Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Resolution 2011

Been asked by a few acquaintances about my resolution in 2011. Was kind of feeling weird because like I said, they were acquaintances so I don't feel that they will know much about me, so I told them "Nah, I don't have one" :x

Not trying to be rude but I've tried revealing my 2010 resolution to 2 of them last year when asked about it and ended up getting question mark faces, because like I said, they were just acquaintances and thus, do not know me very well!

On the other hand, I am absolutely happy to "announce" my 2011 resolution since I believe those who have been following my blog will know me well enough ;)

  1. Would like to go on a family trip with Prince Charming and Baby Kwok to Disneyland! Japan or HongKong? I bet Prince Charming will go for Japan!
    Why: Have not traveled for more than a year!!! Desperately need an overseas holiday!

  2. Make more initiatives to beautify my house and keeping it sparking clean!
    Why: I'm one who likes to change "pattern" for my loft. If you follows my blog, you should be able to grasp a hint or two from my postings. Oh! Sparkling clean cause need to create a fresh and clean environment for my little boy :D

  3. Learn to appreciate my family more especially Prince Charming ;)
    Why: I believe mummies will agree with me that after being a mum, things changed. I don't mean relationship between husband and wife but more of like referring to moods. It seems that my focus is all on Baby Kwok and I tend to throw tantrums at him even with little matters. Though most of the time he understands but still, I have a heart of guilt for raising my voice at him occasionally :P

  4. Create some healthy baby food for Baby Kwok!
    Why: I'm so worried that he'll get sick of porridge. It's always either pumpkin, spinach or broccoli with threadfin/pork. I need to be creative to create special and healthy meal for my darling!

  5. Continue my breastfeeding journey till Baby Kwok turns 1 year old before I fully introduced him to Formula milk!
    Why: Breast milk is the best that a mom can give to her child. I want my child to enjoy the good quality milk :) Not that Formula milk is no good but well, you know ;)

  6. Spent more time with my Kitchen~~~
    Why: Ever since pregnancy starts, I have not been utilizing my kitchen in terms of cooking or baking. When I looked through my past postings, I miss the joy I had when I bake/cook for my love ones. I really need to get the regime back!
I guess that's all for now? Will add on when I think of more!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Oyakodon 親子丼

Remember I mentioned in my previous post that I cooked Oyakodon for X'mas dinner? Prince Charming's cousin paid us a visit and because we were pretty busy during the festive season, we decided to go simple rather than whipping up a table of food cause I'm pretty sure we'll not be able to finish them up.

I have done this Oyakodon umpteen times since this is one of Prince Charming's Top favourite list for Japanese food apart from the usual Japanese Curry. Enjoy!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Sugar Cookies

Hurray! Prince Charming did live up to his name for keeping his promise!

Although it seems that I had time for some baking but in fact, I had little :(
Prince Charming's cousin came over for a visit and to give Baby Kwok his Christmas Present so we invited him over for dinner. Not too nice to be keeping myself busy in the kitchen so I did not bake till he went home and then my parents were here to play with Baby Kwok so I joined in the fun and ended up, I was left with like 1 hr to do the baking.

Half way through my baking, Baby Kwok who's sleeping started crying! I had no choice but to stop all my bakings to calm him down. Prince Charming can't manage to make our baby stop crying and so you know, I had to like cut short my baking plan. Was intending to frost the cookies but due to time constraint I'm just leaving it as it is. Only managed to did the outline though.

Anyway, at least I did some baking! *A pat for myself!*
Once again, Merry Christmas!
And opps, Prince Charming was snoring away when these cookies were done so, better pictures next time! I promise :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

This Christmas is definitely a very special one for both Prince Charming and myself!
Our first Christmas with Baby Kwok! We were really excited about celebrating Christmas with Baby Kwok and that we actually put up the Christmas tree much much earlier than usual :D

Baby Kwok totally love the Christmas tree! He almost pull off the whole tree! The jingle bells were thrown onto the floor and the little red pressies decors were in his hands! I can't imagine when he start walking, I bet my house will be in chaos. My mum was complaining to me that Baby Kwok kept pulling the telephone wires and threw the phone on the floor *Swallow saliva* I have a little terrorist!

Anway, was telling Prince Charming that I BADLY needed some time for X'mas baking~ "Un-offically" been not baking for almost a year! I desperately need to have the baking/cooking regime back, otherwise I think I might not even remember how to break an egg! He "politely" agreed but well, we'll see! Pssst.. if you guys see me posting up my X'mas baking that means he kept his promise if not, you know... :P

Merry Christmas ~

Monday, October 25, 2010

Mrs Kwok finally cooks!

Yes, I finally cook something decent in the kitchen!!!! I can't even count with my fingers the number of cooking attempts I've tried, practically no time for my kitchen~

Prince Charming begged to have Japanese curry rice for dinner last Saturday and I thought okay, shouldn't be much problem and so off we went with Baby Kwok to Rivervale Mall to get our groceries for the meal.

End up, we went to Daiso and bought many other stuffs and gotten the time drifted away that I had to rush like mad to cook this meal! (Needed to go back to my parents' place to celebrate my sis's birthday!) Nevertheless, Prince Charming enjoyed this meal much as I do :) Baby Kwok is still too young to savour the Curry rice so let's wait till he is much older and I'll definitely cook for him. I bet he'll have the same taste as his dad! :D

On a hind note, this time round I used S&B Curry cubes rather than the usual Vermont one that I always use. I seriously much preferred Vermont one cause they seems thicker! S&B cubes seems to require lesser water than Vermont kind cause I cook the exact way I do for my Japanese curry but they turn out not as thick as we wanted. Hmmmm.. or maybe it's just my cooking skill that has deteriorated?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Starting Solid

Guess what, in another 2-3 weeks time I'll be starting Baby Kwok on solids! Always thought it'll be simple but never to expect there's so much to learn about making baby food. To prepare myself, I got myself AK's Top 100 Baby Purees and was amazed at the varieties of food that we can/can't offer to our babies.

Anyway, here 2 recipes that I found on Wholesome Baby Food
I did the Carrot Purees and offered a few mouthful to Baby Kwok and he seems to like it!

Carrots - Basic Purée

1. Peel carrots and cut into small chunks

2. Place chunks into a steamer pan with just enough water visible through the steamer basket

3. Steam until tender

4. Do not reserve any left over water to use for thinning out the carrots if baby is under 8 months old as Nitrates may seep into the cooking water

5. Place into your choice of appliance for pureeing and begin pureeing.

6. Add water as necessary to achieve a smooth, thin consistency.

Apple Baby Food Recipes - Puréed Apples/Applesauce

1. Peel, core and cut apple into slices/chunks

2. Place slices or chunks into a pan with just enough water to slightly cover apples

3. Boil/steam until tender; be sure to check on the water level and stir, That's It. Easy Peasy.

4. Apples may be mashed with a potato masher to achieve a smooth applesauce consistency. If your masher will not achieve a puree type of consistency, then follow steps 5 - 7

5. Reserve any left over water to use for thinning out the apples

6. Place into your choice of appliance for pureeing and begin pureeing.

7. Add the reserved water as necessary to achieve a smooth, thin puree

8. Add cereal (if desired) to thicken up the

9. Ask your pediatrician about adding some cinnamon for new tastes.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Star baby :D

I have a star baby!
*I guess only Aimei knows what I'm talking about!*

Guess who's who? ;)

I love you my Baby Kwok

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mummy Kwok's back!

Another long hiatus from my previous post in April! 2+ months of MIA and now, Mummy Kwok, S8xxxxxxxI reporting back! These 2 months were tough or in a better term tiring. Baby Kwok wakes up every now and starts being cranky. Being a New mummy, I've got no idea what he actually wanted so I could only guess its either he's hungry or its diaper changing time. Motherhood works like archery, you don't always get to hit the bull's eye!

Being a breastfeeding mum, rest/sleep is almost 0. We need to feed baby on demand plus to work up the milk supply, its a must to pump. I wakes up every 3hr to do my milk pumping, not forgetting feeding Baby Kwok, washing and sterilizing my pump parts and Baby Kwok's milk bottles. When all these are done, my next pumping session starts. *Yawn*

I can't even remember when was the last time I bake a cake or when was the last time I vacuumed and mopped my floor. Prince Charming was nice to help clean the house occasionally but time is really precious. While he's at work, I'm almost sticking to Baby Kwok unless when he's sleeping that I get some time off to eat and do some laundries/house chores.

Tedious but I'm loving every min and seconds! Looking at my calendar, I'm due for work in another 1 week time :( If only I could stay at home, looking after Baby Kwok and get paid!!!
I cannot imagine 8 hrs not being with Baby Kwok!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Baby Kwok ^^

After a long hiatus, I'm finally back to blog.
Still "under-going" confinement now but it will be ending soon in another 1+ weeks time! HURRAY!

It's so tough to have your confinement done during the April period! The weather never seems to help much, plus the temperature seems to get higher and higher each day. Luckily the past few days were quite cooling with the help of some heavy rain. Unable to bathe is a NO issue for me but with my MIL staying in my house, I have to oblige to it but thank goodness my Mummy bought the herbal shower pack for me so that I could at least soak myself in water about once a week. Actually I did sneakily bathe during my stay at mummy's place while she's at work :P *shssssss*

And yes, my most important task to blog today is to introduce my bundle of Joy! My baby Kwok! He arrived on 6-Apr 2010 at KK Hospital! I went through a 26 hours of labour but it's all worthwhile when I see him :)

Here's my birth story which I said I'll share the other time.

5-Apr 2010
9:30am - Admitted into hospital for induction of labour

10:00am - After the monitoring of baby's heartbeat at Labour ward, prositiin was inserted to help soften cervix

12:00pm - Had my lunch at labour ward as there were no available ward for me to stay in yet

1:30 ~ 2:00pm - Yeah! Finally get to shift to my ward where I can sleep comfortably

2:30pm ~ 8:30pm - Contractions came in but bearable

9:30pm - Heavier contractions encountered, notified nurse and was sent to Delivery suite since I'm having immerse contractions every 2 mins

9:30pm ~ 3:00am - Having bad contractions and was so sleepy. Slept through out but the contractions wakes me up every min!

4:00am - Gynae came in to burst waterbag!! Wooo.. hot fluid coming out!

7:30am - Can't bear with the immerse pain so asked for Epidural aka HAPPIDURAL!

7:30am ~ 3:00pm - Painless labour but at around 1230pm, Epi ran out so was topped up with another one since I was only 7cm dilated

3:30pm - 10cm dilated! Was asked to push so was giving all my best to push to crown my baby's head

4:00pm - Gynae arrived and within mins, baby arrived!

It seems just yesterday that I've given birth but looking at the dates, it's 3 weeks already!
Baby Kwok will be turning 1 month next week and I can't wait to see the cupcake tree that I've ordered for him :)

Prince Charming took this for Baby Kwok and I'm loving it!
We're going to print it in Poster size for Baby Kwok's First Month Party :)

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Baby Kwok is here!

After a super long labour, Baby Kwok finally arrives!
I'll be updating my birth story soon, when I'm coping better with Motherhood! :)

Thursday, April 01, 2010

When is the time?

Tapping my fingers to await for my baby's arrival. Currently 38+ weeks and I've no signs of labour :( Most of my forum mates who are due in the 1st 2 weeks of April have mostly popped and I'm one of the few who've no signs of symptoms yet.

Baby Kwok, Baby Kwok... When do you want to come out?
Mummy and Daddy Kwok is waiting anxiously and excitedly for your arrival!

Plus, I don't even know how's contractions like! OMG!
I only know I've pelvic cramps/pain and I feel tightness on my tummy. Are these contractions signs? Praying hard that Baby Kwok will come out chubby, healthy and soon! :)

Oh, and hopefully I can lose at least 12kg of weight upon the arrival of my healthy Baby Kwok :P

Monday, March 22, 2010

Nom Nom Nom

Have been craving for Chili Crabs since the start of my pregnancy. If I recalled correctly, I only ate twice during my pregnancy and they were really miserable amount of crabs. My mum would yell at me if I were to get another servings cause she said it's not really good to take so much crabs.

Well, well well since I'm now into the Advance stage of my pregnancy and might be popping anytime, she allowed me to feast onto them, otherwise I doubt I'll get any chance unless I can diligently wait till I finished my confinement month.

So.. I went to Sheng Song Supermart with Prince Charming on Saturday hoping to grab some big claw crabs or the Singaporean way of saying... Big Gong crabs! LOL! A pity there weren't any since the staffs said they weren't given any when the crabs came in early in the morning. What I liked about the crabs in Sheng Song - They are always in fresh water! That's pretty nice isn't it, comparing to those caged crabs we see in NTUC and wet markets. Anyway, no big gong crabs so we opt for middle gong crabs. We got 3 of them and they only cost us $26!! Cheap!!

And well, it was raining cats and dogs and we had to like rush thru the rain to get a cab and the Comfort cab driver, knowing that I'm pregnant don't even want to detour back even though Prince Charming begged him. How ruthless! Take note, COMFORT CAB DRIVER okay! I've got countless bad experiences with Comfort or Citi cab drivers. I think the company really needs to look into their Cab drivers attitude!

Anyway, rushed back home, blended the ingredients and here comes my crabs with of course, my fried mantous! Yummy!! The crab recipe was taken from SBS website.

Nom-ing session starts!!!
I couldn't resist myself from the Fried Mantous and took a bite before Prince Charming could snapped this pic! I think he don't even know that one of the mantou was bitten off a portion! Muahahahhahahaaha!
The claws! Well, though they were not the size we wanted but they still taste nice.. And actually, I had a hard time bitting the shell off cause... I don't have a seafood cracker at home! I think I nearly chipped off one of my tooth and had to get Prince Charming to do the tough job while I sit back and enjoy my crabs! :D

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What I've done and not done so far....

Done List
  • 95% done with hand washing of Baby Kwok's apparels (Rompers, Sleep suits, Receiving blankets etc...)
  • 100% done with washing of Baby Kwok's Cot bedding (I've only got 1 set currently and I machine washed them so its pretty simple!)
  • 90% done with packing of my hospital bag, with the exception of Prince Charming's stuffs. (He'll see what he wants to bring and wear - VAIN lor!)
  • Almost 100% done with the purchase of Baby Kwok's stuffs, for instance: Baby Bath, Bottom Balm, Bath Towels, Burping Cloths etc...

Undone List
  • Sterilize Baby Kwok's milk bottles and my Breast Pump
  • Align the Bedding set onto Baby Kwok's mattress and pillows
  • Wash and sterilize the Bath tub which is sort of hands down (We bought it for Prince Charming's Taiwan niece in 2007 when she came to visit us at 3 months old and it was only used for 1 week)
  • Re-align the Kitchen appliances to make space for the Sterilizer and Tupperware to store Milk bottles
  • Clean and "dettolised" my Fridge to ensure that the Fridge is bacteria free (Must store my breast milk in a clean and bacteria free environment)

Monday, March 08, 2010

Almost Almost!

Almost! Almost!
I meant my hospital bag is ALMOST ready! I wouldn't say its 90% done but I'm glad I actually did took out the effort to go through my list again and again and to reaffirm the necessary items with experienced mummies.

Remember the list that I posted several weeks ago? Many mummies have feedback that it is too long and many of the items are not that necessary for instance, Maternity pads/Breast pump/Breast milk storage bags. During my Antenatal lessons, my instructor Mrs Wong Boi Boi told the class that Colostrum or Breast milk may not come in right after delivery. Most of the mums get it maybe 3 or 4 days after baby's arrival which is why I suppose there is no need for me to bring my breast pump and storage bags to my hospital. Furthermore, most hospital do supply their patients with breast pump and storage glass bottles so okay... that's like 2 things off my checklist = lighter hospital bag!

Besides the almost ready hospital bag, I've just placed my deposit at the Infant Care Center that I'll be placing Baby Kwok once I resume work after my Maternity leave. Prince Charming and I had no choice to place Baby Kwok in an Infant care because Grandma (my mummy!) is still working and it sort of unfair for her to quit her job since I couldn't afford to pay her that amount of salary that she is getting, plus I can't even contribute the extra 15% CPF and the 2 times bonus which she gets every year.... I thought letting her to work is a better deal and most importantly, I've 2 brothers who are currently in University and Polytechnic. I believe with my mummy working, she can helps with the load that my daddy is carrying :) Even though Granny was telling me she don't mind, but I don't want to be a selfish daughter, I need to think for my parents who are approaching old age, don't I? :)

So another checklist done! FYI - Finding vacancies in an Infant Care Center wasn't an easy task!
Each Infant Care only caters to a maximum of 10 infants and many infant care centers have waiting list of up to 150! I'm really lucky that the Infant care center just 2 LRT stations from my area has 2 of their infants upgraded to the toddler group which is why I am able to get a placement there. Of course, I don't really like the idea of placing Baby Kwok in an Infant Care Center but oh well, I'd pray that I made the right choice. On a positive side, Baby Kwok can strengthen his immune system and has more contacts with the other kids which would make him more sociable when it comes to school.

Counting down.. I'm 35+ weeks into my pregnancy and will be due in another 2-4 weeks time!
Getting really excited!!

Monday, March 01, 2010

Time to pack my Delivery bag!

Remember my previous post mentioning about packing of my delivery hospital bag? I said I will start the preparations at my Week 30 but now 4+ weeks have passed and I've not even started a single packing!!!

My gynae said that all is ready to start popping after 37 weeks of pregnancy and looking at it, I'm left with just 3 -4 weeks time. I better remember to bring back my mini luggage bag from the office today, otherwise I would have to lug the big big luggage at home to the hospital. By then I guess I would have been the laughing stock of the day with everyone staring at my big luggage bag :S

Prince Charming took for me last week on my Week 33 :D
The invincible Stretchmarks have started to crawl in ALL AT ONE SHOT!
Now, it's really time to pile more of that fatty creamy Stretchmarks cream on my tummy.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jimborange Photography


Doing a little advertorial for my Prince Charming, who have stepped into the world of being a Freelance Photographer :)

Interested parties, please check out his Photography Wordpress or you can view his Flickr album.
For quotations and enquires, please send an email to him for details :D

Friday, February 12, 2010


Wishing everyone a prosperous Chinese New Year!






May our wishes come true :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Pregnancy Progress

Some photos to share my pregnancy progress :)

As you can tell very rightly from the pictures, I have put on LOADS of weight. Hahaha...
Prince Charming was saying: "Who doesn't when they are pregnant?"
FYI - Up till date (currently 28 weeks), I've piled on 26 lbs! Heee heee..

Oh! I requested Prince Charming to do a "studio shot" for me and I truly love him!
I can't wait for Little Kwok to arrives in April!
Sharing my joy with all my blogger friends! :D

Monday, January 18, 2010

Counting on you, Prince Charming!

Baby Posing » a class by Kelley Ryden and Tracy Raver in Omaha, NE

A very cool blog to share with Mummies to be!
Awesome pictures and the babies are mostly about 10~12 days old when the pictures were taken.

Prince Charming, do you think you can do this? Me and Little Kwok counting on you! :D
P/s: I thought I should just post up some of my favorite ones from this blog :)

One very important List!

I'm officially in my 3rd Trimester now! Looking at my Pregnancy Ticker ( at the right bottom of my banner if case you get "Ah, where?), it's another 82 days till my EDD (Estimated Due Date). My Gynae did mention that most women tend to deliver their babies at around Week 38 ~ Week 39 but of course, it much depends on individual.

I read through some forum that it is best to pack my bag for Delivery at around 30 weeks ~ 33 weeks. I'm just into my Week 28 and have been researching up and down the necessities of what to bring. My sister, currently into her 2nd Trimester does not seems to have time for me (Dealing with her school and my niece + Brother-in-Law) so I dare not hinder her time since I know she really need more rest than I do! She's a teacher and I used to be one (okay.. contract teaching for 1 year) so I truly understand the minimal time she has for herself.

Alright, after doing some search via Google I sourced through a few local forums and got the following Bag list. I'm going to post it here for Prince Charming and my convenience! Also to share with all the First-time Mum-T0-Be like me :)

Bag List for Delivery

  1. Antenatal & Outpatient Appointment Card
  2. ATM Card & Cash
  3. Gynae Letter (If any)
  4. NRIC of both Husband and Wife
  5. ROM Certificate and Bank Account Book/Statement (For Baby bonus Admin)
Mummy's Item
  1. Cord Blood Banking Kit - Must remember to pass this to your Gynae before Delivery
  2. Disposable Breast Pads - To absorb leaking Colostrum
  3. Disposable Cotton Panties
  4. Breast pump - You can start to pump your supply if there is
  5. Hair Accessories (e.g. Hair Band/Comb) - To tidy up your hair
  6. Face and Bath towel - In case the ward does not supply
  7. A set of Home Clothes - To wear upon discharge from Hospital, preferably a dress
  8. A pair of shoes - Best to wear Slipper for easy convenience
  9. Maternity Pads - To absorb heavy postpartum Blood flow
  10. Mobile Phone & Charger - VERY IMPORTANT!
  11. Nipple Shields - To protect sore or cracked nipples while breast feeding
  12. Nursing Bras - To use with Disposable Breast pads
  13. Socks - To keep your feet warm, it can get very cold inside the ward
  14. Spare Plastic bags - To store soiled clothes & towels
  15. A box of tissues
  16. Toiletries - Just in case the hospital does not supply
  17. Cooling Bag - To store your milk supply if any
  18. Breast milk Storage bag - If you have over-excessive volume of breast milk
Baby's Item
  1. Receiving Blanket/Baby Blanket - To wrap and warm baby upon discharge from hopsital
  2. Booties & Socks
  3. Mittens
  4. A set of Newborn Clothes
  5. Newborn Size Disposable Diapers (Usually supplied by Hospital)

Daddy's Item (If Daddy is staying over with Mummy) - Something that I added myself!
  1. Sweater - The ward can get very cold during the night so it is best that the daddy prepares a set of Sweater so that he can keeps himself warm. Alternatively, you can request for a blanket from the Hospital.

  2. Snacks - In case the daddy gets hungry and become grumpy. (Opps.. which always happen to Prince Charming!

  3. Magazines/Games/MP3 - To keep the daddy entertained which Prince Charming needs so badly. I can predict that!

  4. Camera/Video cam - To capture the precious moments~

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Saturday!

Had a hearty breakfast and yum my day off! :)

Breakfast consists of Crispy Butter Croissant, Cocktail Hotdogs and Scramble eggs.
It's a simple meal but just make my day happy!

Made some Claypot Chicken rice for Dinner, with some Oyster sauce Veggies.
Prince Charming was amazed that I cooked Veggies! (Well... since my pregnancy I started to list Veggies as one of my "I-don't-like food item). I added in A LOT of preserved meat in the claypot rice cause Prince Charming loves them so much and I drizzle so much dark soy sauce (opps). The aroma just perks up our appetite that we had 2 bowls of it!

Oh, did I mention that the Claypot cracked while the rice was simmering?
I need a new claypot!!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Something to post before CNY!

I have so many stuffs on my list that I really wanted badly but, Prince Charming said we have to eliminate those that are deem unnecessary and only get the ones that we REALLY REALLY need. Okay, FINE...

#1: Slow Cooker
I so wanted it and nearly got myself a small Slow Cooker but got a big one for my mummy in the end cause I knew I probably won't use it for long (maybe just 4 times max) since I'm not cooking/baking much nowadays (Get tired easily lah!) and mummy is always brewing soups for me and I know the one she's been using is really really old and a tad too small.

#2: Multi-Tier Steamer
Prince Charming is worried about the limited space we have in our Kitchen. Exactly! That's pretty much what I'm worried too. My Kitchen is as small as a mouse hole and most of the space are much occupied by the huge Whirlpool Fridge. Having a Multi-Tier steamer would mean that I need to get rid of one of the electrical appliances that is sitting on my table top right now. Rice Cooker - No! Hot Pot - No! Cooker Hob - NO! Tell me, which one should I discard to fit in my Multi-Tier Steamer?

#3: Microwave Oven
Exactly the same problem I'm facing as #2 and my mummy kept nagging that Microwave generates a huge amount of radiation that's not good for humans.

#4: Dehumidifier
Prince Charming has been complaining so much about the humidity problems we are facing in our Walk-in Wardrobe. For those who have not visited my house, my shower room is just right inside my Walk-in Wardrobe and it seems that tonnes of moisture are escaping from the shower room and finding refuge in the Wardrobe. It sort of makes our clothing a little "wetter" but lucky enough, not adding extra scent or fungus to it (Maybe cause we don't poo in the shower room :P) This is making Prince Charming a little frustrated. Well, oh well.. we can't seems to find a small dehumidifier anywhere in Singapore and our Walk-in Wardrobe can't accommodate any bigger ones (1 disadvantage of staying a new flat = very small area!) Sigh.. also we don't have any electrical slot in the WIW and I don't really like the idea of using the extension unit! It will make my WIW looks untidy! (

#5: Playpen
Thought of placing the Playpen in the living room so while I'm doing any house chores or cooking in the kitchen, at least I can see my baby without walking to and fro from my Bedroom and making myself assured that my baby is still within my eye level but...... my living room is pathetically small :( I don't even know where to squeeze out a space to fit in the playpen. My alternative other than a playpen would be a Play Gym.

#6: Diaper Bag
In a dilemma whether to just get a cheap diaper bag or should I get something that I like. Prince Charming prefer that I get a diaper bag that I really like because he wants me to feel proud carrying that diaper bag. Actually.. he got his motive because if I get myself a nice diaper bag, he will have the excuse to get himself a Crumpler bag which he will uses it as Daddy's diaper bag! God.. what a clever husband I have!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Happy 2010!

How time flies!! Goodbye 2009 and Hello 2010 in a wink!

I can't remember how many Happy New Year have I greet in my blog, I think probably 3?
2009 may not be a prosperous year for many out there due to the major economic crisis and dramatic recession around the globe but I'm pretty sure each of us learnt something from our lesson, especially on the investment part. Haha!

2010 will definitely be a good year for me especially! In another 3 months plus time, I'll be delivering my Little Kwok! I really can't wait to see him! For now, I'll concentrate on my pregnancy and hope that Little Kwok absorbs all the good nutrients from me and continue to grow healthily. I hope all my families will be blessed with happiness and good health and wealth! Huat ah! :P

Anyway, didn't really celebrate New Year. Just a simple one at home with Prince Charming and his friends (Opps.. Actually I was sleeping like a log throughout the night). On New Year day, I did a humble dinner for both of us cause Prince Charming was really tired from the "celebration" at home the night before.

Cooked Butter Corn Rice which was featured on TVBS 生活好事兒. Really a simple dish to whipped up within minutes. Just purely melting some butter in the pan, stirring in some minced garlic and onions and adding in the washed rice and stir till fragrant. Add in the corn lastly and mix well. Pour the mixture into the Rice cooker pot and pour stock over it. Just enough to cover the rice and bring it to cook till done. SIMPLE right!

Prince Charming requested for spinach because he wanna be strong like Popeyes, hahaa.. So I bought a packet and stiry fry it with some oyster sauce. Simple deli! We bought 2 packet of Frozen Deep fried chicken from Fair Price the other day so Prince Charming requested for the one with Seaweed. Deep fried it and was served together with the other 2 as our dinner.

Simple yet fulfilling! I'm not a fussy eater you see! Kekee...