Monday, October 15, 2007

My New Helper 飛利浦

Remember my previous post mentioning about getting some essential tools for my baking obsessions? If you can't recall, you may click here. My dream came 1/4 true. I realised I'm quite a lucky charm sometimes. Everything that I wished for normally come true, except for the fact that their values gets a few times lower than what I usually wanted. It's still lucky! =P

Anyway, last Friday, after posting about my obsessions about what I really wanted, my Hubby asked if I wanted to get myself a stand mixer. I was like " Gosh, is that for real or are you just kidding me?". Fact is, he mean it, reality is, yes a stand mixer but not the KitchenAid Pink cutie. I know its a no way deal to get that pink mixer. It's so godness expensive! No matter what, I'm gald. At least I've got a stand mixer. I don't have to use my bare hands to mix the egg whites anymore! Come people, cheer for my Hubby Kuo~ Hurray!

So, let me introduce my new helper. I name him 飛利浦 which means Philip. 飛利浦 might be small in size but he's quite combat alright. I've used him to bake my muffins and charlotte cake. Very powerful helper! Hehehe~ Come, kiss 飛利浦 !

This is 飛利浦 also known as Philip.

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