Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fisherman's Wharf

I nearly forgotten about posting this entry until I saw the pictures in my hard disk. Amazing, very amazing, my memory is getting worse! I need 4 tonnes of Omega pills!

Went to Fisherman's Wharf located right opposite "The Central" at Clark Quay last Saturday. I heard comments that the Fish N Chips over there were generally good. I always love fish related food so even though down with a high fever and super bad flu, I urged my Prince Charming to bring me there!

There are people who can lay their lives for the sake of beauty and there are people who does that for food. Sad to say, I belong to both :( I can lay my live for food but I die-die must continue to diet for the sake of my body. I never want to be that Fat girl during my Primary - Mid Secondary school days.

Anyway, the Fish N Chips over at Fisherman's Wharf may not have that "WOW" verdict but for the price of $6.50, it is generally good. Comparing paying a similar price, the standard is definitely much better than the ones we get from Food courts and Coffee shops.

We ordered a set of Calamaris too. Not too bad, comes with a very unique Tartar sauce. I like the ambience at Fisherman's Wharf. It's just so relaxing. I can feel the breeze from the sea ;)

The value for money $6.50 Fish N Chips set

The Calamaris with a special Tartar sauce


夏り said...

the food is not n chips must share lor..super huge pc of fish.....

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

YAH! I should have asked Miss chew for advise before I go! It's like we ordered 2 sets + Calamaris!

I nearly throwed up! I wondered where did I get the appetite though I was real sick :( IS THAT THE REASON WHY I'M SO FAT?!?! Arghhh