Monday, January 14, 2008

Breakfast Bento

Makes 1 Egg omelete

2 Tbsp
1 Tsp
2 Tsp
  1. In a bowl, combine eggs, salt and milk together. Mix well.

  2. On a non-stick saucepan, drip 2 tsp of oil and allow to cook on low heat. Pour the egg mixture into the saucepan.

  3. When the edges of the eggs are cooked, use a chopstick and stir the eggs. Leave the saucepan slightly above the fire.

  4. Flip to have the omelette turned to another side. Ready to be served.

Seriously, I have no intention of making any Breakfast bento. My real intention was to bake a swiss roll for my friends in the office. I promised Joyz that I will bring her some swiss rolls tomorrow and guessed what? When I reached home, I realised that I have ran out of sugar.

Oh my god! How could I forgotten about it? I was still telling myself that I must remember to buy sugar during lunch and yet I still forget about it. I am getting muddle headed recently. Oh no, what's going on? Do I really need Omega 3 pills?

Anyway, I had to bake the swiss rolls tomorrow when the sugar are in stock. In the mean time, I had to fix breakfast for both my Prince Charming and myself. With nothing in mind and nothing I can baked without sugar, I decided to make do with a Bento.

The waffles were bought several months ago and I think it's time to clear them off. I toasted them in the oven and went to watch my TV and so... they got slightly burnt :P The sausages were the same! I told you I'm getting absent minded. The omelettes were done specially for my Prince Charming. He always love to have omelette for breakfast :)


Anonymous said...


Haha~ i'm just as blur as u! =X there are times when i really wanna make something, then i realized the most basic ingredients are no longer available in the kitchen. =X *pull hair* especially sugar, butter or plain flour. =X *giggle* Have a good day at work my dear! Blessed and fruitful! (^^,)


Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hi Amanda,

It's great to see you here! I don't know what got over me but I'm becoming blurrer and blurrer, as the day passes. Is age catching up on me?

I just went Phoon Huat yesterday and spent a wholesome of $40 within 5 mins!!!! I'm so brokeeeee...

Jessica said...

Hi Mrs Kwok,

wow u got a waffles maker... is it nice to use ? which brand/ model did u buy ? I also want to get one and buy waffles for my son.. Thanks.


Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hi Jessica,

I have a Philip cusino 3-in-1 that make up of a waffle maker, a grill and a sandwich maker.

These waffles were the frozen kind I got from the grocery market actually :)