Friday, June 26, 2009

Wanderlust, here we COME!

Finally, the day of going back to Taiwan has tipped on my toes! Can't wait to stay at Wanderlust! The ocean, the sceneries, the high tea, the food and the relaxing atmosphere. Wanderlust, here we come! :)

We'll be on a family trip to Tai-Chung and will be also having a 2D1N farm stay! Can't wait to see those little lambs running besides me!

Wanderlust HomeStay:

Monday, June 01, 2009

Strawberry Swiss Roll

Was watching "我猜我猜我猜猜猜" on Saturday night where they introduced a popular Swiss roll in Yilan, Taiwan. The Swiss roll is covered not only with cream but with a layer of strawberries and Milk pudding. Yes, Milk pudding! The creator took 8 months to bring out his perfect milk pudding recipe and I heard it was a craze in Taiwan.

Prince Charming asked if I could make them and I was telling him that if I could, I'll definitely sell it in Singapore! Oh well, I need to practice my baking skills really hard before I could really bake that good. Anyway to appease Prince Charming, I tried baking a Strawberry Swiss roll for him.

I used to think that baking swiss roll is never for me, because when I started baking it initially the base would always crack on me and I couldn't roll it up well. However, after many times of attempting it, they are a lot easier for me to handle now. Practice really makes a big difference!
Maybe I should really try out the milk pudding and see if I could roll them up huh? LOL!

三菜一湯 A Simple Fare

On every Saturday, both Prince Charming and myself would stay at home either to catch some DVDs or play some Wii or PS3. This is also the day where I would conquer the kitchen for almost the whole day to prepare for our usual Home cooked Dinner. I try to reduce the time of dining outside because of the oil and MSG intake, also for our weight maintenance. (More oil = More fats)

It has been sometimes since I start cooking some chinese dishes. The first thing that comes to my mind about Chinese cooking would be the preparations. They usually can take up the whole of my time if you notice. Anyway, I'm cutting short my story and let the pictures say it all :)