Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rum Raisin Ice Cream

Serves 10

Raisins1 cup
Rum2/3 cup
Egg yolks8
Sugar1 cup
Milk 3 cups
Heavy cream1 1/2 cup

  1. Combine raisins and rum in small bowl. Cover; let stand at room temperature 2 hours. Drain raisins, reserving 6 tablespoons rum. Combine in same bowl.

  2. Whisk egg yolks and sugar in large bowl until blended. Bring milk and whipping cream to boil in heavy large saucepan over medium heat. Gradually whisk into yolk mixture.

  3. Return mixture to saucepan; stir over medium-low heat until custard thickens, about 15 minutes (do not boil).

  4. Strain custard into bowl. Cool. Add raisin mixture to custard. Refrigerate until cold.

  5. Transfer custard to ice cream maker and process according to manufacturer―s instructions.

  6. Freeze ice cream in covered container until firm, about 4 hours. (Can be prepared 3 days ahead.)

Rum raisin ice cream is one of my favourite besides the usual cookies and cream or cookie dough. My Prince Charming recently bought a bottle of Gold rum for me when he went Bangkok for his Company Trip last month.

Was cracking my head on whether to use it for my bakes or for pure drinking when my Prince Charming commented that I can use them for ice cream! Fantastic idea ;)

This recipe yield 10 servings and is adapted from http://www.epicurious.com/. Was so excited when I saw the ice cream nicely done, so I couldn't wait any longer to taste them! By the way, my scooping skill is really really bad!

I hurriedly tasted it and got a big big shock, cause the liquor taste was really strong. I couldn't figure out what went wrong, only when I went through the recipe again and I realise that only 6 tbsp of rum is needed to combine into the mixture! I ADDED 2/3 CUP OF THE RUM! My god, I must be drunk from smelling the rum =.=

Anyway, the taste of this ice cream really taste like the ones sold outside, minus the strong liquor taste. I suppose I can make my own Rum Raisin ice cream in the future and store them up :)

After making this ice cream, I realised that it's not so hard after all. Just need some patience to get the custard nicely done. Well, I'll want to try a fruit flavoured (Mango or strawberry) and Cookies and Cream ice cream the next time!


daphne said...

Oh, the ice cream looks soft too. Is it due to the weather?

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hi Daphane,

Hah, actually the ice cream was left there for quite some time before I took the picture!

I'm muddle-headed at times!

Anonymous said...

Hi Happy Mrs Kwok,

I do not have an ice-cream maker. Is there any other way to make this ice-cream w/o it?


Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hi Anonymous,

You can make ice-cream even without an Ice-cream maker! It is just a little more time consuming.

All you have to do is to freeze the mixture into the freezer and be sure to stir them every 3-4 hours time.

They usually takes about a day to set. I hope that helps!

white orchid said...

Hi Sweetie

Can share how to make strawberry or cookien cream or cookies dough. i am not fond of rum. thanks a lot