Friday, October 21, 2011

Moo Moo Chiffon Cake

Finally baked my chiffon cakes yesterday !!!!!! It's pretty obvious that I baked while Baby Kwok is having his sleep otherwise, I don't think I'll get any minute in my kitchen! Anyway, these chiffon cakes were for Prince Charming's colleague housewarming as well as the breakfast for my department. It's been ages since I baked for my colleagues and his colleagues!!! Time flies isnt it, Baby Kwok will be attending school in Nov! Hopefully I'll get more time to bake snacks for him to bring to school :)

Anywya, love the moo moo effects! It wasn't as hard as I expected so I believe anyone can make this!
Give it a try! I swear it's addictive! I mean eating and baking ;)

Had some leftover batter so I did a mini chiffon (with real marble effects)

Love these moo moo effects :)

The efforts spent were worth it!!

To make these, you'll need:

Batter Mixture
- 70g Yolks
- 60g Water
- 60g Oil
- 20g Sugar (I used fine sugar)
- 70g flour (First)
- 10g flour (Latter)
- 8g Cocoa Powder

Egg White Mixture
- 180g Egg whites
- 90g Sugar
- 10g Corn Starch
  1. Mix Yolk + Sugar + Oil till well combined. Add in water and flour and mix well. Make sure that there are no lumps visible.

  2. Separate the batter evenly into 2. In Batter 1, add in 10g of flour and mix well. Set aside. In Batter 2, add in 8g of Cocoa Powder and mix well.

  3. In a deep bowl, whisk egg whites till soft foam and add in sugar gradually. When the mixture is slightly 'ribbony', add in the corn starch and mix till you get a shiny and smooth peak. (Not too stiff).

  4.  Divide the white mixture into 2 and fold respectively into Plain batter and Chocolate batter.

  5. Scoop either batter at the corners of the chiffon pan (I set 3 corners) then top over with the other batter. Repeat till you get about 70% full.

  6. Bring to bake at 170 degree Celsius for 35 mins. Turn the cake upside upon baking and remove from pan once cooled.

** Recipe adopted from Kitchen Corner**