Monday, January 07, 2008

Dark Chocolate Cake

Makes 6" Cake

Egg yolks
Egg whites
40g + 40g
Cake flour
Cocoa Powder
Dark chocolate
  1. Combine egg yolks with 40g sugar and mix well till pale yellowish.

  2. Over a pot of water, melt the butter and dark chocolate.

  3. Combine the butter-chocolate mixture to the yolk mixture in step 1.

  4. In another bowl, beat up the egg whites. Stir in 40g of sugar bit by bit and continue to beat till stiff.

  5. Sift the cake flour and cocoa powder twice and add it to the batter formed in step 3. Combine well.

  6. Add in the egg white mixture into the cake batter portion by portion and fold well.

  7. Pour the ready batter into a 6" pan and bring to bake at 160 degree Celsius for 30 mins.

  8. Sprinkle some icing sugar on top and serve.

I took this recipe from Kiki's website. I've never tried baking a Chocolate flavored cake before and thus, it really took me quite sometime to finally decide to bake this for Prince Charming and my breakfast tomorrow.

The whole process I can say was tedious. Mainly because since it's a very small cake, I did not use my mixer to whip up the yolks and whites. All were done by hands and seriously, both my arms are aching now. LOL! The chocolate batter was very thick and it can be real hard trying to fold the egg whites into it. I was in sweat when the whole batter was finally done. Think I need to practice my stamina!

Nevertheless, the aroma of this cake makes me forgotten about my pain. Prince Charming tried a slice of it and commented that it tasted chocolaty. He didn't really fancy it, so all he could do = gobble up the whole slice as fast as he could. I was kind of sad to see that and asked if it tasted awful. Prince charming then explained that the cake tasted good except that he prefers not to have Dark chocolate ones. Oh well, so the main fault lies with the chocolate because its Dark Chocolate. Oh well...... I know he hated dark chocolate but I still resume to baking it!

Another to add is that, I made a super big mistake! I tuned the temperature to 180 instead of 160 and baked the cake for 30 mins! Can you imagine how my cake came out? The top was kind of dry :( How could I have done such mistake! It's a relief that the whole cake wasn't burnt! I wouldn't want to waste any more food!

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