Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Sweet Picnic & Happy 6th Months Wedding Anniversary

It was thankfully quite a good weather today. I was still worried that it might rain heavily but luckily the drizzle only came when both me and my Royal Prince Charming were about to head home. Thank god! This picnic session has been in our plan since weeks ago but whenever we decides to head out for picnic on a particular day, it would rain cats and dogs :( I guessed it is not a very good idea to plan picnic sessions in 4th quarter of the year because its the monsoon season. LOL!

Anyway, both of us enjoyed our picnic session loads! It's been quite sometime since we had such meaningful outing just for the 2 of us. Most of the time, both Prince Charming and I would either drop by in town for some shoppings/window shoppings or we would stroll around our neighborhood malls or just stay home to watch DVDs. I always have a liking towards picnic sessions. It is always my dream to plan Picnic every week if possible but I think it's quite hard since my Royal Prince Charming is so obsessed with his online gaming as usual :P Maybe once a month should be fine!

The day ended with us fully bloated with the bentos I prepared and cycling around East Coast Park. The whole park was fully crowded with people because it's a globally international public holiday. I would much prefer if the park wasn't so crowded after all. It's like every step I take, there's someone in front! Imagine the crowd during CNY at Chinatown. It's something like that!

Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all fellow bloggers! May this new year be a blissful and fruitful one! :)

Some pics for sharing:

Lovely Dovey Slippers

A super whoper cute little girl we spotted at East Coast Park!~

The mysterious inside of my Chicken Pie! LOL

For those who are interested to take a look at the Bentos I've prepared, you may view here at my Flicker Album . Of course, my bento were not very professional as compared to Peony , Happy Home Baking and Aimei. I really need to learn from them :)

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/nes* said...

hello! i chanced upon your blog and was wondering how you made the bacon rolled sausages?

what kind of sausages did you use and how was the preparation done?

thank you so much!