Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Freshly from Taiwan

I am on my diet plan and seriously, my control over junk foods and oily food were rather well managed since the day I started. I did not have a slice of chips, no soft drinks and no fast food for the past 1 week. I know that ther is a need to discipline myself with the kind of food I'm stuffing into my mouth everyday. Everything worked so well until when I saw these:

They nearly spoilt my whole plan! I was drooling with saliva and struggling with the thoughts of "transmiting" them down my stomach. Gosh! Why on earth does this happens to me when I AM ON DIET? I was really yearning to eat them :(

My evil Royal Prince Charming ate them right in front of my eyes! He even commented that they tasted HEAVENLY! Oh my, oh my! How I wish I could just close my eyes and snip them down my throat. Awwww... UNFAIR!

Just in case you are wondering what they are, the black looking dough is actually a Chocolate flavoured Puff with milky filling while the other is the well known Lao Po Bing. My Mother-in-Law sent them over to us from Taiwan. She rushed us to finished up the puffs because she only got them in the afternoon and had them sent over at night so the puffs were still consider fresh.
Anyway, I DID not get to taste them so verdict comes from my Evil Prince Charming. He says that the milky filling taste even better than the ones at Beard Papa. By the way, it's an interesting sight that the puffs comes with a bottle of filling and so you need to squeeze the filling into the puffs by yourself. We never get to do such things in Singapore! The packaging looked so kawaii too! I bet they gonna win over the hearts of many kids. Take a look!

Ps: I know the packaging don't look very clear in this pic.


Aimei said...

Hi Mrs Kuo,

I really applaud you for your determination! I can't resist the temptation during this time of the year, especially when I've been baking so much, and having gatherings with friends. LOL. I must really get down to it after the whole festive season ends. Meanwhile, must exercise portion control and getting myself active as much as i can! :)

Happy Mrs Kuo said...

Hi Aimei,

I got no choice either :(
You know every day of the month, I give myself excuses to eat anything that I want because I got the thinking that, I need to replenish more nutrients for my body! So you know, with the constance stuffing of food (partly also because of my baking likings) I did pile on some weight.

I am also very conscious about my statstics and weight so I decided to go on a diet! Im sure you can do it Aimei. Let cheers together!

Aimei said...

Hi Mrs Kuo,

Heheh, alright, let's jia you! ;)

Merry Merry X'mas to you Mrs Kuo! :D

Happy Mrs Kuo said...