Sunday, December 16, 2007

Kisses for Prince Charming

I want to thank my Royal Prince Charming for editing my blog template! It's a disastrous progress I can say. It took him almost the whole night trying to figure out what happen to my banner. My banner was flipped from its original size! It' look so small now :(

I guess blogger is encountering some bugs. It took me the whole day yesterday to figure what happen too. Couldn't really think of any problem so my Prince Charming took this mission over! LOL. He is wayyyyyyyyyy more knowledgeable in programming than me ! He's an IT Analyst and that's what he does everyday in office! :P

Anyway, I heart my new blog template because there's a slight change to the icons and graphics. All credits goes to Prince Charming! I LOVE YOU DARLING~ Muacks! *Shy*


Aimei said...

Wow, nice new template you've got! I do not know what happen to my template as well. My cupcake picture swayed to one side! *sob sob* I wanted to put a video banner but it was not available for adding at the header section. Any idea how?

By the way, your xmas log cake looks yummy! :)

夏り said...

hey...i tink there's smthg wrong w banner was cut to half..and the words on the banner doesnt dhow..

Happy Mrs Kuo said...

Hey Miss Chew,

I'm sure there's something wrong with Blogger. It used to be use so good! Probably there are more users now, they are having some problems managing the whole system.

Many of my friends have switched over to Wordpress! Still deciding if I should just migrate my whole site over too. Sighx. Blogger, please do somethinggggggg