Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Baby Bluess

Will Baby Blues drive away all my Monday Blues?

Awwww... I love Zoe, Hammie and Wren.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Sunny Sunday

Feeling so refresh especially when it comes to a Sunday. No work, No Worries, No Waking up early, No Rushing for time, No Missing of my favourite serial dramas. I-Love-Sunday! Love cuddling with Hubby on our sofa, enjoying sips of Soya Bean Milk. Oh, did I just spoil the mood? It's supposed to be Earl Gray tea instead of Soya Bean Milk, but gracious me did not stock up any of that royal Earl Gray tea. Booo...

Also, it's seems hundred years that I lasted posted any foodies. Well, well, well, GRACIOUS me simply just plain lazy to snap, edit and upload. Count yourself lucky today because I had my sufficient beauty sleep and I got that mood to do some snappings.

Made some Butterscotch Waffles for Breakfast today. Run out of Maple syrup so had to use Honey instead. Like mentioned earlier, no Earl Gray tea so had to top up with Soya Bean Milk. Wanted to make some chicken patties but realised there's no more chicken in the fridge. Goodness, it's really time to stock up my groceries. Wonder what happen exactly? Did Hubby and me stuffed ourselves so much this month that we ran out of food so soon? Anyway, so I replaced the Chicken patties with chicken sausages instead. I always love sausages especially german and taiwan sausages! Yummy!

As usual, we had our breakfast right beside our full panel windows where beams of sunlight fall upon us. So cozy and romantic. I always love having breakfast. Anyway, drool over my waffles! It's HAND-MADE! I think I should switched to making Pandan flavoured waffles next time round. *Yummy*

Friday, September 21, 2007

Fly me to the moon

It's always heartwarming to know that your bestest buddies' happiest memories were part of yours. It's like a jigsaw puzzle ; every single piece matters. Like many, I have many many happiest moments too!I treasured them like my precious gems and I secured them inside my heart-chest box.

My childhood days were memorable . I spent most of my time playing around the neighbourhood , going to and fro my cousins' house and "helping" out my parents at our Niang Tou Fu's stall many many years ago. I always love the moments spent at the NTF stall, especially figging with the freshly made fishballs! My parents though felt that I ain't doing much help since I was only 5 yrs old at that time, didn't stop me but rather they love having me there because of my chatty box character. I cheer them up with the most hilarious thing that comes out from my mouth. You know, kids-love-to-mutter-nonsense. Moreover, my parents were okay with me that I can take any amount of money from the drawer and buy anything I like. Hey, you tell me which kid doesn't enjoy that. Yah, my parents overly pampered me. That's was when I was 5 years old. After that, mum gave birth to my brother and all the attention was somehow diverted to baby Lixi. Nevertheless, I am still a pampered princess though I get bullied by my elder sister always! Arghh.. She loves pinching me you know! She even threatened me that if I run away, I would have to pay her 50 cents. 50 cents seems like $50 at that time to me. So, yah you know.. My-sister-pinched-me-happily. Of course, mum gave birth to my youngsest brother, Xuanrui and almost 80% of my attention were directed to baby xuanrui. *Sob*

Primary school days were not that fantastic. Frankly speaking, I hated my primary school life. Not because of the classmates I had but the teachers that taught me rather. Primary 1 - Mrs Joyce Tan. I REMEMBER HER DEEPLY! She's not really very responsible, I can say. Even my mum agrees with me. She merely wanted to get over with the lesson by just going through the textbook without much explanation of how to proceed with the contents. I bet she's the one who hinder my progress in English Language. I'm lucky that mum's educated in English else, I can kill myself right away. Primary 2 - Same teacher, same problem, same issue. Primary 3 - Ms Irene Foo. She's super strict but I like. Primary 4 - Ms. Catherine Low. Super fierce and a nagger, I don't like. Primary 5 - Mrs Tan Chey Hia. Okay lor, transferred me to another class because she wanted her class to be prestige and all the average students were transferred. I hate that! Primary 6 - Mrs Ahino. I like! She's very patient and nice. Gave me the most encouragement at that time. Base on the description that I wrote for each and individual teacher, it's not difficult to spot the teacher that I hated the most out of the 5 I had.

Secondary School days were honeymoon to me. I had the most happiest, fun and marevellous time! It's like entirely throughout the years, nothing really gotten me down besides the usual friendship conflicts but it's still beautifully resolved. I'm gald that I had my bestest buddies with me for so many years. All of us went through thick and thin together! I love almost all the teachers that taught me in secondary school. Well, the most favourite would have to go to Mrs Choo Poh Poh! She's really a super teacher. Always there when we needed her the most. *Applause* I love the food over at my secondary school too! Sushi, Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich, Lor Mee, Kway Chap, Mee Soto and so and so. Not forgetting the super torturing TAF program. Oh, I used to be an obese kid. Pui Kia!

Tetiary school days were just normal. Made some nice and humourous friends. Had many 1st attempt like 1st attempt clubbing, 1st attempt drinking alcholic drinks, 1st attempt pong tank class, 1st attempt talk back at lecturers, 1st attempt to copy homework! LOL, 我的第一次 and my very 1st boyfriend too! LOL! Okay, I am shy girl, don't want to say liao lah *Reddish Face*

Anyway, my team leader just walked past me and saw me doing this blog entry. Sayonara, I'm in deep shit!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Some chit and chat

Was on the way to MRT when Huiping stopped me. Alright, many people are rather "afraid" of her because they always think that she is a weird girl. I don't deny the fact that I felt the same, but I don't avoid her anyway.

She was telling me that her contract would come to an end on 16th october and that means, she'll have no jobs. Furthermore, heard that she came from a rather poor family so she is like supporting her parents and silbings. I think she does need help.

Gave her some advices but seems like she's one stubborn cow. Not only stubborn, she's also very naive. I just wonder if God is really fair to her in some ways. Anyway, I may not be very close to her, I just pray for her that she gets a job ASAP so that she can further her studies and support her family. She's in fact a nice girl just probably someone who's of different frequency from most people.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


I got no idea for what reason, I FELL DEEP IN LOVE WITH YOGA.
No jokes serious. I love Kickboxing too! I guessed it's because I'm not someone who sweats a lot so when it comes to exercising, I prefer something that can really make me wet. *Don't think other way pls*

You know what. I suspects my sweat glands are playing prank on me sometimes. It's like I don't even sweat a single bit during the good old days of Physical Education or the dragful 2.4km run. No, not a single bit! No sweat = no sweat. No matter how hard I squeeze, no sweat! I really envy those who sweats like hell during the run cause I don't have a single drop :(

So, Yoga and Kickboxing make me a happy girl somehow! I totally sweat like there's no tomorrow! Can you imagine my whole tee was wet and it became transulent that you can peep through my bra. Yes, I sweat that lot. So for now, I really need to motivate myself to go for my regular yoga sessions twice/thrice per week and my Kickboxing once per week. Once Kickboxing ends in October, I'll go for the Combat sessions in True Yoga. Hohoho!

Sooooo.. I need more yoga pants and more tops. Sponsors Sponsors Sponsors. Don't try to act blur. I know you are reading my blog! =X

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The world of dilemma

Just gotten back from Hot Yoga. *Yawn*
Body's relaxing and everything just seems to be floating. My eyes are shutting down any moment so I better grab this minute to blog as much as possible.

While resting at True Yoga just now, Ah mei confide in me about her dilemma. She even told me she cried today because of this dilemma issue. I was so shocked! To me, Ah mei's always tbe toughest and strongest girl in our group. It is impossible that she will cry even though things get serious. At that moment, I felt I need to help Ah mei with my almighty power.

Ah mei is feeling very confused now. She has tendered her resignation to her company and the resignation was accepted. However, everyone in the company is holding her back because she's really a nice girl who is responsible in her duties. They co-offered her a rather attractive package. Ah mei told me that the company is quite good in the sense that they are quite flexible with the reporting hours. If you have something on, just inform them and you can definitely be release early from work. It's hard to find such nice company I can say.

Problem now comes. She is not sure if she should stay or she should just quit and awaits the new job. She hasn't secure any job at the moment and she is also deciding to pursue her studies. To me, I thought, if she is going to study then it will be good if her working hours are flexible so I told her to stay on if its possible. Hubby do agreed with me too.

I'm not too sure how I can help Ah mei with her problem. Being in a dilemma is no good thing. I hate dilemma especially when it comes to food. Ban Mian or chicken rice? Choose 1. I hate such questions.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Know what? I'm seriously trying my best to blog in a more professional way. Like, writing as though I'm doing an essay for some publications, or like I'm doing my own books? In other words, Formal and neat. Too bad my brain cells were protesting against it because, they strongly feels that I am not up to that standard!

Okay, fine I admit. I'm not very fluent with my writing becuase I tense to drift here, pop there and back to the same old topic again. Sounds like my mum? Mum's always trying get me to understand what she wants by going in circles and rounds. I think I'm born to be like my mum. 90% I can say! Even Hubby is saying that the feel and taste of my cookings, the way I stands, how I bargain in markets, tone that I speaks and even the topics I like to discuss resembles my mum. Come on, my mum gave me life, its nature that I resembles her. However, sometimes I do behave and talk like my dad. Obviously, I meant the way my dad and me handles things. We are more calm as compared to my mum and sister.

Anyway, I'm going for Hot Yoga later. Will be going down to Pacific Plaza with Ah Mei. Detox here I come!!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Hot Yoga

The Hot yoga session at True yoga was good! I sweat like hell man. I think it really helps in detoxing my body cause after the session, 大Joyz and me headed for our lunch. Right after that, I went to had a apple pie @ Polar and shortly after that, I got the urge to do some real big business! Hahahahahahah~~

It really helps man~ Make me move my bowels within such short period! I don't have to "punish" myself no more to eat bananas~~~~ The facilites over at UOB is simply goregous~ Love it man~ The showering rooms were great too~ Powerful water volume!! Wahahahhaha!
Hair dryer best lah~ Dry my long curly fries within 3 mins!!! Over-all 4 stars for the facilites but 1 star for sales service!

I hate my Sales consultant, Sebastian! I think he's just aiming for commission lor. Though compared my after sales service to the others, he is considered nice, BUT I think he can do it better lorrr. I'm giving him a 4.9K deal man, he should treat me like a queen okie! *Pukesss.. I know my 4.9K is nothing to him lah, cause was chatting with one of the girls I met there and she told me she is paying $250+ per month for 3 years and that makes up to 10K deal! * At least, he picks up my calls but he's not a punctual person lah! Make me wait for him!! Boooooo, I never like waiting.

Anyway, I signed up because I want the sessions not the attention of the sales people lah. IF not, I think I'll be like those Sugar tai tais. The sessions and facilites are good, really! I don't regret signing up and I hope my buddies can sign up with me lor. It's always good to know that your bestest friends are in good shape too! So far, only 1 bestie signed up with me and that's Miss Ah Mei!!! Yohoo~ I think I must arrange a schedule for both of us. All the best to our "slimming + toning"!

Btw, those intersted in going for Trial, sms me or call me! I can bring up to 10 pax for 2 weeks of trial sessions. Only you are really interested in signing up for it lah! Cause, all fittness clubs follow the same procedures that is, you come for Trial, we want your business! It applies to Pure, California, Planet and so so so... Some may not be that agressive but you can truly tell from their expressions when you reject their offer.

If you asked me, why did I signed up with True yoga instead of Pure, it's quite straight forward. Pure is way tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ex for me lor. Also, they got lesser classes compared to True. Of course, I'll opt for the cheaper and better one lor. If you are the kinds that prefers service than classes, then go for Pure, otherwise True is indeed a good choice!

So niceeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Someone to hold me tight
That would be very nice

Someone to love me right
That would be very nice

Someone to understand
Each little dream in me

Someone to take my hand
And be a team with me

So nice, life would be so nice

If one day I'd find
Someone who would take my hand
And samba through life with me

Someone to cling to me
Stay with me right or wrong

Someone to sing to me
Some little samba song

Someone to take my heart
And give his heart to me

Someone who's ready to
Give love a start with me

Oh yeah, that would be so nice
I could see you and me, that would be nice

Oh yes, that would be so nice
Shouldn't we, you and me?
I can see it will be nice...

I did the chinese translation ALL BY MYSELF! * Proud*
Truly love this Bossa Nova song max to the core! It just make me happy when listening to it.

*Applause for Bossa Nova and myself* :P

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Offical TY Member

Well, well.. well.... I would like to take this oppoturnity to spread this marvellous news to all of you out there. I AM OFFICALLY A TRUE YOGA MEMBER!

Yes, my wish came true. I thought I would be super, damn, very excited and happy but sadly no. I wasn't that happy, excited after all. I guessed its the montly payment sum that caused that little bad impact. 談錢傷感情呀~~~

Anyway, I got to make sure that I fully utilised my access for the 3 years. Yes yes yes, I signed 3 years with True Yoga, with 14 months FOC that means I get 50 months access for the price of 36 months. Yes Yes Yes, that means I'm paying $97 per month for my unlimited sessions of all sorts of yoga, combat and fittness.

Will be going down for Hot Yoga session with 大 Joyz this saturday. Gotta sleep early on Friday cause I need to wake both 大 Joyz and myself up at 7am. The session starts at 830am! Oh, BTW Mee shyan is coming down with me for a FOC trial session. If she signs with True Yoga, it'll be perfect! I'll have another companion for yoga and combat sessions! Pray hard that she signs and oh ya, Ah mei also signed but she's having a little problem here as she needs a Credit Card to get the package lor. My Credit Card limits is insufficient to help her. Hopefully, Covin is willing to help his little darling else, I really need to get Hubby to call UOB up to rush them though we did today.

Pray me with good figure and good luck with my sessions!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I am tempted. I am tempted. I am tempted. I am tempted. I am tempted.
I am tempted. I am tempted. I am tempted. I am tempted. I am tempted.
I am tempted. I am tempted. I am tempted. I am tempted. I am tempted.
I am tempted. I am tempted. I am tempted. I am tempted. I am tempted.
I am tempted. I am tempted. I am tempted. I am tempted. I am tempted.
I am tempted. I am tempted. I am tempted. I am tempted. I am tempted.

Any sponsors?

I promise I'll be good!
I promise I'll attend the classes attentively.
I promise I'll definitely work myself towards Vivi's Model figures.
I promise I won't junked on Junk foods. * I try my best not to*
I promise I'll won't be lazy.
I promise I'll do anything. *BJ, HJ all can! Evil Grin*

Sponsors pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.......

Sunday, September 02, 2007


應該等了很久了吧? 對不起啦,因為工作量增加所以真的沒有很多時間上部落格了。Anyway, 我還是有打算把照片Po給大家看,so請原諒囉!

I know that there's more to go but the pictures are really far too big in pixels to upload. I need more time and a better router. My house is running on wireless now but the router was bought by Hubby 3 years ago. It's getting on age like me! Someone, please sponsor a new router for me okie? PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Noah's Ark

Well, well well~ I wondered where the heck did all the bibles stories that were told during my primary and secondary school days went to suddenly, when I caught the "Evan Almighty" last night.

Holy cow, the show was goregous. IT'S HEARTWARMING, I truly swear. Heartwarming is much much different with Touching ah, so please don't question me if I cried during the movie. I DID'NT but I nearly. LOL

Anyway, in Gensis 6:14 (if I'm not wrong), it was mentioned that a diasterous flood would land on earth and destroyed all living lives. God was angry with man's evil behaviour you see. I remembered slightly about this story but I just couldn't recall much yesterday. Mama mee-ya, I think I'm getting on age.

If you are curious about the story of Noah's Ark, please scroll down for more. I am ready to roll up my sleeves and tell you! Errr.. okay, type out I mean. Thanks to Wikipedia!

The story of Noah's Ark, according to chapters 6 to 9 in the Book of Genesis,[2] begins with God observing man's evil behaviour and deciding to flood the earth and destroy all life. However, God found one good man, Noah, "a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time," and decided that he would carry forth the lineage of man. God told Noah to make an ark, and to bring with him his wife, and his sons Shem, Ham, and Japheth, and their wives. Additionally, he was told to bring examples of all animals and birds, male and female. In order to provide sustenance, he was told to bring and store food.

Noah and his family and the animals entered the Ark, and "the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened, and the rain was upon the earth forty days and forty nights." The flood covered even the highest mountains to a depth of more than twenty feet, and all creatures died; only Noah and those with him on the Ark were left alive.

After 150 days, the Ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat. The waters continued to recede, and after about seventy more days the hilltops emerged. Noah sent out a raven which "went to and fro until the waters were dried up from the earth." Next, Noah sent a dove out, but it returned having found nowhere to land. After a further seven days, Noah again sent out the dove, and it returned with an olive leaf in its beak, and he knew that the waters had subsided. Noah waited seven days more and sent out the dove once more, and this time it did not return. Then he and his family and all the animals left the Ark, and Noah made a sacrifice to God, and God resolved that he would never again curse the ground because of man, and never again would He destroy all life on it in this manner.

In order to remember this promise, God put a rainbow in the clouds, saying, "Whenever I bring clouds over the earth and the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth."

Well, that's not all okay. There's other later traditions of the story of Noah's Ark too!

In Rabbinic tradition

According to one tradition, he had in fact passed on God's warning, planting cedars one hundred and twenty years before the Deluge so that the sinful could see and be urged to amend their ways. In order to protect Noah and his family, God placed lions and other ferocious animals to guard them from the wicked who mocked them and offered them violence. According to one midrash, it was God, or the angels, who gathered the animals to the Ark, together with their food. As there had been no need to distinguish between clean and unclean animals before this time, the clean animals made themselves known by kneeling before Noah as they entered the Ark. A differing opinion said that the Ark itself distinguished clean from unclean, admitting seven of the first and two of the second.

Noah was engaged both day and night in feeding and caring for the animals, and did not sleep for the entire year aboard the Ark. The animals were the best of their species, and so behaved with utmost goodness. They abstained from procreation, so that the number of creatures that disembarked was exactly equal to the number that embarked. Yet Noah was lamed by the lion, rendering him unfit for priestly duties, and the sacrifice at the end of the voyage was therefore carried out by his son Shem. The raven created problems, refusing to go out of the Ark when Noah sent it forth and accusing the Patriarch of wishing to destroy its race. Nevertheless, as the commentators pointed out, God wished to save the raven, for its descendants were destined to feed the prophet Elijah.

Refuse was stored on the lowest of the Ark's three decks, humans and clean beasts on the second, and the unclean animals and birds on the top. A differing opinion placed the refuse in the utmost story, from where it was shovelled into the sea through a trapdoor. Precious stones, bright as midday, provided light, and God ensured that food was kept fresh. The giant Og, king of Bashan, was among those saved—as he must have been, as his descendants are mentioned in later books of the Torah—but owing to his size had to remain outside, Noah passing him food through a hole cut into the wall of the Ark.

In Islamic tradition

Noah (Nuh) is one of the five principal prophets of Islam, generally mentioned in connection with the fate of those who refuse to listen to the Word. References are scattered through the Qur'an, with the fullest account at surah 11:27–51, entitled "Hud".

In contrast to the Jewish tradition, which uses a term which can be translated as a "box" or "chest" to describe the Ark, surah 29:14 refers to it as a safina, an ordinary ship, and surah 54:13 as "a thing of boards and nails". Surah 11:44 says it settled on Mount Judi, identified by tradition with a hill near the town of Jazirat ibn Umar on the east bank of the Tigris in the province of Mosul in northern Iraq.

Abd al-Hasan Ali ibn al-Husayn Masudi (d. 956) says that the spot where it came to rest could be seen in his time. Masudi also says that the Ark began its voyage at Kufa in central Iraq and sailed to Mekka, where it circled the Kaaba, before finally travelling to Judi. Sura 11:41 says: "And he said, 'Ride ye in it; in the Name of God it moves and stays!'" Abdallah ibn 'Umar al-Baidawi, writing in the 13th century, takes this to mean that Noah said, "In the Name of God!" when he wished the Ark to move, and the same when he wished it to stand still.

The flood was sent by Allah in answer to Noah's prayer that this evil generation should be destroyed; yet as Noah was righteous he continued to preach, and seventy idolaters were converted and entered the Ark with him, bringing the total aboard to 78 humans (these seventy plus the eight members of Noah's own family). The seventy had no offspring, and all of post-flood humanity is descended from Noah's three sons. A fourth son (or a grandson, according to some) named Canaan was among the idolaters, and was drowned.

Baidawi gives the dimensions of the Ark as 300 cubits by 50 by 30, and explains that in the first of the three levels wild and domesticated animals were lodged, in the second the human beings, and in the third the birds. On every plank was the name of a prophet. Three missing planks, symbolising three prophets, were brought from Egypt by Og, son of Anak, the only one of the giants permitted to survive the Flood. The body of Adam was carried in the middle to divide the men from the women.

Noah spent five or six months aboard the Ark, at the end of which he sent out a raven. But the raven stopped to feast on carrion, and so Noah cursed it and sent out the dove, which has been known ever since as the friend of mankind. Masudi writes that God commanded the earth to absorb the water, and certain portions which were slow in obeying received salt water in punishment and so became dry and arid. The water which was not absorbed formed the seas, so that the waters of the flood still exist.

Noah left the Ark on the tenth day of Muharram, and he and his family and companions built a town at the foot of Mount Judi named Thamanin ("eighty"), from their number. Noah then locked the Ark and entrusted the keys to Shem. Yaqut al-Hamawi (1179–1229) mentions a mosque built by Noah which could be seen in his day, and Ibn Batutta passed the mountain on his travels in the 14th century. Modern Muslims, although not generally active in searching for the Ark, believe that it still exists on the high slopes of the mountain.

The show is really really good, I can say! Morgan Freeman is really 慈祥 lor. He's so gentle and nice! Steve Carell is so funny too! The last time I caught his movie was "The 40 year old Virgin" and it holy cow made me laugh till I nearly wee.