Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sponsorship anyone?

I want a Pasta machine!!
I want to do home-made pasta!
I want to make my own noodles!
I want! I want! I want!!!!!

I'm like drooling my saliva when I saw this machine while googling for an answer to fresh lasagna sheets.

I goggled on where to get this in Singapore and found 2 locations: Pantry Magic & Sia Huat
Pantry Magic is selling at $57 while Sia Huat's $10 more. Kind of expensive to me since I'm not sure if I'll use it that often. BUT.... I'm falling in love with it!

Blindfold me someone! Blindfold me!
Blindfold me before I gets crazy!


karlsfoodie said...

hey u can try some neighbourhood hardware shop that sells bowls n etc.. they do have pasta machine.. i got mine from the hougang green shopping mall.. very near to sengkang =)

I tink it only cost me like $29

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hi Karlsfoodies,

Thanks! I managed to got mine from Toa Payhoh :D Such a lovely equipment. I havent started to use it yet.

It's really cheap like what you say! I'm paying $2$8, ard the range you are paying ;)

Let's share some recipes on homemade noodles!