Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Healthy Fried Mee Hoon

Serving for 2

Oil 2 Tsp
Dried Mushrooms5-6
Chicken Fillets5
CabbageHalf of a small one
SaltApprox. 2 Tsp
Light Soya SauceApprox. 1 Tbsp
Mee Hoon1/4 of a packet

  1. Peel the cabbage into fine pieces.
    Do not cut the cabbage with a knife to retain the nutritions.

  2. Soaked the Dried Mushrooms till all become soft.
    Cut the Mushrooms and carrot into fine slices

  3. Chop the Chicken fillets into fine stripes.
    Marinate with a little pepper and soya sauce.

  4. Dice the garlics and onions.
    In a wok, heat up the oil using low heat and stir in the diced onions and garlics.

  5. Put in the Chicken stripes and starts stiring. Make sure chicken is cooked before adding in the Mushrooms and carrots.

  6. Soaked the Mee Hoon till it becomes soft and bouncy. For time consuming method, you can choose to cooked the Mee Hoon in hot water.

  7. Pour the Mee Hoon into the wok and starts to stir hard. Make sure that the ingredients get to stir in between the Mee Hoon and not at the bottom of the wok.

  8. Cover the wok with a lid and allow the Mee Hoon to stew for some moments.
    Season the Mee Hoon with Soya Sauce and Salt.

  9. Powder the Mee Hoon with a little of Pepper and it is ready to be serve.

Whipped up this Healthy Fried Mee Hoon for Hubby as one of our dinner last week. Totally forgotten about blogging this recipe only when one of my friend asked about it.

I truly recommend this for those who are very conscious towards their diet. This Mee Hoon not only provide the basic requirements you need for work/play/school, it's yummy too! Try it out! I'm sure you'll love it :) 又低脂,又美味!

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