Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thank you my fair ladies!

I was telling you all that my friends cum colleagues came over to my apartment for a mini gathering on Sunday right? Do you know they gave me a surprise, no I should say a big surprise when they showed up with this:

My god! Thongs! Okay, I'm just playing around. They got me something that I wanted so badly but did not get it cause my Prince Charming is controlling my spending. My goodness, they really know me very well! They bought me a Philips Cucina 3-in-1!

Tell me, besides my buddies who knows me upside down (they can even predict the color of my undergarments), who do you think will know me so well! Them of course!

It's a bless that I get to know them through my current job. It's hard to find very close colleagues who eventually emerged as your friends. I mean there is a big difference between friends and colleagues. Your friends know you well and care for you, on the other hand your colleagues are only your working partners who may care for you but not as deep as how your friends do. I don't know how exactly to put that in details but I bet you all understands what I mean.

The Cucina 3-in-1 is just a gorgeous baby. You can use it for waffles, you can use it for cut & seal sandwiches and best of all, you can even use it for grills! Oh how wonderful! I totally heart it!

Thanks ladies!!!!!
(Rachel, Ping Ping, Joyz, Ching and Noelle)


Aimei said...

Hey Mrs Kwok! Long time no posting from you ah... Yeah I know what you mean about the colleague friends thingy..it's hard to find friends especially when we step out into the working world.

Have fun with your new cucinca! :) (btw, I was wondering how does the inside look like? I know how waffle maker and sandwich maker looks like, but 3-in-1?? :D

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hello Aimei! Cucina comes with 3 kinds of "metal plates", one for waffles, one for grill and the last one for sandwiches.

So you just have to change the metal plates onto the machine depending on your desires ;)

Yah! I know you will get what I mean with friends-colleagues. Sigh.. It's just a pity that there is always some irritating creature in the office that makes you get demoralised from work. Lucky I got my friends! :D

Aimei said...

Oh ic...I get what you mean... :)

Yah, that's the reality of this world..haha. Yeap you've got your friends! It's good enough to have some really good friends. :D

daphne said...

hey mrs kwok. The cucina looks really handy! can't wait to see what u make using that!

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hi Aimei,

Yeap. Reality can kills sometimes :P Sigh... But what can we do? We have to work for bucks to make ends meet :( Don't worry! I'll be positive :D

Hello Daphne,

I'll be trying it for waffles soon :D Trying to get a recipe that yields fluffy and spongy waffles. Any intro? :P