Sunday, December 09, 2007

Christmas Potluck Event

We'll be holding a Christmas Potluck at our cozy home on the 23rd of December. This is the first Christmas in our new home and we are glad that all of our friends will be joining in the fun with us.

There's a long list of To-dos stuffs for this Christmas event! I'm like cracking my brains to decide what to prepare for the night and my Royal Prince Charming is cracking his brains on how to decorate the house. I understand that being the host of the party, we ought to do much more than our invited guests. However, because of my mini kitchen, I am so afraid that I might not be able to cope with all the cooking and thus had to revert the plan to a Potluck party instead.

I am blessed to have my buddies. With no hesitations all all, they put up their hands to signal the " I can help and I am most willing to help" expressions. I am truly blessed :) I know it seems abit hard for the guests to bring their own party food, thus I had designed a menu and I am in charge of most of the main courses. This should help to lessen the load of my beloved guests :D

Without further sayings, below are my wonderful list of food and the wonderful people behind the show :)

  • Tomato Sauce Spaghetti - Happy Mrs Kuo & Royal Prince Charming
  • Texas Buffalo Wings - Happy Mrs Kuo & Royal Prince Charming
  • Potato Salad - Happy Mrs Kuo & Royal Prince Charming
  • Christmas Cookies - Happy Mrs Kuo & Royal Prince Charming
  • Deep fried Spring rolls - Happy Mrs Kuo & Royal Prince Charming
  • Chicken Shepard Pie - Gladis
  • Sotong and Fish balls - Ah Mei & Ah Fen
  • Chinese style Fried Rice - Phei Wen & Ah Seng
  • Jellies - Ah Qi
  • Honey Baked Ham - Ah Min
  • Junkies (Chips and sweets) - Jolene
  • Beverages - FS & Jehanne
  • Christmas Log Cake - Vincent & Gf
  • Ice Cubes - Jin Cong

That's the list at the moment. I believe there are a few more to be added. We are still waiting for some correspondences from the rest of the folks. Let's pray hard that all works well and we get to enjoy Christmas!

An advance thanks to all the guests! Muchas Garcias!

I forgot to add on that on the 24th December which is Christmas Eve, I will be holding a Christmas party for my family. LOL, it's sure a busy busy Christmas for both of us this year :)

I hope my family will like the food that I prepare for them on that night and I appreciate their enthusiasm to join in the party. Let's hope my Christmas Logcake will be a success because I am intending to bake one myself! LOL

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