Monday, December 31, 2007

Picnic Session

I am so happy! Both my Royal Prince Charming and I will be going on a Picnic session tomorrow! Yes, the first day of 2008 ;) Surprisingly, it is also our 6 months Wedding Anniversary :)

Am currently cracking my brains on what to bring for our picinic. Royal Prince Charming has 千交代 and 萬交代 not to bring too much food. I've always got the tendency to overcook, as in cook too much! He's always the one clearing up the leftovers and everyone one seems to be saying that he has put on weight after getting married. Now, he's pointing at me for his weight gain. Well, I can't control myself sometimes :P

Anyway, I guessed I should be bringing:

  • Mini Chicken Pies X 2
  • Mini Onigiris X 2
  • Sausage Cocktails X 2
  • Mini Tuna Sandwiches X 4
  • Potato Salad X 2
  • Plain water (1.5 litres) X 1

Wish me luck in getting them prepared tonight! Ciaos!

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