Thursday, December 27, 2007

Mee Goreng

Makes 6 servings

Hokkien Mee500g
Tau Kuar (cubed)1 pieces
Diced onions1
Ketchup6 Tbsp
Chilli Sauce6 Tbsp
Chinchalok2 Tbsp
Mixed vegetables1 1/2 full cup
Bean sprouts1 cup

* Remember to wash hokkien mee before cooking for better hygiene and less greasiness*

  1. Heat up the oil in a frying wok on medium heat. Bring the diced onions to cook till fragrant.
    Add in the cubed tau kuar. (I did not deep fried the Tau kuar for a healthier option)

  2. Stir in hokkien mee and blend well. You may add in some water/Chicken stock to prevent the noodles from sticking to the wok if you are using a non-stick one like mine.

  3. Stir in the mixed vegetables and make sure it is well combined with the noodles.

  4. Add in the ketchup, chilli sauce and Chinchalok. Stir well and simmer for 2 mins.

  5. Lastly, add in the bean sprouts and stir well. Simmer for another 1 min and it is ready to be serve.

This is the Mee goreng that I whipped up for my Family Christmas Dinner. It is in fact my first attempt trying on it and I am relieved that it tasted good and my family members love it :)

I did this recipe by intuition as in, I try to figure out how Mee goreng should be done. I can't say its 100% similar to the one we get from our Malay friends but I can say its resemble 80% like the one we get from the local Zi Char stall.

My cousins commented that it was nicely done up and they really like it. I added in Chinchalok because my family members are big fans of spicy food and so do I! I can't live without chilli ;)

For those who are not sure of what Chinchalok is, it is acutally a very delicious sauce that's slightly saltish and pungent. I don't really know how to describe it but I was introduced to this sauce long long way back during my primary school days. My god mum love to make Chinchalok herself and we always eat that with BBQ food and mee hoon.

Both my parents and I really adore Chinchalok to core. However, it is not recommended for freuqent consumption because of the prawn paste. Not very healthy I think? Anyway, you can get Chinchalok almost anywhere in Singapore. There are a few brands but the one that I really like is Taho. Oh, by the way, it is very cheap, $1.50 per bottle only. Try it someday!

Updates: With effect from 27th November 2007, please address me as Happy Mrs Kwok. No longer Mrs Kuo anymore. Oh nono, don't get the wrong idea! My Royal Prince Charming had his name changed. I still have the same and doting husband. LOL. I wil get my banners updated to reflect "Happy Mrs Kwok" asap.


Aimei said...

Hi Happy Mrs kwok,

Yummy mee goreng! I've still yet to try my hands at cooking a decent meal...haha...don't like the heat, and messy clean ups..and I tend to overcook things! :P

Happy New Year to you!! :)

Happy Mrs Kuo said...

Hi Aimei,

Thanks! Happy New Year to you too!
Time really flies. It's gonna be 2008 soon ;)

You should try this! It's easy!
Not very greasy and very delicious!
Seriously, I admit I'm better in cooking than baking. Sigh.

Not fair! >.<
LOLX kidding~

Aimei said...

Hi Happy Mrs Kwok,

Well, to be good in cooking is good ma! But I don't need to for the time can just concentrate on baking ;) I will certainly try your mee goreng one day for my family. :)

Btw, have updated your blog address. Your blog is lovely, i like pink!

Happy cooking & baking!!

wl said...

Hello, I may be a little as this post was from 2007. Anyway I am searching for the recipe to make chincalok. My mum used to make this herself (as well as belachan) and, being young then, we shrugged our shoulders and rolled our eyes. Now that she was no longer around, and I am getting older, I wanted to recreate some of the stuff she has done for us. I am wondering if you can ask your mum how she made her chincalok. All I can remember was fresh tiny shrimp ("gelago"- straight from the sea), coarse salt and cooked white rice. What proportion and what other ingredients? I am not sure. Thanks.