Saturday, April 27, 2013

Our Renovation progress

Finally, finally I'm able to spare some time to blog over at my little world here :) Been busy with work, been busy with both Baby Kwok and Baby #2.

 Just some recent updates: Have been staying at my parents' place since January this year as we've sold off our apartment and the new owner would not let us extend 2 more weeks and even asked us to move out earlier :(

Sigh.. everything just seems to be in a rush. Packing our stuffs and moving them to the storage warehouse, clearing the old furniture etc etc.. And finally our long awaited day for key collection came and without losing any much more time, we started with the renovation the day after we obtained the keys. My dad as usual is the big helper behind our renovations just like how he did it for our 1st apartment. Without him, I believed we might still be looking at the blank walls and rooms now :P It has been a busy 1.5 months and our renovation is finally 95% complete at the moment!

From ugly walls and floorings, we can now beam with joy when we looked at how the renovation has progressed now. Prince Charming and myself are really satisfied with our renovation and I really really owe a lot to my daddy. We only told him the design and concept and he helped to make arrangements for each and individual part of the reno. Without him helping us, I don't think we are even at 10% of the progress.

 Another big help is Taobao! We bought quite a number of ornaments and lightings from Taobao at really cheap price and the quality were really good! I wouldn't say its posh quality but at the price we are paying, it's really worth the penny. We even saw the same lighting in one of the shop here in Singapore and they were selling it at 300% of the price we paid!

Really LOVE LOVE LOVE my apartment so much! Can't wait to move in!!! Will post pictures up when its 100% complete :) I promise!