Thursday, January 24, 2008

My life recently

As per request by my beloved Miss Chew, I am now blogging about my life recently. Don't get too bored my fellow readers/bloggers. I'm not such a boring person :P

Well, work been getting on track for me more or less. I make lesser mistakes now, more alert in pricing my proposals and more efficient in getting my quotes sent to my clients. I think you really need to practice more and get used to what you are doing. My current job has a total different aspects from my previous jobs, thats makes it why I took near to half a year to adapt myself to the "new" environment.

My current colleagues are not bad. I made a few real nice and "clicky" friends but I still miss Miss Chew, Mdm Yeo and Miss Peh a lot. I kind of missed the days where all of us starts complaining about how work sucks and how the students should get bashed. It's just so different but I'm gald I still have my teacher friends in contact now ;)

Speaking about teaching, the other day a weekday which I happened to be on leave, my Royal Prince Charming and I headed to Compass Point for our luninner (Lunch + Dinner) at Sakae sushi, guessed what? I saw my ex HOD and superior inside. I walked past them and it's so obvious that I saw them and they saw me too, BUT they acted as if I'm just a normal stranger. Well, well, well... Maybe they doesn't want the whole world to know that they are dating but too bad, I KNOW! Of course I don't really want to go through this way, imagine me walking over and saying hi to them can get them choked on the sushis. Anyway, they left quite a while after I sat down. Hmm, maybe scared that I might stalked them via the mirror reflection? LOL.

By the way, I did my first Pap smear in my life 3 weeks ago. The experience was not as horrifying as I expected but it's just so weird. Can't imagine myself exposing my lower body to a stranger whom I just met less than 5 mins ago. I think it's a good experience and at least it is not scary. This makes me more comfortable when I know I have to go through this every year.

Marriage life now. It still feel the same like courtship. You know, some people says that once you get married, life change. True, it did change somewhere there and here but overall, the feeling is the same like as though we are still dating. We still do what we used to do during our courtship and I think Royal Prince Charming is more passionate towards me except that he don't give me flowers anymore. He gets me cookwares and recipe books! LOL.

Family wise, everything is still the same. My mummy is using a stronger and better tactic to get me to eat more! Daddy is still that doting towards me and my 2 younger brothers have seem to grown more matured. My elder sister gave birth to my precious niece, Charlotte and indeed, with the addition of baby Charlotte, the whole family gets even more noisy! Everyone is just so excited over Charlotte. Hehehe! Grandma's still very TV addicted towards Serial dramas and I will buy the real "hokkien" versions of the dramas back for her from Taiwan. I think she is going to be so touch that she will kiss me non-stop! LOL.

Friends wise, I miss Miss Chew lor! XD It's been quite sometime since we last met up for a meal or KTV. Let's do it when I come back from Taiwan! Miss Peh just got herself a job and boy, though it takes quite a long time, but it's better than nothing ;) Mdm Yeo, tooo busy to go yoga and contact me, boooo. I gonna smack her when I see her. LOL.


夏り said... touch-ed that you posted such a long post upon my crazy request!! haha.. haiya.. we're all so busy that blogs are great ways to keep each other updated abt our lives... and yes...miss peh..wanted to get her into my deptmt..and she got herself a fengshui book editor joB.. frankly,me not believer of fengshui so quite skeptical abt her job leh. not much progression.. when u gg taiwan?? pls update us when u're back! let's meet up for a meal n catch up ah...been a long timeeee!gong xi fa cai coming so soon..!! heh

Anonymous said...

Whee~ don't worry! we enjoy reading about u, that's y we are here! and more over, it's yr blog, write as u please! =) I'm glad that everything is getting along well for u! ^^ Regarding not appearing much on MSN :p I'm too busy nowaday! =X tat's y u rarely see me online my dear, geez! avoid oso not u! *giggle* busy with sch, lots of festivals recently therefore more catching up with frens~ + i'm now attending a different church~ =X more "events" to handle. :p but Praise God, it's good! Time for me to put up a post in my blog about my recent life too~ *giggle* started CNY baking? hee~ Jio me over for more fun!


夏り said...

eh..abt our HODs.... funnY!

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Yah lah! I was wondering why react like that? Somemore I SMILED at them but they just treat like they nv see me somemore. OMG

Think they dont really want others to know about their relationship issit?