Saturday, May 10, 2008

Astons @ Katong

Right after work, both Prince Charming and me hopped onto Bus 14 and head our way to Katong. It would be crazy in a way since both of us are working in the central and staying in the North-east area. Katong is a somehow "inaccessible" area because:

1. There's no MRT
2. There's no direct bus(es)
3. There's always jams

Like expected, the bus was crowded with people and we had to endure the almost 30-mins ride. It wasn't a bad thing since I enjoy taking bus rides (Weird but I love how you can see so many things from the route you've taken till you reach the destination).

One thing that I like about Katong is that, IT'S CROWDED WITH FOOD! Almost the whole street are selling different varieties of food. Peranankan, Japanese, Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Western, Chinese and even Hong Kong cuisine. You name it, I bet Katong has it ;)
Anyway, after reading the entry posted by Camemberu on Astons , we decided to have a try at Astons Specialties.

When we reached Astons, we couldn't believe our eyes. There's such a long queue! I never knew they were so popular! My apology for that :) We waited for about 20 mins before we got served a table and still there's another long long queue, double the ones we had encountered earlier. I'm sure they serve real good food, else why the queue?

I ordered their specialties of the day - Super Sampler which consists 4 kinds of sausages (Rosemary herbs, Cheese, Chicken and Pork). They were real juicy and good. My Prince Charming got himself a Prime Ribeye X-tra Cut (Medium cooked) and potato salad + Corn on cob for his side dishes. Don't ask me about the ribeye cause I've no idea at all but Prince Charming said it was tender, juicy and delicious. The side dishes were fantastic especially the Potato salad. So refreshing and tasty!

Now I understand the power behind the queues! I'm sure to visit them again! Their menu are so affordable and they don't charge a single cents on Service Charge! How cool!

Astons Blog:
(Addresses, updates and pictures updated)


Aimei said...

Hi Mrs Kwok! I went to Frankel Ave and while taking bus 32 I saw this Aston at Katong! Then I remembered reading your post about it...It must be the one cos' there was indeed a long queue..haha.

Heheh one day I must go there and try...:)

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hey Aimei! Yeap, that's the one! They have another outlet at Joo Chiat, somewhere near Katong too.

It's Astons Prime. I heard that they are a "posher" branch compared to Astons Specialties.

I think you should really try it cause its so nice! I don't take beef but the whole restuarant are surrounded with people munching on their steaks. I bet it must be nice ;)