Friday, May 16, 2008

Picnic @ Sentosa

It was such a awesome day for picnic! The last few days, it was raining so frequently that I was panicking it might rain today. Thankfully, the dark clouds which gathered in the late morning cleared away gradually in the afternoon. Phew~ What a lucky day!

Both Prince charming and I applied for leave so that we could enjoy the long weekends (Monday is a public day for Singapore). We decided that we should go for another picnic session like the last time. I was so happy and beaming with joy because it's finally time to use my Picnic basket, given to me by Ping Ping. Thanks Ping Ping! I love the basket~ So gorgeous!

We headed to Sentosa by the Sentosa Express (Monorail). The last time I went Sentosa was like in March when my company organised a Team Building outing, while Prince Charming's was like more than 1 year ago. He got a shocked when we reached Sentosa - A big total change! We hurriedly walked ourselves to the Siloso beach in case there's no more "seats". Typical Singaporean (Kiasu). We also sat on the Skyride!

I tell you, you should see the numbers of students over there! The kids nowadays are really so fortunate, can go Sentosa by themselves when they are only like 14 or 15?!! During my time, it was either my parents or my school who will bring us there. 老了真的是老了(read: I'm really getting on age). The way kids are being treated is so different now, no wonder they are getting a tad too matured for their age, in terms of dressing I mean.

Anyway, the picnic session was good except that the sun was really big and hot. I think I almost thought I was in Sahara desert. Heng (Luckily) no dehydration occurred if not I won't be posting any entry now. LOL!

My gorgeous Picnic Basket! I heart it so much!
Spotlight is selling a similar one at $70! (comes with cutlery and plates though)

Potato Korrokes mixed with Tuna. I thought it looks like Takoyaki here.

A very simple salad with cocktail dogs.

The flattened Honey-baked Ham Sandwiches.

The cute bento boxes I got from Daiso.
Upper triangular space can be used to store 2 Onigiris and lower box for side dishes.
I actually squeezed my sandwiches in the upper part and it got flattened.


Anonymous said...

yea~ u went by monorail finally! ^^ me and ling had a great time when we went there by the rail too~ just that there are only like 3 stops =( we wished it was longer! ohhh~ and OMG u are getting skinner and skinner each day! stop dieting b4 u turn into skeleton -.-

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Where got skinny! I put on weight leh :( I think I'm skinner during my wedding last year :(

Yeah! only 3 stops not enough! Heee~ I love the skyride!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey may i knw where ur fren get that picnic basket from?