Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Sorry for the late updates. Hasn't been posting any entries recently because I was battling with the flu bug. Because of the flu, all the rest came onto me as well. The list went on to Cough, Fever and throat infection.

It was tedious because I hardly fall sick and this time round, the viruses seem to be so strong that it totally concussed me throughout the whole day. I could hardly pay attention to anything, could hardly stir the wok or even do any house chores. All I want - Sleep, Sleep, Sleep.

The medicines prescribed by my clinic only took effects on the 3rd day of dosage. I was gald at least it's taking effect and I am feeling much better. I baked some pineapple tarts, the tangerine kinds but I'm just too ashamed to show all of you here :P

Because of my short attention lifespan, I had no patience to roll the dough and pineapple fillings into small balls, instead I rolled them into a much bigger portion. My Tangerine Pineapple tarts were in the end, for GIANTS! LOL.

My mum and sister laughed like it was the best joke they have ever seen. I was teased by my colleagues when I brought it to the office yesterday. Well, what's wrong with giantic pineapple tarts? Too big to pop into the mouth? LOL


Anonymous said...

*sayang* poor thing! i hate it when i get sick! but it better to fall sick now then during CNY! =p Blessing in disguise fei!! (^^,) ohh! u made pineapple tarts! hee~ the biggest i have eaten is from Le Cafe confectionery, very very yummy! Golf ball size! best pineapple tarts i have eaten so far~ =X check out the site! <3 hee~ i have a liking of big and round stuffs it seems! but not myself to be big n round of cos! *cover mouth* get well soon babe! =)


Anonymous said...

ohh~ btw their pineapple tarts are so popular that they sell it all year round! not only CNY. during CNY period u need to order them in advanced =X u might wanna try it after CNY ^^