Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hamburger Sandwiches

Basic Loaf

Ingredients A Amounts
Bread flour220g
Instants yeast3g
Ingredients B Amounts
Bread flour60g
Salt1/2 tsp
Milk powder10g
Ingredients C Amounts
Unsalted butter15g
  1. Combine Ingredients A into a dough. Cover the dough with a layer of cling and allow proofing of 90 mins.

  2. Add Ingredients B into proofed dough and combined into smooth dough. Add in the unsalted butter and make sure it gets knead into the dough thoroughly. Try the stretching test. If the dough is "elastic" enough, allow to proof for another 60 mins, else continuing kneading till it passes the panel test.

  3. Cut the dough into small portions of 70g and round it up like a bun. Allow the doughs to relax for 10 mins.

  4. Flatten the doughs into oval shape and roll it up like a swissroll. Place the rolled doughs into the bread pan and allow another proofing of 50 mins or when dough double in bulk.

  5. Bring to bake at 200 degree Celsius for 30 mins.

Meat Patties

Minced pork150g
Diced onions30g
Tomato ketchup5 tbsp
Mirin2 tbsp
Salt1 tsp
Corn flour2 tsp
Sugar1 1/2 tsp
Soy sauce1 tbsp
Oil3 tsp
  1. Mixed all the ingredients together.
  2. In a pan, bring the oil to heat. Place the patties into the pan and fry till brown.

Hamburger Sandwiches

  • Lettuce leaves
  • Tomato slices
  • Mayonnaise
  1. Slices the loaf up.
  2. Place 1 meat patty onto 1 slice of bread, top with lettuce and tomato slices.
  3. Apply some mayonnaise over it and finished it with another slice of bread.

Finally I'm back to cooking and baking! The loaf of bread was out this morning at about 2am. I was so terribly tired after all the cleaning up. Luckily it was kneaded by my Bread machine else I wouldn't have the energy to make any hamburgers. Anyway, my loaf turn out to be rather "small" because I do not have any smaller bread pan so I had to place them into my giantic bread pan (about 30cm long) and when they came fresh out from the oven, they look so mini cute! LOL.

Prince Charming was jumping with joy since this is the 1st time I've ever baked for the past 2 weeks. I'm back on my "recovery" and he is really happy about it. Well, I need to work out on my "waiting-list" that has to be transferred to my "to-do List" so that I get to clear them up ASAP. LOL!

Bon Appetite!


Aimei said...

So happy to see youbaking again! Wow you made everything from scratch! It looks so yummylicious! I would'nt mind ordering tis hamburger buns if it's sold outside, and so cute with the little basket :)

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Heh~ Thanks Aimei! With my family encouragment and yours of course, I am standing up again :D

I think I should learn how to cope with politcal issues between working colleagues. It's part and parcel of life.

The bakset, heh~ DAISO! Don't you agree that Daiso is the favourite hangout of so many floggers ;)