Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pre-Order from Japan *Limited Offer* - CLOSED

Takoyaki Maker (電気たこ焼き器)

■ Voltage: AC100V 
■ Power: 500W
■ Thermal fuse: ℃ 172
■ Automatic temperature control circuit: ℃ 160
■ Size: 25.76 × 25.76 × 7.25cm 

Price: $70

Petite Donut Maker

■ Size: 19.5 × 25 × 10 height (cm)
■ Color: Milky Pink
■ Voltage: 100V 50/60Hz
■ Power: 520W
■ Thermal fuse: ℃ 240
■ Thermal Stat: ℃ 180

Price: $70

Note: Above electrical appliances are direct from Japan, therefore please note that you need to use a transformer before using these appliances. Transformers can be easily purchased from your local store (e.g. Best Denki/Harvey Norman/Courts/Self-Fix Stores)

For interested parties who would like to join in this Pre-order, please kindly send your order to An order confirmation email will be send to you, providing with Collection mode and payment information. 
Pre-Order Closed. Thank you!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blog Project #1: 早餐店系列 - Pancakes & Hashbrowns

Now comes my 2nd from Blog Project #1: 早餐店系列, featuring homemade Pancakes and Hashbrowns!
Even though in Taiwan, most breakfast are very traditional - in terms of cusine wise which means more Chinese but as years grew by, most Taiwanese are also learning to adapt new cuisine and so you can see many western breakfast in their local 早餐店 as well.

Pancakes and Hashbrowns are the most common breakfast items that you can get from most 早餐店 and even though their pancakes may not be as fanciful as what we get from Western cafes, they taste great too!

I've always been making pancakes since they are pretty easy and blend well with almost anything - Jam, butter, fruit etc. It also goes well with milk, tea, coffee and juices which explains why this is so popular in Macdondalds cause not only the kids love them, adults too!

As for Hashbrowns, Prince Charming has a fetish towards them :) He especially loves the ones from Macdonalds' breakfast. I decided to make them myself instead of getting the frozen ready kinds this time!

Breakfast! My favourite meal of all time :)

Pancakes! I loves them with honey too!

Self-made Hashbrowns - I shredded them prior to boiling them. Makes work easier!

Hashbrowns are pretty easy to make but it can be tedious when it comes to shaping them. I had a hard time trying to shape my hashbrowns so I added some flour to make them stick. 

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Blog Project #1: 早餐店系列 - 蛋餅 & 總匯三明治

Those who are on my Facebook would probably noticed my recent status "Blog Project #1: 早餐店系列 ♥"
Very motivated by many bloggers who actually make the effort to plan food projects for their blogs, I've also been thinking of starting mini projects for my blog to movitate myself to cook/bake more. This was pending in my To-Do list for quite sometime only till recently that I decided it's time!

The first project will be 早餐店系列 because breakfast is always the meal that I eat the most (in terms of appetite) and also the meal that I always look forward to :P Without further ado, here I present the 1st from my Blog Project #1. 1st from the project features Breakfast from Taiwan's 早餐店 which consists of  蛋餅, 總匯三明治 and Black Tea.

Blog Project #1  早餐店系列

蛋餅 is one of the most common breakfast in Taiwan that consists of  egg and  a batter skin. Most of the time, ingredients such as cheese, pork floss or spring onions can also be added to make it more savoury :)
My  蛋餅 receipe was adopted from 小小米桶 but I did some slighty changes to the amount of water added for the batter as I find that the orignal recipe's is a little too thick for my personal liking.

總匯三明治 is a MUST for my breakfast when I go back to Taiwan for holidays. I like the fact that it's full of ingredients and yet so cheap! It cost around NT25 for 1 which consists of at least 4 slices of white bread with lettuce, tomatoes, meat patties, egg, and sometimes ham. The amount of ingredients make this sandwich really tall that you have to secure with toothpicks. I don't have any toothpicks at home (cause we use floss) so my 總匯三明治 went out of shape :(  The sandwiches were really gigantic after piling all the ingredients. For mine, I added tomatoes, lettuces, chicken patties and egg.

Fellow bloggers who are also interested in my project, please join me! I'll love to see many posts featuring the different kinds of breakfast ;)

Friday, April 08, 2011

Baby Kwok is 1!

Baby Kwok finally turns 1 year old on April 6! My little baby is officially a Toddler now! Come to think of it, I pretty much missed the days when he's still a newborn :)

Anyway, we had a Closed Door Party for his Big One Celebration at "With a Pinch of Salt by Kyra" last Saturday and though he's still too young to know what's exactly going on but I could tell that he is really happy cause he was smiling and clapping his hands happily :D

The Birthday Cake that I ordered for Baby Kwok was way above my expectations and it wowed all the guests especially the little guests and they were literally going "Wowwwwwwwwwwwww" with their mouths wide open! I was the happiest person on earth at that moment! Oh, Baby Kwok's Birthday cake was from Pine Garden - My All-time Favorite!

Food catering according to my guests' reviews were nice, especially the Bacon Aglio Olio and Banana goes Porky (Bananas wrapped with Bacon). The kids were really happy with the fact that dessert was Ice-cream (Vanilla/Chocolate/Strawberry) and some of the kids came up to me and thank me for the nice Goodies box that I've prepared for them . Thank god for the little ones!

The Birthday Celebration was a big success and I would like to thank everyone for their perfect attendance and of course, the crews at With a Pinch of Salt by Kyra were really friendly and helpful! They were helping me with all the arrangements and even offered to help me cut up the cake and serve the guests! Pine Garden was nice to did some little changes to the cake design according to the Cake toppers that I provided and I was really thrilled when I saw the cake (even though the changes may not be obvious but hey I did noticed it!). They never fail to disappoint me!