Monday, March 22, 2010

Nom Nom Nom

Have been craving for Chili Crabs since the start of my pregnancy. If I recalled correctly, I only ate twice during my pregnancy and they were really miserable amount of crabs. My mum would yell at me if I were to get another servings cause she said it's not really good to take so much crabs.

Well, well well since I'm now into the Advance stage of my pregnancy and might be popping anytime, she allowed me to feast onto them, otherwise I doubt I'll get any chance unless I can diligently wait till I finished my confinement month.

So.. I went to Sheng Song Supermart with Prince Charming on Saturday hoping to grab some big claw crabs or the Singaporean way of saying... Big Gong crabs! LOL! A pity there weren't any since the staffs said they weren't given any when the crabs came in early in the morning. What I liked about the crabs in Sheng Song - They are always in fresh water! That's pretty nice isn't it, comparing to those caged crabs we see in NTUC and wet markets. Anyway, no big gong crabs so we opt for middle gong crabs. We got 3 of them and they only cost us $26!! Cheap!!

And well, it was raining cats and dogs and we had to like rush thru the rain to get a cab and the Comfort cab driver, knowing that I'm pregnant don't even want to detour back even though Prince Charming begged him. How ruthless! Take note, COMFORT CAB DRIVER okay! I've got countless bad experiences with Comfort or Citi cab drivers. I think the company really needs to look into their Cab drivers attitude!

Anyway, rushed back home, blended the ingredients and here comes my crabs with of course, my fried mantous! Yummy!! The crab recipe was taken from SBS website.

Nom-ing session starts!!!
I couldn't resist myself from the Fried Mantous and took a bite before Prince Charming could snapped this pic! I think he don't even know that one of the mantou was bitten off a portion! Muahahahhahahaaha!
The claws! Well, though they were not the size we wanted but they still taste nice.. And actually, I had a hard time bitting the shell off cause... I don't have a seafood cracker at home! I think I nearly chipped off one of my tooth and had to get Prince Charming to do the tough job while I sit back and enjoy my crabs! :D

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What I've done and not done so far....

Done List
  • 95% done with hand washing of Baby Kwok's apparels (Rompers, Sleep suits, Receiving blankets etc...)
  • 100% done with washing of Baby Kwok's Cot bedding (I've only got 1 set currently and I machine washed them so its pretty simple!)
  • 90% done with packing of my hospital bag, with the exception of Prince Charming's stuffs. (He'll see what he wants to bring and wear - VAIN lor!)
  • Almost 100% done with the purchase of Baby Kwok's stuffs, for instance: Baby Bath, Bottom Balm, Bath Towels, Burping Cloths etc...

Undone List
  • Sterilize Baby Kwok's milk bottles and my Breast Pump
  • Align the Bedding set onto Baby Kwok's mattress and pillows
  • Wash and sterilize the Bath tub which is sort of hands down (We bought it for Prince Charming's Taiwan niece in 2007 when she came to visit us at 3 months old and it was only used for 1 week)
  • Re-align the Kitchen appliances to make space for the Sterilizer and Tupperware to store Milk bottles
  • Clean and "dettolised" my Fridge to ensure that the Fridge is bacteria free (Must store my breast milk in a clean and bacteria free environment)

Monday, March 08, 2010

Almost Almost!

Almost! Almost!
I meant my hospital bag is ALMOST ready! I wouldn't say its 90% done but I'm glad I actually did took out the effort to go through my list again and again and to reaffirm the necessary items with experienced mummies.

Remember the list that I posted several weeks ago? Many mummies have feedback that it is too long and many of the items are not that necessary for instance, Maternity pads/Breast pump/Breast milk storage bags. During my Antenatal lessons, my instructor Mrs Wong Boi Boi told the class that Colostrum or Breast milk may not come in right after delivery. Most of the mums get it maybe 3 or 4 days after baby's arrival which is why I suppose there is no need for me to bring my breast pump and storage bags to my hospital. Furthermore, most hospital do supply their patients with breast pump and storage glass bottles so okay... that's like 2 things off my checklist = lighter hospital bag!

Besides the almost ready hospital bag, I've just placed my deposit at the Infant Care Center that I'll be placing Baby Kwok once I resume work after my Maternity leave. Prince Charming and I had no choice to place Baby Kwok in an Infant care because Grandma (my mummy!) is still working and it sort of unfair for her to quit her job since I couldn't afford to pay her that amount of salary that she is getting, plus I can't even contribute the extra 15% CPF and the 2 times bonus which she gets every year.... I thought letting her to work is a better deal and most importantly, I've 2 brothers who are currently in University and Polytechnic. I believe with my mummy working, she can helps with the load that my daddy is carrying :) Even though Granny was telling me she don't mind, but I don't want to be a selfish daughter, I need to think for my parents who are approaching old age, don't I? :)

So another checklist done! FYI - Finding vacancies in an Infant Care Center wasn't an easy task!
Each Infant Care only caters to a maximum of 10 infants and many infant care centers have waiting list of up to 150! I'm really lucky that the Infant care center just 2 LRT stations from my area has 2 of their infants upgraded to the toddler group which is why I am able to get a placement there. Of course, I don't really like the idea of placing Baby Kwok in an Infant Care Center but oh well, I'd pray that I made the right choice. On a positive side, Baby Kwok can strengthen his immune system and has more contacts with the other kids which would make him more sociable when it comes to school.

Counting down.. I'm 35+ weeks into my pregnancy and will be due in another 2-4 weeks time!
Getting really excited!!

Monday, March 01, 2010

Time to pack my Delivery bag!

Remember my previous post mentioning about packing of my delivery hospital bag? I said I will start the preparations at my Week 30 but now 4+ weeks have passed and I've not even started a single packing!!!

My gynae said that all is ready to start popping after 37 weeks of pregnancy and looking at it, I'm left with just 3 -4 weeks time. I better remember to bring back my mini luggage bag from the office today, otherwise I would have to lug the big big luggage at home to the hospital. By then I guess I would have been the laughing stock of the day with everyone staring at my big luggage bag :S

Prince Charming took for me last week on my Week 33 :D
The invincible Stretchmarks have started to crawl in ALL AT ONE SHOT!
Now, it's really time to pile more of that fatty creamy Stretchmarks cream on my tummy.