Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Angel's hair Aglio

Makes 1 serving

Angel's Hair
1 person's serving
Minced garlics
4 cloves
Diced bacon
3 streaks
Diced crabsticks
Diced sausages
2 tsp
Olive oil
1 tsp
Chicken stock
5 tbsp
Mixed herbs
(Thymes, Rosemary
Parsley etc

2~ 3 dash
(depending on individuals)
  1. Bring Angel's hair to cook over a pot of water. Note that Angel's hair is very fine thus, cooking time will be much shorter than the usual spaghetti and linguine.

  2. In a pan, heat up the oil and stir in the minced garlic over low heat. Add in the diced bacons. Mix well.

  3. Stir the cooked Angel's hair into the mixture and blend well. Add in the chicken stock and allow to simmer for 1min.

  4. Add in the diced sausages and crabsticks, stir throughly and add in the salt for seasoning.

  5. Simmer for another 30 seconds and sprinkle the herbs on top. Ready to serve.

My Royal Prince Charming detest Angel hair so much that he protest against me of doing any pasta recipe with it. Well, he says it taste like Somen?

I had this 1/4 pack of Angel's hair left from the last time I cooked a Tomato based pasta for my colleagues. It's going to expire soon and I know I'm definitely not going to throw it away. Trying my best not to waste any food you know =)

Anyway, I ain't a fussy eater like my Royal Prince Charming. I done up this Angel's hair Aglio for my bento tomorrow. Though I would much prefer a tomato based pasta, I do not want to make myself busy with the washing up. It's always hard to get the bento box real clean if you are cleaning it in the office. Though using lots of detergent, it just gives me a feeling that it is not that clean after all. I always make very sure that all my cutlery and utensils in my household are sparking clean. Well-trained by my mummy I guessed. LOL.


Aimei said...

Hey Mrs Kwok, Thanks for the info on cook books. Got any good buys tell me!! Hee :D

Wow, seems like you have been cooking alot. Thumbs up for you!

For pasta, I actually like those olio Aglio (not sure of the spelling :P) whenever I dined outside. I like the olive oil with garlic taste. :) Is this how they are cooked? But they seemed to have put cheese hor? :)

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hey Aimei,

Yah, recently very enthu lah. Hahaha! I actually made this Angel's Hair Aglio based on my personal "Feeling".

I think for Olio Aglio, they dont seems to apply any cheese onto it. Maybe some of the pasta cafes do but I got myself a 500 pasta book from Popular and they did mention that it is not recommended to add any cheese onto it.

They did says that Olio Aglio is purely cooking pasta noodles in oil with garlics ;)

Olio = Oil
Aglio = Garlic

Hehe~ Go grab this book now! Popular selling it for $12+ only! Coloured printed page somemore! Aiyoo, I very auntie hor :P

amandalwh said...

*drool* my dear! u have been working out alot in the kitchen lately~ (^^,) *envy* good to have your very own kitchen yea! =p I just hate, erm.. dislike will be a better word =X to CLEAN UP after that =( But i enjoy the preparing, making and eating process. *giggle* where's my bento? i need 1 for school! =p


Aimei said...

Oh I see...Now I know why olio aglio...;)

Heh then I think I can be more auntie than you leh! hehe... Only these few years then become like that one...oh no... :P

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Amanda girl!

Where's you been ah? No see you on MSN recently or am I the one missing? :P

Alright, I'll make one for you soon ;) Soon soon soon =X

Hello Aimei,

No ah! Even my colleagues and manager says I'm very auntie leh.

Whenever we go supermarket, I will sure compare the prices between Fairprice and Cold storage and majority of the time, I will stop them from buying the expensive ones. LOL!

Somemore, my mum also says I auntie! Oh mannn

Aimei said...

Hahaha...okok. Next time I no need to go and compare. Ask you will do! LOL... :D