Saturday, May 03, 2008

High Tea @ Home

Like I mentioned earlier in my previous post, everything seems to be going up. The rice, flour and even oil. Infatuations is almost everywhere around the globe. It's just like every single thing on earth is going to increase except for our salary *Sigh*.

I am quite thrifty in a sense, I buy only when I have the additional bucks. Ever since I started my own family with my Prince Charming, I have upgraded myself to "stingy" LOL. I can't help it since in the past, I don't have to worry about my monthly utilities bills, groceries and taxes. My parents are the ones who will handle them. Now, I have to manage them with Prince Charming and indeed, it makes me realised why my parents nagged at us (siblings + me) so much when we did not shut the TV/computer/lights/air-con off even though no-one's using.

It looks like our weekends were spent mostly at home. At most, we will stroll to the nearby neighbourhood mall to kill our time. I try to spice up our weekends by introducing new cuisines or recipes but so far I only managed to try out Thai and Western. So most of the time, I will whipped up a simple meal and we spent the rest of the day watching DVDs. I tried doing a high tea last year and it was good. Both Prince Charming and I really enjoyed the moments with each other and of course the food prepared.

With no hesitation, I suggested to Prince Charming that we should hold a mini High tea again. Mini as in I try to cut down the number of food prepared. The other time, it took me almost the whole day getting everything done. For today, I only prepared some simple stuffs: Cheesecake, salad, sandwiches and Rose Earl Gray tea.

Speaking about my cheesecake, it was a total disappointment. I wasn't happy with the look because it sank when I open the oven door halfway through the baking. It wasn't intentional because I wanted to remove some of the mini cheesecakes I baked with the left over cheesecake batter. I would say, I should know that baking them in batches is a more appropriate method! The look of it totally gross me out but well, the taste was just so good that I forgotten all about it :)

Prince Charming who used to not has a fancy for Cheesecake love it too! Well, I added sugar to the cheese when I combined them with the eggs. He doesn't like the cheesecake to has this very slight salt-ish taste. He prefers it very SWEET. The sandwiches were made with the loaf I baked last night. It was a new recipe taken from my recipe book. I'll post it up later ;) Salad were done with the left over fillings for the sandwiches.

Anway, it's really cozy to stay at home especially with such humid and hot weather. Indulging ourselves with our DIY high tea items was just so so so nice. I wish the day would be so much longer! :P



daphne said...

Nice. I like those little baskets!

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Thanks! They only cost $2!

Charlot said...

Interesting to know.