Sunday, June 01, 2008

歡迎光臨 Welcome my friends!

Shortly after the mini gathering for my friends from my current company, my 2 teacher friends, 大S and 小S came over today! They were my fighting khakis during my teaching period. We fought through many "wars" and struggled through thin and thick. How time flies, its been 2 years since I left the teaching world. No doubt I have no regrets leaving, I still miss some of my kiddies, especially my Primary 1 babies :(

Both 大S and 小S are very fun and jovial friends whom I will never miss in my life. I guessed without them, I wouldn't have survived through my teaching career. All of us are now into the corporate world but we still keep in contact closely. I think that's the power of Friendship.

Anyway, it's lucky both of them ain't any fussy eater, except that 大S prefers non-spicy food. I did a prawn broth pasta (Tomato based) and an appetiser that consists of baked salmon, blanch asparagus, salmon fruit salad and baked sweet potatoes. They really enjoyed the food especially the baked salmon! Hehe. I like the baked salmon too!

Actually I intend to try baking some maracons but due to time constraints, I had to leave it till some other days. I then decided to have a chocolate fondue for our dessert, however we were all filled to the brink with the food served so we decided not to have any dessert. LOL .

Oh ya! they got me Capital vouchers! My god, why is everyone giving me presents?! So, is there anyone who wants to drop by again? :P

For your eyes :)


zhengning said...

Hello there!
Was hopping around and stumbled onto your foodie blog, and wowwww both your cooks and your bakes looks wonderful! I love the pretty pictures too!

Dont mind if i link ya?

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hi Zhengning,

Sure do! It's my pleasure :)

Aimei said...

Wow...what a spread! I want too! :P I like to eat sweet potato too, nice and healthy hor!

Btw, I can't upload my pic on flickr as well as blogger :( had been wanting to upload and post for days but still can't. You have this problem too??

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hi Aimei!

Heh~ Thanks! I prefers local sweet potatoes from Japanese kinds and my friends kinda find me weird. LOL! It's quite hard to get local sweet potatoes in Cold storage :(

Anyway, I dont have any issues with uploading pics into my flickr. Probably I havent been uploading any :P As for bloggers, I've given up on their uploading tools many years ago. They like to change the resolution of my pictures >.<

Prefers, you can try Photobucket?
I used to fancy that but because flickr is easier for access (Pics and email) so I jumped over. :P

Aimei said...


Yeah finally able to upload. I'll just stick to flickr i guess otherwise I have to spend time figuring out how to play around with it again. :)

Haha, I prefer jap sweet potatoes too. :D

daphne said...

oo.. your lucky friends!