Thursday, December 20, 2007

Carrot Loaf

Makes 750g Loaf

Bread flour450g
Butter1 1/2 Tbsp
Sugar2 Tbsp
Salt1 tsp
Diced Carrots56g
Instant Dry Yeast1 Tsp

  1. Gather all the ingredients except diced carrots into the Bread Machine.

  2. Select "Basic" program and Loaf size of 750g. Proceed to press "Start".

  3. When the doughing process has finished, there will be a beeping sound. Open up the lid and add in the dice carrots.

  4. Allow the machine to function. The bread machine will continue to proof and bake the loaf.
    The whole process should take around 3 hours.

I got a surprise when I got back home last night. As my Royal Prince Charming was out with his friends, I went for my Yoga session as usual. When I got home and stepped into the kitchen, I saw this bulky box sitting on my table top.

Initially, I thought that my Prince Charming had brought out the Deep Fryer Machine which we just bought last week and so I was curious why he actually got it out from the storeroom. I walked forward and realised its not my Deep Fryer. IT'S A BREAD MACHINE!

Very shocked, I was really shocked! I started to look around and saw this note that was written by my Prince Charming. It goes: "


Surprise! Early Christmas Present for you!
Hope you like it! Merry Christmas~!

Your Prince Charming

I was so touched! I called my Prince Charming immediately and he confessed that he run all the way to Carrefour and got it back home before I reached home so that he could give me a good surprise. I love you my darling :)

Thus, I couldn't wait to use my newly bought Bread Machine. Decided to try out with Carrot loaf because it is very easy and I have tonnes of carrots at home and there is a desire need to clear them before they starts to rot. The bread came out nice at 2am. I was truly tired after that.

I sliced the bread up for our breakfast today and oh my, the bread is gorgeously nice and fluffy. We ate almost half a loaf! It's such a wonderful thing to own a Bread machine! It's so hassle free!

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