Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dim sum - Siew Mai

Makes 20 ~ 25 Siew mai
Minced Meat240g
Minced Prawns240g
Spring Onion
Sesame Oil1 tsp
Egg White1
Wanton wraps2 packet
Salt1 tsp
Pepper, Corn flour
and Vegetable Oil
A little each

  1. Place all the minced shrimps, fatty pork and crabmeat in a large mixing bowl. Using a large wooden or a pair of hands, mix the ingredients well.

  2. Add in the salt, sesame oil, pepper and egg white and work into the mixture evenly, then add in the oil and sprinkle a generous amount of cornflour, then drizzle a little oil over the mixture and continue to work mix.

  3. Add in the water chestnuts and spring onions, work these into the mixture and mix well. Now the filling is complete. Set aside in a refrigerator for approx. an hour.

  4. Stamp wontan skins into 7 cm rounds with a biscuit cutter.

  5. Spoon two teaspoons of the filling into the center and gather the edge of the wrapper to the top. Let it pleat naturally. Continue for the rest of the filling. When done each siew mai should look like little cylinders, the height a little more than the diameter (approx. 2 1/2 cm by 2 cm).

  6. For each siew mai, add a bit of the crab roe on the top.

  7. Rub a little oil in a sizeable bamboo steamer basket and place the siew mais in it, cover the top, and steam over rapidly boiling water for approx 20 - 30 minutes or until cooked.

    *You may garnish the steamed siew mai with crab roe or salted egg yolk if desire.*
I've always got a soft spot towards dim sum, especially siew mai! I found this receipe online and decided to give it a try. Frankly speaking, this dish of Siew Mai were done quite sometime ago and I only found this picture just recently. I'm sorry. I've already slapped myself for the blurness.

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