Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Blogging is taking such a longgggg timeeee

Well, I'm really thinking if I should continue to use Blogger as my writing tools or should I just switched it to some other sites. Blogger been getting real slow recently and some of the pictures take millions of years to load!

Hey, pictures tell a thousand words okay! I bet most of the readers are rather more interested in the pictures than the content. Boooooooo...

Went kickboxing last sunday and... I....nearly....choked....myself....with....my....own....saliva~ The instructor went non-stop for 1 hour, without giving me any water break~ I was so thirsty that I started swallowing my saliva to quench my thirst. I know it kind of sound disgusting but thats really what I did. Also, I sweated so much I stink like hell! Lucky, the dance studio was just nearby so I could just swiftly run home and get myself a nice bath.

Not to deny the fact that I really like Kickboxing. I guessed it will somehow help to tone up my body and to shake off the inches on my waist, thighs, arms, tummy etc etc. My body was aching like hell the next day and I could hardly open the toilet door in my office. Awwww.... Poor little girl right?

Anyway, 我下定決心對Kickboxing永不放棄! Preseverance is the route to success! I wanna have a figure like the models in ViVi! Gambatte!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

C.H.A.R.C.O.A.L is my baby

I think it's been ages since I last posted my baby's pictures. Fyi, my baby is real big now, just in case you might still think he's still that tiny little cute puppy. I can't imagine baby Charcoal is already 1 year and 2 months old! Aint that fast? It's looks like just yesterday when he first came to me. Awwwwwww.....

Look at that! He's only 1+ mth at that time

The dog series was taken when Charcoal around 3 mths

And now...










I can't see you~~~~~~

Charcoal with Didi
* Baby trying to act cool by looking away from the camera*

Charcoal with Didi II
* Look how cute he is~ Awwww. I mean my baby Charcoal not my Didi hor*

Just in case you're wondering where we were. It's Daddy factory you see~ Daddy wanted to bring the foodie offerings for the Ghost Festival to place at the factory for the usual rituals done every year. We had a wonderful day spent there cause it's like back to Kampong old days~ Charcoal's super whopper happy lor, running all over the place knowing that I can't catch him with the fats hanging all over me.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Happy 42th Birthday Singapore!

It's National day! Yohooo, it's a PUBLIC HOLIDAY! Yohooo~~~ Oppsss..

Slept till 12pm today but was still so sleepy until daddy called and asked if we wanna go out. LOL~ I think my dad must be real shocked to know that I actually woke up in the afternoon cause I don't normally do that last time. I used to wake up like 8am on weekends but now, I think the earliest timing I've ever woke up is like 930am?

Well, all got to blame on my Hubby! He's always been an owl since his teenage days and so whenever I said that I wanna sleep, he will open his big eyes, stared at me and act kelian saying If I sleep, he'll feel lonely. SO..... I stayed with him throughout till like 1am? *Sleepy*

Anyway as promised, here's the pics of my onigiris~~

Shoyu topped with Seaweeds

What's with my expression?
OH! No make up! Look at that small eyes!
Eyes so small already still winked until like that!

Saturday, August 04, 2007


Has'nt been updating my blog recently due to the overwhelming of contract renewals I gotten from Charlene in NYC. Just wondering when I can have the chance to fly over to NYC to have a meet up with her. She sounds very nice over the emails correspondences we had but sometimes, she can be quite harsh in words probably when the contract is being rushed and I still had gotten the detail done wrongly. Overall, Charlene's still not so bad. I think she should be better than Peter Katz =X

Anyway, I made Onigris yesterday! YESH, 飯糰 Onigiri! Hubby took some pictures but I don't really got the time to upload them. I will do so over this weekends I guess? Brought the Onigiris to work for lunch and Rachie was tempted by the Onigirs that she decided to kopped one of them and makan. She put her thumbs up and said it was Oiishi! Maybe just trying to 加油 for me ba? For your info, I made Tuna and Pork Floss Onigris! Hohoho~ Tuna was done all by myself! I bought the Tuna chunks in mineral water and had it cooked in fried onions and mirin soya sauce. Taste very oiishi neh~

Trying to squeeze out more time for cooking sessions at home. Used to cook so much at my 娘家 but now, *Shakes Head*. I will gambatte!