Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hubby's Kuo Big day and Valentine's Day

Alright, firstly I need to apologised for the irregular postings recently due to my heavy workload in school. I'm like trying to squeeze out time to blog but it just seem so hard. I am grabbing every minutes and seconds but it just doesn't seem enough. My workloads are like piling non-stop. Sighhh, I wonder if it's a good sign or what.

Today was a not-so-tired day since PD ended very early! It's the shortest PD I've ever attended since the 1st day I stepped into school and miraculously I survived! Maybe I should participate in the next season of "Survivors". Held a mini class test for my Primary 4 class since I guessed that's the best way for them to re-captured all the topics that we had covered since week 2. Shit, I'm like a workaholic! Even at home, my brain never stop thinking about work. Well, do agree with Miss Chew that we are officially "Living Corpses" from the Educational Sector.
Hmmm, maybe it's a good idea to start this thread into a movie. Investors anyone?

Anyway, 2 major events gonna start popping into my schedule. First, Hubby's birthday! Yes, my handsome, cute, adorable, suave, macho, charming ( I only say that when it's his birthday and Valentine's day HAH!) Huby will be celebrating his 25th birthday and I've specially hand-pick a special gift for him. Gotta to keep him in suspense so won't be revealing any bits. Next will be the ever-romantic Valentine's day! Still cracking my brains for that day, hopefully my brain cells don't get work out since most of them slog like mad cows during my work.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Jazz Bridal

Just took up the bridal package with Jazz Bridal last Sunday. Me and Hubby paid a visit to the Wedding Fair which was launched at Suntec Convection Hall Level 3 and it happened that Jazz Bridal had their kiosk setup there as well.

We were introduced to the packages and browsed through their client's portfolio. All of them were so nicely taken and the gowns are so gorgeous! I nearly wanted to pluck off the gowns that the mannequins were wearing! Hahaha~

Initially, Both hubby and me wanted to take our Bridal Package in Taiwan because of the nice sceneries. However, after some calculations, we realised that it is more worthwhile to take up a package in Singapore, provided the items were very similar. Priority goes to the Bridal car that's provided in local packages. Anyway, I am so looking forward to choosing my gown in Feb! I'll be selecting 5 costumes in total, mainly for the Studio and outdoor shots. Hehe~

The above are the design concepts that I like!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Magma + Ondeh Ondeh Session

13th January 2007

Went to Magma with Hubby for a try of their famous Pork Knuckles. I have yet tasted any pork knuckles in my life and this gonna be the 1st time! Well, frankly speaking, I've never eaten the Chinese style pork trotter also cause of those fatty fats that are visibly seen on the trotter.

I am one-of-the kind of person who don't fancy fatty fats at all except for those crunchiest kind. Err, I meant those deep fried pork lard which can be found in many of our local dried fishball/minced meat noodles. I simply can't resists that but too much can be disgusting. Even for Hainanese Chicken rice, I would take the breast part where you can't find much of those fats. Alright, that's why I can't explain why I am still so fat even though I don't fancy such kinds of "Delicacy".

Magma is truly goregous! The ambience is so perfectly smoothing and the chef looks handsome too! Wahahah! The staffs in Magma were all very friendly. Me and Hubby ordered a Main course each - Bavarian style Pork Knuckles with mashed peas and sauerkraut and Hamburger Labskaus.

Mashed peas as it goes, is truly the mashed kind of peas! =.= Sauerkraut is actually a kind of preveserved vegetables from germany. You can find this in many of the german delicaies. Hamburger Labskaus doesn't looked like hamburger at all. It's actually a type of fish which the german loves and its rolled with pickles and onions with a big serving of Beetroot bacon Mashed Potatotes. The pinkish Mashed potatoes is awesome! I love it!

Hubby ordered 1 glass of german beer (Schwarzer Abt Beer) which taste much sweeter and smoother than the beers we consume locally. I ordered an Apple Plus spritizer which is marvellously quenching. We also had a big bowl of Pea soup with 1 slice of delicious wholemeal bread and their must-eat German sausages. Yummmy! It was a awesome and full meal. Price is considered affordable, with the nice ambience and cheerful staffs.

Frankfurter Erbsensuppe ( Green Pea Soup)

Bratwurst (German Sausage)

Hamburger Labskaus

Schweinshaxe mit Erbsenpüree und Sauerkraut (Grilled Pork Knuckles)

Schwarzer Abt Beer

Apfelschorle ‘Apple Plus’

14th January 2007

Had my 1st attempt to try making Ondeh Ondeh. Gathered all the required ingredients and started working out on the recipe. Got the recipe from another blog "Baking Mum" and saw many good comments about it. So, I decided to have a try on it.

I always love to eat Ondeh Ondeh and I especially love the green kind. However, because I did not get the green colored flavouring so I made the original kind.

Steamed the sweet potatoes, mashed them and added the pandan juice to the mashed mixture.
Pandan Juice = Pandan leaves blended with water. The aroma of the panda is so tempting! After all those, I sifted in the tapoica flour and knead the mashed mixture into a dough.

Next, I steamed partial of the shredded coconut which I bought from the provison shop just right below my house. Followed next was to bring the Gula Melaka, castor sugar and Panda leaves to boil and mixed in the remaining shredded coconut and tadah~ the filling of the ondeh ondeh is done!

I wrapped the filling into the dough and dropped them into a pot of boiling water and then once they are cooked, scooped them up and roll them into the steamed shredded coconut and yes, its done!

Hubby tried and said it taste as good as those sold outside! Yohooo! He said he is amazed that I can make such good ondeh ondeh at my 1st attempt. Chey, I'm good in cooking alright! Wahaha BHB lah :P
As requested by my Sweet Athena girl, here goes the Recipe:

- 600 gm of steamed and mashed sweet potato
- 2 tbsp pandan juice
- 250 gm white coconut shreds (add 1/2 tsp of salt and steam)
- 150 gm tapioca flour
- 3 tbsp castor sugar


- 250 gm gula melaka
- 4 tbsp castor sugar
- 4 tbsp water
- 1 coconut w/o skin (shredded)
- 1/2 tsp salt
- 6 pcs pandan leaves
- 1 tbsp flour mix with 2 tbsp water

1. Mixed mashed sweet potato, tapioca flour, sugar, pandan juice and colouring (if used) and knead into a dough. If dough is dry, you can add some water (a tbsp at a time) until dough is soft and not dry.

2. Pinch some dough and make into a small ball. Flatten it with your palm and put filling in it and wrap it up. Boil a pot of hot water.

3. When water boils, put the wrapped ondeh ondeh into the pot and let it cook. When ondeh ondeh floats to the top, the dough is cooked. Roll cooked ondeh ondeh in the steamed white coconut shreds.


1. Boil gula melaka, sugar and water until all the sugar dissolve. Sift the mixture. Pour the shredded coconut into the sifted mixture. Add in salt and mix well. Pour in flour mixture and stir until well mixed. Leave aside to cool before using.
The recipe is from Baking Mum.

My Yummy Ondeh Ondeh!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

My days of tireness are coming again

Haven't been blogging recently due to the overwhelming workload which seems to be piling non-stop since the 1st day of school. Apparently, most people got the wrong idea of Mother Tongue Teachers having more free time than any other EMS teachers. Well, it seems so untrue since I've got 40 periods of lesson in 1 week as compared to an EMS teacher who gets around 30-35 periods in a week. On top of that, all teachers are engaged in Administrative duties , for instance, collection of payments and collating the name list of those who had paid. Not only that, but also to compile the list of students not able to attend CCA etc.

All these seems to take up half of the day. Next up, LESSON time. P1 are currently on Hanyu Pinyin where we will teach them the basics of Hanyu Pinyin ( a, e, i, o, u) and get them to read them correctly. Though most of the students are already built with some basic foundation, however, there are still some who are not able to do so. P2 syllabus are tougher. The topics are longer in content and of course harder since its Higher Mother Tongue. My P2 students are quite okay at the moment, but I believe some might face difficulties in the near future.

Attended the 1st House Practise in my school on Tuesday. Due to the Wet weather, house practise was scheduled in the Hall. I thought I would get to exercise with the Kids since they will be doing Running, High and Long Jump and Shotput. However, I was only supposed to be in charge of attendance and organising the kids to shuffle between the different stations. Okay, fine. No chance to exercise off my fats.

Anyway, the grams I've piled on during school holidays should be, most likely, hopefully, will be shed off in say another 2 months time? I really need to lose some weight so that I can look beautifully slim on my ROM day which will be in another 1 month time. Btw, new updates on my flat. Won''t be shifting in till End April as the Sellers had some problems with their initial Selling agent and they had a changed in their selling agent. Thus, the purchased of their new flat were delayed and as a result, they got no choice but to deferred the dates of allowing us to move in. Anyway, we will be charging them rental according to market rate. Quite disappointed but wont be holding the blame at the sellers cause both me and hubby know that it aint their fault at all but that stupid agent.

God bless that we won't be delayed anymore till End March when we can finally start the renovation. Now, I'm hoping for the school holidays in June! Hahahahah!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

New Samsung LCD!

Was busy since School started. Chaotic I can say. Had a change in my Form Class from Primary 2 to Primary 1. Well, not much of effects except for some cry babies. My primary 2 class were considered quite okay. There's 2 students who are medically unfit. One of them got Polio, thus he is not able to walk properly so he requires much help from the teachers and classmates. The other boy's condition which I am not so sure of seems more risky. Heard that it's somehow causing some danger to his health. That boy's such a daring and its quite sad to see him like that.

Anyway, workloads been piling and piling even when we have not started any lessons yet. The 3 days of orientation were hell tiring and starving. Most of the teachers were on empty stomachs cause we had to report work at 7am! Can you imagine 7am and we have to be stationed in school already! Though my house's quite near to school, somehow or rather, I still need to wake myself up at 5+. I guessed that's the explanation to my drowsiness in school. LOL.

Alright, I shall stop myself from talking about school now. It's going to be a longgggggggggg way. *sigh* Now, gonna chat some happy things. Hee~ Hubby and me just got our new TV for our house! Yohooooo! It's Samsung 37" LCD TV! It's superbly nice lor! Hehe~ The price after less was $2599 and it comes with free gift ranging from Samsung Fridge, DVD Players, Home Theatre Studio System to Takashimaya $350 Vouchers. Both of us chose the Home Theatre Studio System since it looks more expensive and we will need that for our new home too. Hehe! Its so exciting buying new electrical appliances for our new home!

HDMI allows 100% transmission of both visual and audio digital signals, ensuring perfect image and sound reproduction when connected to a PC, STB, DVD, or DTV with both digital visual and audio signals.

Samsung LCD TVs can function as a high-resolution OC monitor and a high-end TV without any sacrifice in picture quality. They outperform PC monitors in brightness, response time, and resolution.

With various PIP (Picture in Picture) modes, you can watch TV and view images from DVDs, PCs, camcorders or games at the same time.

Samsung LCD TVs offer unparalleled picture quality that can be optimized for gaming at the touch of a button. It allows for H-sharpness and a faster response time while playing games. In addition, its powerful surround sound produces a magical environment of wonder that is filled with joy and excitement.

The surround sound of a Samsung LCD TV’s speakers makes you feel as if the theatre has been brought to you.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

My Addidas Watch!

Hohoho~ went on a shopping spree with Hubby again! LOL~ We're quite hooked on shopping recently after all these Christmas and Year End sales. Gosh! Dear Hubby super happy today cause he got himself alot of new apparels! I haven't got anything caught in eye, so did not buy any apparels but got myself a Brazil Jersey from Dear Hubby wanted me to wear Jersey as he said he always like me in Jerseys. Alright, since the Jersey looks nice and it's sponsored by my Dear Dear, why not! HAHAHAHAHA! *Evil laughter* Dear Hubby got himself a Tee also.

Had dinner at Pizza Walker. The Calamaris were fanstatic! Very yummy! Hehe~ When we were about to left Wisma, Dear Dear saw a pinkish watch that caught his eye and he wanted to get it for me. What's funny was that he did not see the brand of that watch! It's Tag Heuer! That watch will definitely cost say around $3-$4K with all those diamonds. LOL! Anyway, we popped into City Chain and guessed what! We saw this Addidas watch which is very nice! It's so classic! Dear Dear thought it looked nice on me and I love it too, so we bought it! Hahaha, sponsored by my dear dear hubby as usual! Wonderful day!

Last but not least, SCHOOL STARTS AGAIN! #$%@&*
Sigh~ 又要開始奮鬥囉!

White Leathery Finished with Pink Background!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Birthday Bashes

Me and Hubby met Thomas and gang out for Birthday celebrations. The Birthday boys, opps I meant Birthday Men were Cong, Kent and Ivan. Apparently, Cong's the oldest among them all but he had to forgo his 24th candles since Kent and Ivan are both 23rd this year! Hahaha~ Poor Cong.

Anyway, we all had dinner at Sketches which is located in Bugis Junction. Food was considered okay only. I ordered a Kids Golden Chick meal that consists of 6 small nuggets and some fries while Dear Dear ordered Carbonara with Bacon. Both of us shared the meal cause we were quite full from the Nasi Lemak we had in the morning. The rest also ordered Pasta dishes. Ivan and Cong got themselves Lobster Pasta, Michael got himself a Lamb chop Pasta, Thomas's a Pork Chick Pasta, Kent's a Steaky Pasta, WC got himself a Self-customised Pasta that comes with 2 fat sausages and Liwen got herself 2 appetizers - Spicy Tomatoes Mussels and a Prawn Salad. 呼! My memory's damn good! LOL! Desserts for the night was Mango Mousse Cake which happened to be the Birthday cake. The cake was truly delicious!

After the dinner, we headed to Caesar Bar in Liang Seah Street. A cool and funky place for drinks and soccer. The services over there is good too! The guys were gubbling themselves with the Chivas and Green tea while I decided to stay put by drinking coke. I don't really like hard liquor that much and it only comes to great mood when I want to drink some. We played some games and apparently, most of them were drunk (cause the punishment = drinks). Dear Dear was abit drunk too but after some resting on the loungue sofa, he was quite okay. The rest suggested Kway Chaps at Youji Duck rice. Well, supper was baddddd. The rest were drunk and wanted to phewed! Oh man~ Gross!!!!!! Luckily, they did not. A crazy night out!