事們總笑說她的男友只是個「傳說」,甚至還有朋友懷疑她是否真的有男朋友。

這些日子以來,她的體貼和識大體,除了換來男性朋友們的稱讚,和 姊妹淘們的同情之外,什麼也沒有。 於是,她開始對他做出小小的「反應」,但總被他的好言相勸給抑制下來。

『今天的辛苦,是為了明天的幸福啊!』 『兩個人整天黏在一起,反而更快、更容易分手呢!』

情人節,在她萬般請求之下,他 才終於答應晚上陪她到陽明山看夜景。 她殷殷期盼了一個多星期,卻因為一通朋友要他去應酬的電話,粉碎了這個夢。 再也按捺不住這幾年來的孤單寂寞,她邊哭邊抱怨著、訴說著自己的委屈。

此話一出,她變得啞口無言。 他不肯放手,而她也還沒準備好離開,可是現狀卻毫無改善。 但是不甘願的種子已經在她心裡種下,生根發芽,等待開花結果的一天。

他有工作、有朋友、有應酬,所以他沒有空。 這些她也有,只是她長期選擇待在家裡、守著電話、等待他的來電、讓自己隨傳隨到,而推開了工作和朋友。

她不再為他送便當和宵夜,寧可窩在辦公室裡邊啃麵包邊畫插圖,或是想想新點子;她也不再每天按時打電話問候他 了,寧可和姊妹淘們喝咖啡、聊是非,或是花時間打扮自己,更添自信。
他漸漸發覺自己忙碌的生活裡,似乎少了些什麼,但! 總想不出到底少了什麼。

他想,她總算有些事情可以忙,就不會常常埋怨他沒時間陪她了...各自忙碌的生活又過了兩、三個月。 這天,他談成一筆大生意,心情 正好,想找她慶祝時,卻再度吃了閉門羹。
開會?他從來都不知道她那份悠閒的畫圖工作需要開什麼會。 原來她的插圖受到讀者歡迎,出版社打算為她出版一系列的圖畫筆記書。 又過了一個多月,他終於買了夢想中的新車。 想起和她久未見面,決定開車帶她出去兜兜風。
他再也無法忍受了。他們已經兩個多月沒有見面了,每次打電話給她,她總說沒有空,就匆匆掛上電話。 以前的她不是這樣的,這到底是怎麼回事?



『只要你有空,我隨時都有空。』 她笑著說。

現在我們的生活是處於忙碌狀態,但是你是否忘了你的另一半呢? 或許事情有輕重緩急,但是我們 將心比心來看,你是否也希望遭此對待呢? 不要將自己的另一半,總是排在最後,等到你想到之時,可能往事只能回味了?


Although it may be cruel to the guy, but I believe in a relationship, there is always this give and take factor. No matter how busy you are, I believe you ought to give out some time to your precious one. Likewise, I believe your precious one will do the same :)

Dearest Hubby Kuo, I Love You!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Wedding Cakes 喜餅

Was discussing with Jayne about wedding cakes 喜餅 just now
It happened that she is also looking for those special kinds of wedding cakes which are are different from the normal kinds of cakes that we received when relatives get married.

True enough, I've got the same thinking as her.
I want my wedding cakes to be unique and I want all my relatives, friends who receives my wedding cakes to remember it always ! 結婚是人生大事, there is the need to get everything perferct!

Last week, my parents had dinner with Hubby Kuo's Auntie in regards to our wedding.
It's like "Meet the parents" session which normally proceed when a pair of couple are intending to get married. Well, different is that, Kuo mummy couldnt make it to Singapore due to her busy schedule and it happened that Kuo auntie is in Singapore and hence, the appointment was fixed.

Kuo auntie discussed with my parents about the wedding procedures as they are not very farmilar with it. My parents aint very sure either but could brieftly tell her about the important things to take note of during the wedding ceremony. The dinner was good with everyone getting to know each other, 畢竟即將就要成為一家人了. One of the things highlighted during the dinner was about the 喜餅 aka Wedding cakes. Kuo auntie feels that it would be more easier if we could prepare the wedding cakes in Singapore rather then having the 喜餅 to be send from Taiwan to Singapore.

Mummy and Daddy's opinion is somehow the same as my parents feel that it might be too troublesome for Hubby Kuo's family. It's not like 1 or 2 boxes, it's 20-30 boxes! Well, so I had been considering about the kind of wedding cakes that I want to get. Hubby Kuo got no opinion and of course, Mrs Kuo yesh me, got the priority to make the decision! Yohooo!

I've already got 1 in mind! Tadah!

Looks so gorgeous and wonderful isnt it!
I just cant wait to get these cupcakes as my wedding cakes!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Was so busy with work recently that somehow or rather, it seems to make me kind of stressed.
Sigh~ that's part and parcels of an educationist's life. How I wish I could turn all my work into ashes! Sighhhhhh

Sometimes I wondered why I chose being an Educationist over an IT personnel.
Sometimes I think its passion, sometimes I doubt about that.
I don't know if its good or bad. I've been thinking so much about my current career.
Can I really do my part as an Educationist? Can I handle my career well?

There's this urge of having an Career switch. However, when I think of my kids in school, I just cant seems to do it. I feel happy working with my colleagues but I don't like the way my work environment operates. I love teaching my kids new stuffs but I hate it when they don't acomplish my homework that I assigned for them. I love enjoying school holidays but I detest it when I need to report work even when school holidays has already started. I cant balance myself actually.

Should I change, Should I remain?
I know its up to myself to decide. I love teaching, there's this strong passion in me towards teaching, but I hate the way my work environments operates. Dilemma Dilemma Dilemma~
Plus, 2 nice colleagues left. One left cause of working location, the other left cause of school management.

Right now, I just want to enjoy the preparation of my wedding.
So, STRESS off you go!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Wedding Banquet @ The Paramount

After so many months of discussion, Mr and Mrs Kuo had finally settled their Wedding Banquet venue at TungLok's The Paramount 百樂吉祥酒家. Wedding date had also been fixed on 1st July 2007. Initally we wanted to it to be on 7th July 2007, but due to it being a very popular date, majority of the hotels/restuarants were already booked. Hence, we decided to have our Banquet held at The Paramount.

Went over to view the venue today and was very satisfied with the surroundings. The General Manager, Sebestian is very polite and gave us alot of advises. I believe all my guests will be happy to dine there :)

At the moment, I am consolidating the guest lists! Heh!
Will need to get ready for ROM soon :D
Hee~ Can't wait for my big day to come!!!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Vivo City 怡丰城

Had muddled headly forgotten to include my post about the trip down to Vivo city again on last Friday. Sigh, that's one sad part about getting old , your brain cells gets cold too. Had been quite busy with school stuffs recently that I think I really need to get myself out from school matters.

Actually Hubby Kuo and I wanted to make our way down to IKEA on Friday. Jehanne couldnt make it that day and it's not possible for FS to complete the trip with us because its supposed to be couple thingy kind of stuff! So, they changed the whole plan by switching to visit Vivo City with Seng and Vin.

Quite happy in fact because I CAN DO SHOPPING! Sometimes retail therapy works wonder. For the here and there that I wanted to buy, retail therapy simply stop the itch of me using all my "blinks blinks". Heh~ Good way of saving :P

Went to Toys'R'us, do you spelled it that way? Alright, I am lazy to check the correct spelling via the website. Toy'R'us is so dammmmnnn big over there! I looked kind of childish over there, jumping so happily around the toys, toys and toys! Saw this big Melody cushion selling for $29.95 and wanted to buy it quite badly. After 30s of consideration, it just appeared redundant to me lah, because I dont get to use it at home, and further more I dont think I will bring it to school. Imagine the students touching on it when I'm not around in the office gives me goosebumps. I am not being freak or what but you should see how the students handle their hygience in school. I once saw this student digging his nose at this moment and the next moment, without even washing his hands, he used his bare hands, yes bare hands to pick up his drumlets and eat it instantly. I nearly puked out but alright, I AM USED TO SEEING IT IN SCHOOL!

So, it does make sense for not being huggies to school. Sometimes, I really wanted to bring just 1 cushion to school because I am quite used to having huggies back in my old office. But but but, ya you guys know :P Btw, saw this big Elmo and took a pic with it! Heh!

Vivo city dont look that big at all, wonder how come it was advertised as "way much bigger than Suntec city". Hmmm...

Me with Elmo!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Primary 1 Orientation

During the Primary 1 Orientation, I realised that many of the parents were young couples and they were very anxious about their kid's ability to adapt to the school environment. I believed thats part and parcels for parents.

Anyway, I was in charge of looking after the future kids from Primary 1 Faith. The class were good and most of them were attentive during the tour around our school. One of the kid, Alex happened to be my chinese boy, Andy 智恆 's younger brother. Hohoho~ Out of all the kids, I like Chuan Xuan the most. I don't know how to spell his name in Chinese >.< He is very obedient and has a strong sense of colors, quite different from the other kids :P

After the orientation program, Me and Hubby Kuo met up with FS and Jehanne to view 2 of the showflats in Sengkang. Both are Executive units and frankly speaking, they were MARVELLOUSLY renovated! Hoh! Stole many ideas from there :P

Went Ikea right after that and short-listed 2 items : L-Shaped Sofa and Study table.
Hopefully we'll be able to get them soon!

Thursday, November 09, 2006


PTM = Parents-Teachers-Meeting
Just had my 1st PTM yesterday and the process can only be expressed in 1 word, "TIRED".
Indeed, its the first time in my life that I realised I can talked and smiled non-stop for at least 4 hours. Yes, NON STOP.

The session started at 2pm and there weren't many parents. Hence, many of us were "shaking our legs" and having our usual chit-chats. My friends and colleagues were still laughing at me for not having a single parent(s) and I nodded happily. Who would know that I will be titled with "The Most Popular Teacher" award within 1 hour! Yes, 1 hour and the number of parents increased from 1 to 15!!!! I explained to each and individual parents about their child's development progress and how they can improve further. I believed the parents were very interested in knowing how they can help their child's improvement and they started to threw all sorts of questions for me and I had to answer them one by one. Its super tiring :S

Anyway, dinner was good but got tummy upset after that :( Nothing to do with the food, just that my stomach's not adapted to having spicy food in the late evening. Sigh, Poor me :(
Still, after dinner got to fight another round of talking and smiling. Whole session ended at 8 plus and I reached home at 930pm. Super exhausted *Yawn*

Heard from my Supervisor, Yan Seah that "End Term" PTM is considered relax as compared to the PTM during "Mid Term". Gosh, that means I have to go through this again! OH MAN! Somebody save me!!!!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

With or Without Belt

Heh~ This little cutie dress's my birthday present from Mr Kuo!
Isn't it cute :P

Well, I really like this dress so much that I had been wanting to wear it out. But I couldn't as it is too casual to be worn to school. What to do, got to wait till weekends then.

Anyway, was thinking if I should put on the belt or just wear it without any accessories. Typical vain pot question lah~ Hahah! This dress supposed to be baby doll cut, thus it should be loose worn but then, I think I look like I'm pregnant or what. So afraid that someone in the bus or MRT would just give up their seats to me man~ :S Maybe I think too much!

So, peeps out there, PLEASE kindly comment on should I wear With Belt or Without?
I think Mr Kuo going to start having those cold sweats on his forehead :P
Too bad, Mrs Kuo is always a vain pot :D

Without Belt

With Belt

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sony Ericsson Z610i Reveiw

Having used my new Z610i for 1 day, I can briefly write some reviews on it! Hohoho, no doubts about that alright? Hubby Kuo and I spent the whole night, fiddling, playing, turning, rotating our new slick phone!

To start, I shall begin with the outlook of this slick phone :)

The surface of the phone is reflective and slickly and comes with 3 different colors : Metallic Luster Black, Rose Pink and Airy Blue. The time is shown digitally on the surface of the phone. Incoming alerts from SMS, MMS and incoming calls are also shown on it.

The Camera is 2.0 Mega Pixels and had tools enabled for pictures enhancing such as White Balance, Brightness and Contrast etc. Had tried taking a few images and the quality kind of impressed the both of us. Z610i also allows the blogging of pictures directly from the phone up the the Server of Within a click, your blog will be updated with the new pictures taken. Impressive!

The specifications on Sony Ericsson's website only specified that Mp3 and AAC are supported on this phone. However, I tried uploading WMA file formats and it works too! The sound quality of this phone is simply marvellous! All thumbs up for it!

The phone comes with a 16MB built-in Memory and a Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™) support.

Key features

  • MP3/AAC/AAC+/eAAC+ support
  • Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™) support
  • 3G video calling and messaging
  • 2 megapixel camera
  • Reflective exterior surface
  • Picture blogging – take and share
  • RSS feeds – news as it happens
Okay, so far so good! Overall, Mr and Mrs Kuo are very satisified with our new phone!
*Happy and beaming with joy *

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Happy Birthday Mrs Kuo

Hohoho~ It's my Birthday today!
Well, another 1 year added to my current age, should I smile, should I frown or should I just be neutral?
Hmm, I'll stay netural then! Thinking too much about being another year older might just allow those crimply little wrinkles to pop onto my face~ Better not do that then. Haha~

Anyway, Today Mr and Mrs Kuo are offically declared as "The Sony Ericsson Z610i User".
Hehe~ Just got ourselves this slick phone from WHYMOBILE. The boss of this shop is friendly though one of his staff can be quite atttitude but then, the deals from this shop are strongly recommended! All phone sets are with NO CONTRACT attached, so for peeps who are really into changing new phone sets, this is the right place! The phones are relatively cheaper than the outside market. I am not too sure about those in Chinatowns because Mr Kuo's friend recommended Chinatown as they mentioned that the deals are very attractive.

Hehe~ As what Mr Kuo had mentioned in the previous post, he would get himself the black and for me, he'll get me the pink! I love my pinkish slick phone so much! They even had tools for you to enhance your pictures taken! Hooooooooo~ WONDERFUL!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Another Talent 歌手

After having my super late nap yesterday, Mrs Kuo woke up in the middle of the night feeling very awake! Hah~ I was super tired after a day's long at school. The moment I reached home, I jumped myself into the pool of water bathed myself and then threw myself onto the cosy bed of mine and followed by the snoozing part. LOL~ The snoozing part is purely for humour! Had a super long sleep till 11pm.

Switched on the TV and happened to be on Channel 54 (TVBS Asia), screening "娛樂新聞". They were introducing this new talent named 蔡旻佑 who was 發覺 by 台灣本土天王 Jacky 吳宗憲. I guessed 吳宗憲 did another great job after he had Jay Chou 周傑倫 into the showbiz.

蔡旻佑's only 19 at the moment, yes the tender age of 19. Btw, tomorrow's Mrs Kuo, my birthday. Don't asked me about my age. It's a typical NO question for women. I know I aint young anymore so in order not to commit any violent acts towards anyone, PLEASE do not ask for my age! 姐姐我是會打人的! :P

Anyway, about 蔡旻佑. He's got this boyish look that kind of cute. Although, I realised that some of his 發音 sounds abit funny, maybe got to do with the influence of 台語, he's still marvellous! Love his 1st solo album, especially " 我可以 ". The tunes were nice and the lyrics were fanstatic. I totally agreed with 小嫻 who named 蔡旻佑 and the lyricst 周偉傑 as the young "周傑倫 and 方文山". Cheers!


寄沒有地址的信 這樣的情緒有種距離
你放著的誰的歌曲 是怎養的心情

雨下得好安靜 是不是你偷偷在哭泣
幸福真的不容易 在你的背景有我愛你

我可以陪你去看星星 不用再多說明
我就要和你在一起 我不想又再一次和你分離

Thursday, November 02, 2006


To be happy or to be sad, its up to individual to decides.
Based on the type of scenario, human beings have the priority to characterised the moods that they prefer. For me Mrs Kuo, I feel that I can get quite emotional at times, on the other hand, Mr Kuo has a different way of handling his emotions. I guessed that's the main difference between a Female and a Male. Hah!

女人永遠都是那麼感性 :P
I used to envy people who can 忘記一切煩惱 because its not an easy task. After a night of deep thoughts, I enlightened myself with the saying "快樂是一天,不快樂也是一天" , which means " You can choose to be Happy, You can choose to be Sad". Why make your life torturing when you can choose to be Happy?

It's hard, I know. 但是, 我覺得我還是幸福的.
At least, I have a happy family and a doting Husband. Though my doting Husband, Mr Kuo can drive me up the wall at times XD, he's still always perfect to me :)
I guessed, 選擇在於自己~ 你可以選擇自暴自棄,你可以選擇開朗面對
For me, I have decided to 選擇開朗面對 :D

Btw, Wedding Banquet might be re-scheduled to Feb 2008!
黃道吉日比較重要~ So, for the best of our marriage, Mr Kuo and Mrs Kuo, yes both of us has decided to opt for the better! Heee :D

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

High quality or Low quality pictures?

Often, people judge good pictures by how sharp they are taken, how the high quality of pictures make them think that "wow! this picture is so sharp and nice!". For me, I have learnt that good pictures doesnt mean that it needs to be really sharp and noiseless. It is the composition that matters, a really sharp picture with poor composition will still remain a simple and plain picture.

Here are 2 pictures
Natural Orange      Cool Colors

Great colors isn't it? Hehe, but I've learnt(still learning!) to take nice pictures even with noise and lack of sharpness. I do not know if other people will like this photo, but to me I think these pictures can really tell a thousand words!

The outside world      Journey back home

Warm Colors      Dripping

More to come...