Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Family Dinner 2007

Christmas has finally arrived and the long awaited Christmas Dinner for my family has come! I was truly excited about this. It's been weeks since we had a big family gathering. I really miss my Grandma lots. I guess she miss me too because she look so cheerpy on that day ;)

Anyway, it was not only a busy day but also a chaotic day. Not the food I mean, its the kids! Firstly, my 1 yr old niece, Deon has already learnt to walk, oh nono more advance, she is running. My 3 yr old nephew, Burvin can speak clearer sentences with very cute expressions :) I didn't know that not seeing them for only 2 weeks can create such big impacts. Kids grow fast I cay say. My niece was running all over my house and grabbing every single thing she see and trying to throw them. My nephew is busy talking to people and yelling with joy. My sister and brother in law came along with Charlotte my new born niece~ To prevent the 2 kids from disturbing my Charlotte baby, I rushed my sister to carry Charlotte to my room. It's peaceful and breezing in there :D

I wanna thank my Dear Mummy for helping me with the food too! Without her help, I think my guests might starve. LOL. Dear Mummy prepared Fried Wings, Chicken Curry and Fried rice, my all times favourties! On the other hand, I prepared Mee goreng, Cocktail sausages, Fried Spring Rolls, Honey Baked ham. One of my cousin is a vegetarian thus my 二嬸 also his mum helped to cooked some vegetarian Mee siam and gyozas. I tell you, the gyozas tasted like the non-vegetarian kind! Awesome!

Dear Daddy also helped to move a table and some chairs over, as my dinning table is too small to hold all the food and I don't have sufficient chairs for the guests. Daddy brought red wines over too! Daddy and Mummy, you two are the greatest! I love both of you so so so much!

The party ended late and both me and my Prince Charming was dead beat after that. We were fortunate that my family helped to clean up the whole area. If not for their help, I think we may not get to sleep :P

Anyway, here's some random pics we took on the Christmas Family dinner. Enjoy!

Messy me cutting the brownies up for serving

The Mee goreng. All the guests love it!

The sausages and Spring rolls.
Took me quite some time to get both of them done.

My Ninjia Turtle Nephew, Burvin

My 大伯 and niece, Deon

The siblings playing with MY CHRISTMAS TREE!

Oreo, my 大伯's puppy

Thats all folks! It's really a long long post~

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